Friday, February 26, 2010

No headway in Indo-Pak talks

The way Pak Forign Secretary talked with his Indian counterpart and his subsequent Press Conference leaves no one in doubt that Pakistan is dicted by its military, especially, in regard to India. Though the talking began with Pakistan, its regidity on accepting Jammu and Kashmir as core issue with India has jeopardised the Foreign Secretary-level talk on Feb 25. The tone and tenor of Pak Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir clearly reflected that he had been briefed by Rawalpindi and not Islamabad. There was belligerence in his body language and he appeared to have come with pre-determined concept. While Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupma Rao’s language was sober and her presentation of Indian viewpoints was genuine. Because she had been briefed by duly elected democratic government. No headway has been achieved, and the gain is only that the deadlock was broken by this talk as it was stopped by India just after 26/11. Why Pakistan can not act against the Mumbai mastermind Hafiz Saeed is a great concern of India in particular and should be for the entire world community in general. Is it because he enjoys full support from the military establishment? If that is so, there is no sense in carrying forward the talks any more.Now India needs to lauch diplomatic offensive against Pakistan for its denial to handover the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Unless and untill Pakistan comes under the pressure of world powers, it can not act against JuD boss and prime accused of 26 Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed.Terror is the core issue with Pakistan, which it tries to keep on backburner and the issue of Jammu and Kashmir it wants to keep ahead of all issues. The matter of the fact is that Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. It is Pakistan which promotes terrorism in the Muslim majority Indian state and elsewhere in the country to destabilise it. Pakistan should also know well that the population of Muslims in India is more than that of it. As far Muslim population living in India is concerned, it is only second to Indoneshia. Muslims enjoys equal right and freedom. There is no discrination in secular and democratic India. It is some misguided elements in Jammu and Kashmir cry for secession from India, whom Pakistan gives full support by exporting terrorism into Valley. There is also a democratically -elected government in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The UN has already described the issue of Jammu and Kashmir as outdated. The main issue is terrorism which Pakistan promotes in India. So no headway can be achieved unless and untill Pakistan comes to the point of reining in terrorism and dismantling terror outfits standing on its soil. The terror outfits from Pakistani soil act against India without any check from the government of Pakistan since its inception.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Qureshi's gameplan

Ahead of Indo-Pak talks, Pak's foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi by saying that Pak has given a blank cheque to China to play a role in improving the ties between the two arch-rivals is nothing but absurdity on his part. Despite India leaving all sorts of Pakistani notoriety behind has come forward to restart talks with it, Pakistan is disrespecting its stated stand. It is because only through continuing talks between the two neighbours will improve bilateral relations that India extended offer of talk. India has stated umpteentimes that it does not believe in interferance from any third party in its bilateral relation. Knowing well India’s stated position, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi talks of mediation by China in its bilateral relation with India. Pakistan has given blank cheque to China and asked India whether it is comfortable with China. This is nothing but absurd behaviour by none else but the foreign minister of Pakistan just before restarting talks. Though Pakistan has a very cosy relations with China and it has ceded thousands of Sq. KMs of land to China from PoK, which is known as Aksai Chin, It must not play destructive diplomacy to show India in bad light. When it is know that for India it is out of question to accept any third party intervention in bilateral relation, what intention Qureshi harbours against it just before the commencement of talks. The US is pleased at the re-start of Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, but it must also ask Pakistan to not pollute the atmosphere. Despite domestic concerns about restarting talks with Pakistan, India has walked an extra-mile to announce about the Secretary-level talks. Pleading for mediation between Indo-Pak ties by China, Pak would better serve China cause in reining in Islamic fundamentalists in its Xiang province. Qureshi should first ask China to extend help to Pakistan in fighting out Taliban. Because Taliban and Pak home grown terror outfits are beyond the control of its government. Whether Pakistan is deliberately calculated move to bring China in its relation with India on its side under a gameplan or it wants to keep China in good humour as far as its relation with India is concerned. The relation between the two neighbours can only be improved by respecting each others belief and sentiment. But on this vital front, Pakistan is lacking in playing constructive role.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Debate and disussion must go

