Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make transport system smooth

Finally,it is a great relief for Delhiites that the killer Blueline buses will be off the city roads from December 14. The Bluelines buses are not only killing Delhiites but also its staff treat the passengers very shabbily. The conductors’ behaviour with the passengers does not reflect any sense of civility. Reckeless driving, rude behavoiur with passengers and arbitrary movement are the hallmarks of blueline buses in Delhi.Apart from mental, economic and physical torture, the Delhiites face all sorts of inconveniences in blueline. Pickpockets have the hay day in Blueline buses on all routes. The most suprising thing is that they pick pockets in the knowledge of conductors and cleaners of the buses. Conductors and cleaners never come to the rescue of the victims of pick pockets as they are also beneficiaries in their criminal acts.As far as the role of police is concerned, it unspeakable. It is also open secrete in Delhi that the Delhi police personnel who are deputed on their beat too reportedly have the share in the booty of the pick pockets. So, they also never come to the rescue of the victims . Blueline buses are the black spots on the face of Delhi. They must go off the roads as early as possible. But as far as smooth transport system in the national capital Delhi is concerned, it can not be possible by only replacing the Blueline buses with adequate number of DTC buses. When both Blueline and DTC buses are running together on the same route, DTC drivers and conductors are bribed by Blueline bus operators to go slow and avoid stoppages at the Bus Stop so that passengers could have no alternative but to board the blueline buses. Since the introduction of Delhi Metro Rail in the city, the pressure on buses have lessened considerably. But being the national capital city and the rise of unchecked population in Delhi, the transport system must be of highest order, which it is still lacking. The blueline buses, which earned notoriety for reckless driving, will be off the Delhi roads completely from 14th December. There are around 2,400 blueline buses operating in the capital of which 1,600 where shunted out ahead of the Commonwealth Games earlier this month. Around 8,000 employees were dependent on these buses for their livelihood.Out of the 1,600 buses to be shunted out, 835 were allowed to ply in non-NDMC areas from last week but its permit will also be revoked by this weekend.The Delhi High Court had stayed the Government’s move to phase out the blueline buses in February this year arguing that the DTC alone was not capable to meet the requirement of public transport.The government was trying to get rid of private buses in the capital and replace them with a new fleet of DTC buses in the past couple of years.Over 1,000 new low-floor buses, which were used to ferry athletes and dignitaries during the Games, have now been included in DTC’s fleet. The DTC will also induct more buses in its fleet in the coming days.The DTC buses also need to be overhauled to provide better services to Delhiites. The most troublesome thing in DTC buses for the passengers is that its conductors do rise from alloted chair to collect fares even if the bus is packed to suffocation. In the prevailing situation, most of the passengers have to travel without tickets not because of their desire but because of conductors' apathy to their duty. So untill and unless the DTC is overhauled from top to bottom, the number of buses can not provide the smooth transport system in Delhi.

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