Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jiabao to address India's concerns

Undoubtedly, China is Asian giant and giving stiff competition to world's
sole super power the US' overlordship. At the same time, China sees
India as its rival and the result of this rivalry results in helping Pakistan in
the field of nuclear technology and sales weapons and that hurts India's
interests in the neighbourhood. If Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and his
Indian counterpart Dr. Manmohan Singh get success in removing the
misgivings existing between the two big neighbours and develop a sense
of trust between the two, it will be a landmark achievement of Chinese
premier visit to India. There are a number of irritants between the two nations. China's support
to India for permanent seat in UNSC is also vital. China must have
watched keenly that how open hearted support on the issue has been
given by the US, UK, France and others to India. Wen Jiabao will also
have likely to give firm assurance about its support to India for a UNSC
seat. China is also economic super power and the fast economic growth with
which it moves has attracted serious attentison of big powers. The entire
world sees China robust economic growth with amazement. It is a torch
bearer for both developed and developing countries. If China and India
co-operate with each other with open mind on the issue of economic
growth through trade, commerce and agriculture, they can contribute in
alleviating from South Asia, the poverty-stricken region of the world.Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is expected to address some of India's key
concerns like those on stapled visas for Jammu and Kashmir residents,
its bid for permanent membership in UNSC and growing trade imbalance,
to put strained bilateral ties back on track. The discussion between
Jiabao and Singh is likely to be centred on a host of security and
strategic issues, including issuance of stapled visa by China to residents
of Jammu and Kashmir, greater market access for Indian goods to that
country's market and UN reforms.Both sides will be holding wide-ranging discussions on a range of issues-bilateral, global, regional and of mutual interest and a number of
agreements and MoUs are likely to be signed.China views India's rise as
positive and as an opportunity to China.While India has a very
commonsensical and very rational approach to China. If this type of
thinking persists on both sides for time to come, the two big neighbours
can emerge as world super powers shortly.

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