The Budget session of Parliament is beginning from tomorrow. Besides the presentation of General Budget for 2010-2011 and Railway Budget, there are lot of important issues to be discussed in Parliament. But as has been experienced in the previous sessions of Parliament, the members deliberately disrupt the parliament proceedings, resulting in the wastage of crores of public money because situation becomes so acrimonious in the House that no business can be transacted leading to the adjournment of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha . No constructive discussion has ever been witnessed in recent days in Parliament. In Parliamentary democracy, Parliament is the highest constitutional body to discuss national and international problems for finding ways to solve them. People send their representatives by electing them to Parliament to discuss their problems in the people’s highest court but here we see that most of the parliamentarians waste parliamentary hours over creating bedlam for trivial issues. The members of political party in opposition appears coming to Parliament with pre-determined motives that they will not allow to run it smoothly. Whether it is Congress or BJP, it matters little for them when they are in opposition. In the heathy democracy, opposition must be constructive while the ruling must be responsive. And only then they could together solve the problems facing the nation.It is good that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that Government is prepared to discuss all issues in Parliament. The opposition BJP also apprears to be prepared to seek clarifications from government about its sudden change of heart that it announced Foreign Secretary level talks with Pakistan.The Manmohan Singh government will be grilled on the issue that why it went back from its stated position that it would have no talks with Pakistan untill it reined in terrorism and brought 26/11 Mumbai bomb blast mastermind JuD boss Hafiz Saeed. Though talks with Pakistan must go on, they must be with a rider that it must dismantle the terror infrastructure on its soil. Government will have to clarify in House that what positive action on the part of Pakistan that promted it to announce about talks with Islamabad.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Urgent need for political unity

With the spurt in Maoist violence in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar, there is urgent need for political unity to deal with the problem of internal threat to the nation. More than half number of districts in the country, spreading over13 states are in the grip of naxal violence. It is no longer a problem of law and order. Apart from massacring 25 policemen in Silda police station in West Bengal and twelve innocent persons in a Bihar village of Jamui district and the abduction of Block Development Officer in Jharkhand by the Maoists have kept the nation agonised. This is the seventh day since the BDO was abuducted and the Maoists are silent despite the acceptance of their demands by Chief Minister Sibu Soren. Sibu Soren is heading the Jharkhand government in coalition with Bhatiya Janta Party and its ally JD(U). It is only God who can save the nation from Maoists where the CM of the state desscribe the abduction of BDO as trivial incident. CM Soren has always been found sympathetic to Maoists and his action amply reflects that he wants to keep them in good humour to keep his government going. Naxals are anti-national and they must be treated as such. Centre of late has taken initiative to fight naxalism and it must be co-operated by all the governments of naxal-affected states on the serious problem of maoism. BJP has clearly spelt that it treats outside and inside terror equally and always advocates for dealing with maoist violence with firm hand. In the given situation of Jharkhand, it must ask its allied government of Sibu Soren there to get the abucted BDO freed from the clutches of Maoists and then deal with them firmly. if even then the Jharkhand CM ignores the advice of his ally on the issue and deliberately connive with Maoist issue for political interests, the BJP must warn it of withdrawing support to him in national interest. Maoist menace is a national problem that must be dealt with unitedly by rising above political affiliations. Vested political interests of different political parties are the major hurdles in the way of fighting naxalism. In West Bengal, the allegations of being soft towards maoists going on between ruling CPI(M) and opposition Trinamool Congress. TMC supremo Mamta Bannerjee is even in disagreement on dealing maoists with iron hand with the Centre of which she is a coalition partner. The political disunity over the ways to deal with naxalism give the naxalites enough opportunity to stage sense killings of innocent persons and policemen in the naxal-affected states of the country. As police force is under the command of state government, it must be given free hand to deal with maoists firmly.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Police brutality in UP

The picture displayed by TV news channels of an inspector beating mercilessly a Dalit woman, who was accused of mudering her husband in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is a brazen act of police brutality. Inspector’s woman police subordinate,who was standing by his side there, was only looking at the brutal act of her boss inside the police station. The accused Dalit lady was called to police station to confess the crime she had committed. When the accused woman had already confessed the crime by giving a statement before the inspector at the police station, what was the need to act by him in Talibani style. The behaviour of the inspector was completely uncalled for and because of his brutal action he has already been suspended and departmental enquiry has been instituted against him. But the act of the police inspector inside the police station reflects very badly on the police functioning. There is no law to empower policemen to beat the arrested person even if he or she is accused of the crime truly. There is law court to try the accused and deliver judgement. The duty of the police is to handover the accused within twenty four of arrest to the nearest court of law. But police atrocity continues to go on without any check in the entire country. It is the credit of media that they have brought the police highhandedness to light. Otherwise, the brutal police behaviour would have gone unnoticed. Though the police inspector has been placed under suspension, the government of UP must institute an enquiry to go into police atrocities in the state. Chief Minister Mayawati claims to be the messiah of Dalit women on one hand and Dalit women have been beaten mercilessly by police officer in presence of woman subordinate inside the police station on the other. CM must take the beating of Dalit woman by police inspector seriously and assure the public that deterrent punishment would given to policemen who take law into their hands wiffully.The police will have to change their mindset and they will have to caste the impression about themselves that they are law onto themselves. The sharp rise in naxal violence is also attributed to increasing police brutalities. Until and unless, our police establishment casts off colonial behaviour, they will never get any co-operation from the common people. It is the brutality of police force that keeps the people fearful of them.There is urgent need to completely overhauling the police establishment all over the country. As police is a state subject, the state government has to act first in this direction. It has been experienced in a number of cases where policemen found to be behaving in a brutal manner and if that is brought to the notice of senior police officers, they put the errant SHOs and Inspectors under suspension for some time. The suspension is revoked after some time and again the same story about the functioning of policemen come to light frequently. The situation in the country demands copmplete overhauling of the police system urgently to make policemen people friendly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Assurance of security

