Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SC questions CVC appointment

Supreme Court has rightly questioned the appointment of PJ Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner. It is natural how a person can be expected to work impartially and honestly who is himself tainted with corruption case. A corrupt can not be expected to root out corruption. CVC is the top most anti-corruption watch dog. In the scenario of corruption charges against the government and the questioning of the appointment of CVC by the highest court make the situation grim. P J Thomas had been allegedly involved in Pamoleine export case when he was Food and Civil Supplies Secretary in the Government of Kerala when K Karunakaran was the Chief Minister. Thomas’ name also came up for the Chief Secretary of Kerala but CM Achyutanandan objected his appointment as Chief Secretary. PJ Thomas had been Secretary of the department of Telecom and he did not prevent 2G Spectrum Scam. This is reportedly the profile of our CVC. The person considered for the post of CVC must be of impeccable in his service record. There must not be any charge or misbehaviour during the period of his or her service. The view of the Attorney General that it would be very difficult to find the person of impeccabe service record is ridiculous. It means there is no one in Indian bureaucracy of clean image. This is a naive handling of the matter. Opposition leader Sushama Swaraj of BJP had already objected to the name of PJ Thomas for the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner. The committee comprises Prime Minister, Home Minister and Opposition leader recommends the appointment of CVC. But the objection of the leader of opposition was overruled and PJ Thomas was appointed CVC. But the appointment of CVC is suspect. So, the Congress-led government of Dr. Manmohan Singh which is already facing plethora of charges of corruption in CVC, CWG and Adarsh Society Scam is giving the nation a message that it is unable to fight corruption.. The Government is required to look into all the records of the person whom is going to appoint CVC to fight corruption. If it has failed to do so and deliberately appointed the tainted person to that post, it means it is itself promoting corruption.Now, it is the responsibility of the government to satisfy the Supreme Court's questioning. As it is a matter of corruption, it must be dealth with immediately. It is also required upon the government to satisfy the queries made by the highest court of land.

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