Just after the Pune blast, a mail by Al Qaeda Commander Ilyas Kashmiri to a media group,vowing more terror attacks on India has been taken by security and intelligence agencies seriously. Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has also assured of providing full proof security to all the players as well as spectators in the Hockey world cup, Indian Premier League and Common Wealth Games scheduled to be held in Delhi. But only assurance is not enough, home ministry will have to act very seriously. The assurance appears to be satisfactory as Home Minister himself is repeated reviewing the security preparedness. Ilyas Kashmiri has urged the international community not to send their sportapers to participate in hockey world cup, IPL and Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi later this year. Because anything untowards happen with them, it will be their responsibility.The warning has been given by the Al Qaeda commander, knowing well about the scheduled talks between India and Pakistan scheduled to be held on February 25. Ilyas Kashmiri’s vow about more attacks on India is meant only to derail the scheduled talks between the two neighbours on one hand and attract international attention on the other. In London meeting on Afghanistan, Pakistan scored points over India at the meeting over India’s continued reluctance to start talks with it after they were stalled because of 26/11 Mumbai attack. It is also a reality that the West under the leadership of US are against antagonising Pakistan. They always want to keep it on anti-terror side. Though it is also a fact that Pakistan can not dare act against its home grown terror outfits. And it is the instrument of terror with which Pakistan blackmails the entire West. It is only acting against Afghan Taliban, who have made their bases in South Wazirestan. Pakistan has never acted against LeT, Jaish and others safely based in the country. The main motive of all these Pak-based terror outfits to bleed and destablise India. Now Al Qaeda commander Ilyas Kashmiri has opened a new front against India.In the given situation, India can seek US help.There is also rumour going about that the US has pressurised India to start talks with Pakistan. After making announcement about restarting talks with Pakistan, India must put diplomatic pressure on US to get Pakistan agreeable to talk with India on the issue of terrorism and everything else later. Because terror issue is the main hurdle in improving relations with Pakistan. US is also required to tell Pakistan bluntly why it is always raising the issue of Jammu and Kashmir while the UN too has already described the issue as irrevalent long ago. It should also make clear to Pakistan that Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. Announcement to start talk with Pakistan by India is a good move but it must be centreed on the issue of terror first.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Open challenge to Govt’s authority

The dastardly killing of 25 personnel in West Bengal by Maoists is highly condemnable and no democratic republic will ever tolerate at any cost. But it also an challenge to Govt's police machinery. This dastardly attack also exposed weakness and lack of determination in government to deal with Maoists sternly. Though this is not the first time that Maoists have killed police personnel in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa , Chatthisgarh and other naxal-affected states in the country, the governments have always failed to stop their wanton killings. The CPI (Maoist) is a banned organisation but it carries muderous act with impunity without any check from the government side. The killing of 25 policemen and looting of their arms in West Bengal not only point towards failure of the government but it is its complete failure, which is also apparent. The Maoists’ killing act was carried out in daylight but it was the helpness and ill-training of the police personnel that they fail miserably to counter them successfully. The police personnel and police stations all over the country is ill-quipped to fight Maoist menace. Maoists are eqipped with more sophisticated weapons to strike terror among the policemen. Their main motive is also of striking fear among the people by attacking the police stations in their areas of influence. They have become a great internal threat to the country. It has been often seen that the growth of naxalism is very fast in poorly-developed areas in the state. The state government alllocation of money for the development of tribal areas is gulped by Maoist leaders in connivance with corrupt government officials. Maoist leadership is financially well off because the government money alloted for the development in their areas goes into their pockets. So, there is no financial constraint carry out their anti-national acts. Maoists want to grab power at gun point and if the government continued to shirk from taking stringent steps to halt their onslaught, the day is not far off when they would run their writ large in all the naxal-affected states in the country. More than half of the country is in the grip of naxal violence. The situation urgently demands first on the government to deal with the banned organisation and to not put forth the view that if it took to stringent measures the tribal population in the country will feel alienated because Maoism is most active in tribal areas. This point of view is generally given by the government only for the sake of vote bank politics. The government must cast off complacency and crush Maoist violence first, then they measres for the uplift of tribal in the Maoist dominated areas.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Terror strikes again

The terror has been struck on India by attacking the German Bakery in Pune, killing 9 and injuring 60. This is the first major terror attack on the country after 26/11. The terror attack on German Bakery in Pune had been carried out just after the announcement of Indo-Pak talk, which was stalled after 26/11, to be held on Feb 25. This terror strike is aimed at derailing the dialogue between the two neighbours by the militants. Both 26/11 and Pune terror attack have been carried out to target foreigners in India also so that they could draw international attention. Both the spots were haunted by foreigners in India. German Bakery in Pune is just in front of Oso Ashram, which is visited by the foreigners in large number. All fingers of suspicion point towards the involvement of Indian Mujahedeen (IM) and Pak-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba. The modus operandi of Pune blast also indicate that IM and LeT together have carried out the terror attack on German Bakery. Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, leader of terror outfit amalgam Jamaat-ul-Dawah, is emerging as a new face of terror in the country for his hate India speech in which he had mentioned about attacks on Indian cities, including Pune. Pune has been the centre of militants’ activities as nine IM militants were arrested there in July last. IM is a homegrown militant organisation and with the arrest of Shajjad of IM recently in Azamgarh, its close link with Pak-based Lashakar-e-Toiba has been already exposed. It is also the ground reality and the fact that Pakistan can not rein in terror outfit based on its soil and operate from there against India. Because it matters little whether there is civilian government or military regime, jehadi elements have full backing. As terror is an intrument of Pakistan state policy since its inception, it can not act against it . Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is notorious for providing all sorts of help to militant groups to strike against India. In the given circumstance, it is fultile to expect from Pakistan to rein in militants and to dismantle terror infrastructure based on its soil. So India urgently needs to strengthen its own security and intelligence agencies to thwart any evil design of Pak-based terror groups beforehand. As far as the starting of talks with Pakistan is concerned, it must start to impress up on it to act against terror besides focussing light on other bilateral issues. It is also a fact once the bilateral relations between the two neighbous take root, terror activities across the border will automatically lessen. Increasing people-to-people contacts , economic,cultural and sports relations between the two neighbours will also be able to defeat terror. Along with these activities, India must tighten its security to the maximum to crush the tentacles of homegrown militant group like IM and others and Pak-based terror outfits always gunning at India.On the one hand India must always on its toes to thwart any nefarious design of the enemy and keep talking to Pakistan to resolve all outstanding issues.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Discard discriminatory approach towards nuclear non- proliferation isuue

Why it is that the US does not object to the amassing of nuclear weapons by the western countries but it becomes furious when the other countries than the West try to build nuclear weapons even for peaceful purpose. It totally unjustified. Building nuclear arms and ammunition is not only the preserve of the West. When India had undertaken successful nuclear test becoming nuclear power state, the West instantly declared sanctions on it which it faced bravely. The West under the leadership of US requires to set example before the rest of world that could reflect that they are serious to wipe out nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. They should first act in the way that could also reflect that they are making effort to stop nuclear proliferation. But as far as the issue of nuclear non-proliferation is concerned, the West only work towards putting break on the rest of the world and in contravention to international norms and tradition they themselves keep making one new nuclear weapon after another. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated to hundreds of thousands of cheering Iranians on the anniversary of the 1979 foundation of the Islamic republic that the country was now a “nuclear state,” an announcement he’s made before. Iran has produced its first batch of uranium enriched to a higher level and now it will no longer be bullied by the West into curtailing its nuclear program ,though it has no intention of building nuclear weapons. The announcement of Iran being now a nuclear state has come just after a new US sanctions on it.It is not clear how much enriched material has actually been produced just two days after the process was announced to have started.The United States and some of its allies accuse Tehran of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to build nuclear weapons but Tehran denies the charge, saying the program is just geared toward generating electricity.Enriching uranium produces fuel for a nuclear power plants but can also be used to create material for atomic weapons if enriched further to 90 per cent or more. If the Iran has professed that it is building nuclear weapons to generate electricity, what evil does the US see in that? Has the developing countries have no right to develop. The world has changed and now no country is going to tolerate the hegemony of big and powerful one. The US may the world's sole super power but it can not impose its discriminatory views on the developing countries. As far as Iran making nuclear weapons is concerned, what is wrong in it if it is done for development and peace. The situation demands in the changing pattern of the world that the US shouls set example by destroying its own nuclear arsenals respecting nuclear non-proliferation obligation. If it does so, the rest of the world is sure to follow it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bihar Govt must rein in tuition trade

On the one hand Right to Education Bill has been passed by the Parliament, there is no law in place to check mushrooming growth of truant coaching institutes in the country. A few days back, there has been violent protest against truant coaching institutes in Patna by the students. One student has also lost his life in the violent protest. Right to Education means the education for all. But the ground reality is that education is becoming the most thriving business. It has turned into a flourishing trade. But as there is no law to check these truant private coaching institutes, they have their way. When the students in Patna took to streets and staged violent protest against coaching institutes for their highhandedness and malpractices, Bihar Government has swung into action to enact a stringent law to regulate the their functioning . The students from different parts of the state come to the state capital to get standard coaching for different competitive examinations. The coaching institutes charge heavy amount from them but they don’t coach them properly and instead cheat them and there is is no government body to check their malfunctioning. Coaching institutes do not adhere to any standard of education and the students who have deposited heavy amount as tuition fees feel cheated. In the given circumstances, they are left to get angry and their outburst against the private coaching institutes is natural. It is because of their angry protests that the Bihar government has woken up to enact a law to become the first state government to do so. If the law is enacted for monitoring the tuition trade, Bihar will be the first to rein in mushrooming growth of truant coaching institutes. It is Bihar government's most significan move as the issue relates to education. Private coaching institutes must be regulated to protect the interest and future of the student community. It is good that after parleys with the representatives of the students and owners of coaching institutes, the government has decided to monitor the tuition trade through legislation.The proposed legislation would provide for registration of all such institutes and strict monitoring of quality of education, fee structure and strength of the students.Bihar will be the first state in India to have such a stringent law to regulate the functioning of the coaching institutes.It is because of this what Bihar does today country follows it tomorrow.Students allege that most of the coaching institutes have been opened only to fleece money and they are little concerned for the completition syllabus. There is also no uniformity in fee structure of coaching institutes. They charge heavy fee in the name of imparting quality education. But in the end, students find that they have been completely cheated. The coaching institutes have also no provision for teaching poor students free and give concession to meritorius ones. Their main aim is to fleece the money. These institutes must be regulated and Bihar government swiftly move to rein in tuition trade.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sensible decision on Bt Brinjal introduction

Union Environment Minister has taken a sensible decision by saying no for now on introducing Bt Brinjal. The Govt. of India has rightly sought more research on Bt Brinjal. As political groups, scientists and farmer community are divided on introducing Bt Brinjal, the Government has taken a right stand on the issue by respecting the sentiment of the people. As research so far has been done by none other than the developers of Bt. Brinjal theselves and their findings smack of bias, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh will now engage scientists of independent stature to do detailed research to find out the merits and demerits of Bt. Brinjal. Presently, there is complete confusion and chaos among farmer community as well as the people in the country as two sections of scientists give two contrary findings of Bt. Brinjal. Some say Bt. Brinjal is pest resistant and its comsumption by the public is not harmful and it is not health hazard and some say it is detrimental to environment, harmful to health and soil.Some scientists have been opposing it, arguing that the genes were toxic and would affect the health of the consumersThere is no doubt that by introducing the cultivation of Bt. Brinjal and it is also high yielding cultivation. But by accepting Bt. Brinjal, the farmers will have to be dependent for seeds on Multinationals. As there was intense opposition , Govt refused to give a go-ahead to commercial cultivation of Bt Brinjal, a genetically-modified version of the vegetable that is said to be more resistant to pests. The Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have opposed Bt Brinjal. Non-Congress ruled states of West Bengal, Orissa and Bihar accounted for 60 per cent of brinjal cultivation. They are opposed to Bt Brinjal.BJP Chief Ministers in states have already opposed introduction of Bt Brinjal.Bt Brinjal is a genetically-modified vegetable which is infused with Cry1Ac gene from a bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis to make the plant resistant to the fruit and shoot borers and certain pests.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Right verdict

A Constitution bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court has struck down a state law providing 4 percent reservation in educational institutions and jobs to 15 groups belonging to the Muslim community. Andhra Pradesh High Court has struck down the Muslim Quota Bill in the interest of the country. It has given verdict in the interest of the people. The provision of reservation for weaker section like Scheduled caste and Tribes in government jobs was incorporated in our Constitution with only view to bringing them on equal footing with the people of other section of society. The provision is also incorporated in Constitution for taking appraisal of the reservation policy every 10 years. It was to be done to know whether on the basis of benefit from reservation SC/STs have progressed or not. But that was never done nor was the successive governments at the Centre ever tried to know the progress among SC/STs from reservation. They only played politics over reservation.The successive governments at the Centre extended it from time to time and brought Other Backward Classes (OBCs) within the purview of reservation only for political reasons instead. Reservation remained only a football of vote bank politics played by every political parties. Andhra Pradesh Government had enacted a religion-based Act to provide 4 percent reservation for socially and economically backward 15 Muslims groups in educational institutions and Government jobs violating constitution where there is no provision for reservation on the basis of religion. AP Congress Government had enacted the law to benefit it politically in terms of votes. Reservation must not be used to fulfill the political desire of the political party in power. Emulating Andhra Pradesh West Bengal government, Left Front Government of West Bengal has also reportedly decided to provide 10 percent reservation to socially, educationally and economically Muslims on the line of reservation for OBCs. First the government has caused deep division in society by providing caste-based reservation now it is trying to draw a dividing line among the people of different communities in the country. No body in the country would oppose to reservation policy if it was introduced on the basisis of economic backwardness irrespective of caste, creed and community. There is no dearth of economically and educally backward population among the upper castes. Why should not they be given reservation? It is a very sad state of affairs that reservation is used by the ruling political parties as a weapon of politics not of upliftment socially, economically and educationally. Every one who is economically and educationally backward irrespective of caste, creed and community must be given reservation for equality in society. The policy of reservation must not be used to achieve narrow political gaol.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Make co-ordinated effort

There is urgent need of a strong co-ordination between Centre and states to defeat the evil design of terrorists and left extremists on the country. Both terrorism and naxalism are the greatest threat to India. Though terror attacks in between 2008 and 09 have come down, the infiltration attempts have risen alarmingly. To stop infiltration of terrorists from across the border in Jammu and Kashmir can only be stopped by the co-ordinated efforts of security and intelligence agencies. These two agencies also need urgently to increase their vigil on border in the wake of the meeting of Lashkar-e-Toiba and Hijbul Mujahidden to grab Jammu and Kashmir by force. We must stand united to defeat their evil design at all costs. The conference of Chief Ministers has shown that the facade of unity and purpose with the Centre is to thwart the evil design of terror outfits based in Pakistan. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has borne the brunt of Pak-sponsored terrorism most. Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh while inagurating the CMs’ conference outlined the danger lurking on the country of terrorism and left extremism. To fight terrorism and naxalism to finish, we also need to strengthen our police force in the states. While terrorism poses external, naxalism poses greatest internal threat. Prime Minister Dr. Singh has rightly said that there is need to take caliberated action so that the tribal population in the naxalite-affected states must not feel alienated. Security forces and intelligence agaencies need to be always vigilant to crush the terror elements exported into the country from across the border. A serious campaign of development should be lauched in all naxal-affected states of the country. Neither the Centre not the states on their own can fight successfuly against terrorism and left extremism. Home Minister P Chidamram has rightly advised the naxal-affected states to initiate talks with them if the naxalites abjure violence. By carrying out violence, naxalism can never achieve their design. Centre must provide all possibe help to the naxal-affected states to deal with problem. Though it is good that the CMs of all the states refrained from playing politics and expressed solidary with Centre to fight against terror and left wing extremists unitedly, it needs to be ensured that politics never comes in achieving national gaol. It is because of differences of political ideology between the ruling party at the Centre and some states that thelater become complacent to implement former’s programme and policy to wipe out left extremism.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shiv Sainiks wilt before Rahul

Congress MP and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi showed Shiv Sainiks that they were not bigger than the common Mumbaikers with whome he with them in local fast train journey. His remark that Mumbai is for all Indians had angered Shiv Sainiks as they have launch drive against the outsiders in Mumbai and advocate that it is only for Marathi manoos by playing their separatist, divisive and parochial politics. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and every citizen has equal right to live and earn their livelihood here. The innocent Marathis have been misleading by Sena patron Bal Thackeray since 60s and claiming himself to be the tiger of Mumbai who never roared out his den. Shiv Sainiks had called upon Mumbaikers to greet Rahul Gandhi with black fags for his Mumbai for all Indians remark. But the overwhelmimg support of Mumbaikers who were lined to welcome him clearly reflect that now they have also come to realise how they were misled by Shiv Sainiks in the name of region and provincialism. Rahul's visit to Mumbai also clearly reflects that the common Marathis have also nothing to do Shiv Sainiks style of divisive politics. The enthusiam among the people to have a glimpse of Rahul Gandhi leaves no body in doubt that Shiv Sainiks have become a spent forces spineless in Mumbai. They stand rejected in their own area of influence. Shiv Sainiks must understand that we are Indians first, then Marathis, Biharis, Keralites and others. Every Indian can go to any part of the country for earning livelihood. By hoping onto the train, Rahul also showed Shiv Sainiks how popular his Mumbai for all Indians remark is among the Marathis who have no grudge against the outsiders in Mumbai.Rahul passed through the bastions of the Saffron outfit to silence Shiv Sainiks not to play divisive and parochial politics. By mobilising people in Mumbai, he made the so-called tigers (Shiv Sainiks) of Mumbai to remain in den, fearing that if they came out of it, they would vanish amidst Mumbaikers' overwhelming support for him.

Friday, February 5, 2010

India's sudden change of heart

What positive step Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has seen that Pakistan is going to take against terror outfits based on its soil and involved in anti-India activities that his government has proposed Foreign Secretary-level talks with it.The factor behind sudden change of heart on the part of India in regard to Pakistan that it has proposed for Foreign Secretary-level talks with can be explained only by Prime Minister Dr. Singh.Either he is showing his diplomatic skill or flip-flopping on foreign affairs. If past experience of India's initiatives towards normalisation of relation with Pakistan is anything to go by, all fresh beginning has prove to be a failure. Because Pakistan has nevered delivered on the promises. India had suspended all talks after the 9/11 Mumbai attack. India’s proposal for talks with Pakistan has surprised many in the country because Pakistan has not done anything commendable by reining in terrorists operating from there against India. Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani already stated few days back that he would not take guarantee that there would be no repeat of 9/11 Mumbai type attack in India in future. Despite reapeted dossiers sent by India to Pakistan to act against Mumbai master mind Jama-Ud-Dawa boss Hafiz Sayeed and other accused, the later has always shown indifference. The Mumbai master mind is in its safe haven . Is any outside pressure on India is behind its change of heart that it has proposed talks with Pakistan? Though Pakistan has welcomed the move, it wants composite dialogue. Restarting of talks with India will ease international pressue on Pakistan to act against terror. Pakistan wants to talk to India on Kashmir and water sharing issue. Though India has already proposed for talks, it is certain that Pakistan will never act against anti-India terror outfits like LeT and Jaish based on its soil and operating from there. Terror has been an instrument of Pak's state policy against India. As the US is its mentor since its birth, it is acting against Pak Taliban and terrorists in south Waziristan along Afghan border under pressure, it is futile to expect from it to act against the forces enimical to India. India centric terror outfits in Pakistan have also the full backing of Pakistan military and its notorius Inter Services Intelligence ISI. The main purpose of holding talks is to sort out the problem for which they are to be held. But Pakistan has never delivered the promise of reining in terror outfits operating against India from its soil. It is also a fact that after both India and Pakistan becoming nuclear states, war between the two countries is out of question and only the option of talks is left with them. But the pressure of international community mounted on Pakistan after India suspended talks with it in the aftermath of 9/11 Mumbai attack would automatically relax. India is also very close to the US and so is Pakistan. US always wants that talks between the two neighbours must start and keep going. But unfortunate thing is that the US does not pressurise Pakistan to dismantle terror structure on its soil, which continuously acts against India. So it is for the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government to explain the reason behind its sudden change of heart towards Pakistan. Sponsorship of terror by Pakistan against India is the only bone of contention between the two neighbours.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Think twice before acting on Parikh's panel

Amidst the sky-rocketing prices of all essential commodities, the Union government will have to think twice before acting on the expert group reccomendations on petroleum prices. The people are already burdened with rising prices of all essential commodities and edible items. Inflation in the prices of food items are going up and up for the last six months. The Manmohan Singh -led UPA Government, which claimes to be the spokesperson of the Aam Admi, is proving to be a total failure. As PDS (Public Distribution System) is under the administrative control of the state government and because of that the Centre holds them responsible for the failure of reining in prices, but it forgets that here in Delhi there is Shiela Dixit Government of the Congress, what is the position on price rise here in national capital? Delhi Government appears to have left the Delhiites at the mercy of blackmarketeers, hoarders and profiteers on one hand and the people of Delhi finds very difficult to get meal even for once a day on the other. If some hard measures to check the price rise are not taken immediately, the people’s anger at the government will cetainly be seen in any coming elections. The expert group led by Kirit Parikh has submitted report to the government, advocating the freeing of petroleum products price which will result in the hike of Rs.6 per litre Kerosene , 3 diesel and 4 petrol and Rs 100 per LPG cylinder repectively. The Union Cabinet is to discuss the Kirit Parikh’s recommendation. But seeing the people’ anger, the Cabinet is expected to put price hike decision on hold. Parikh’s report says that by freeing the petroleum products price hike,it will encourage competitive market and even retail price will also be guided by global market price hike. Presently, retailers in petroleum products are under the control of government. It is viewed that by hiking the petroleum prices, the growing burden on government will lessen. But what about the growing burden on the poor people. In the given situation of steep rise in prices of all consumer products, freeing the petroleum product prices will prove to be suicidal for the UPA government at the Centre. Because now it is going to be unbearable for the common poor people in the country to sustain the back breaking price rise. No items in the market are avail at cheaper rate and especially the prices of food items are going up faster and faster.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amar's expulsion

After a month long exchange of diatribes between Samajwadi Party and its former General Secretary Amar Singh, SP expelled Amar Singh and party MP from Rampur former Bollywood actress Jay Prada from the party for their anti-party activies. Amar Singh in his 14 years in SP undoutedly emerged as a political leader who could not be ignored on the ground of good or bad reasons by any political leaders. Samajwadi Party gave him a high political stature and in return he managed the party through his skill in liaisoning and also brought Bollywood and Corporate community closer to it contrary to its belief and ideology. Samajwad has been the base of SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav but with the entry of Amar Singh who brought crony capitalism in the party, which relegated the true Samajwadi to the background and it was given a complete make-over. The relation between Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh was like brothers- Ram and Laxman- of the Mahabharta. Amar used to wield enormous influence on party’s decision with full backing of the boss Mulayam Singh Yadav. There was a time when if any SP leader dared to criticise Amar’s style of politics,which was completely misfit with samajwad, he was immediately shown the door.Amar was the trouble shooter of Mulayam Singh Yadav and gave him platform to share diais with Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Sanjay Dutta, Jay Prada and Manoj Tiwari and Corporate leaders like Anil Ambani, Subrato Ray Sahara and others in complete dislike of other Samajwadi leaders in the Party. The platform of Samajwad on which Mulayam Singh Yadav started his political career and got connected with grass roots was foregotten. In Amar’s association he subverted the values of Samajwad. When Mulayam realised that Amar’s crony capitalism and his doubtful credentials among the minority resulting in the desertion of his vote banks, he was left with no option but to show Amar's the door. As far the impact of Amar's expulsion is concerned, SP will not be affected in terms of votes as he has never been a grass root leader and neither has any political base. Now it is also clear that both Bollywood and Corporate world will keep distance from SP as they had come closer to it due to their friendship with Amar Singh. Mulayam will only miss Amar at the time of liaisoning with other political parties in which Amar had got mastery by utilising the platform of Samajwadi party. Amar can not live without politics and because of that he has already formed Lok Manch, which he describes as an apolitical outfit.Neither BSP not Congress has shown any interest in him and he now appears to be untouchable in politics.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Constitutional impropriety in Meghalaya

The Congress party must not set bad precedent in parliamentary democracy as it is doing in Meghalay by having two Chief Ministers. The Congress Party, which is in power in Meghalaya is trying its hands at tinkering with Constitution. According to the tradition and democratic norms and standard, there is only one leader of majority party legislatures in the assembly of the state whom Governor appoints as Chief Minister who delivers executive power. The Congress party has bestowed chief ministerial rank, status,perks and privileges on another leader to subside rebellion within the party. It is its own novel idea. D D Lapang is the Congress Chief Minister in the tiny state of Meghalaya and he has promoted his deputy state party President Friday Lyngdoh to the rank of CM. It is only going to create confusion and chaos in the functioning of the government. Constitutionally, only the CM can take final decision on any matter in the state. He is the executive head but with chief ministerial status ,rank,perks and privileges to his deputy Lingdoh can be expected to remain content with only perks and privileges and would not interfere with the fuctioning of the government. In the 60 member Meghalaya assembly, Congress has only 28 and with the support of 10 other MLAs, it has formed the Government. Congress’ view on the Meghalaya development is that it has been done only to provide stability to the government. By subverting the democratic norms and system and resorting to Constitutional impropriety, Congress party is setting bad precedent. Congress highcommand needs to look into Meghalaya affairs immediately to stop Constitutional tinkering by Lapang Government. Democratic norms and tradition must be maintained. It is widely believed that with 8 dissident MLAs Lyngdoh was posing threat to the government. That is why the Chief Minister has given him the rank,status, perks and privileges to pacify him.To give stable government does not justify the act of Constitutional impropriety. Meghalaya, which has witnessed just two chief ministers complete their five-year terms since its creation in 1972, is attempting elusive political stability with what amounts to a novel contribution to democracy. Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Friday Lyngdoh, who had the rank of deputy CM, has been brought on par in rank and status with chief Minister DD Lapang to quell increasing threats to the shaky Congress government. Besides the two CMs, the state also has a couple of deputy CMs — Mukul Sangma and Bindo M Lanong. This bizarre attempt to tinker with the Constitution is aimed at ensuring the longevity of the Lapang govt., which is riven by dissension led by none other than Friday Lyngdoh. His elevation is seen as a move to pacify simmering resentment among some senior Congress members miffed at being denied a ministerial berth in the Lapang cabinet. Congress is not only the oldest and largest party in the country but also ruling at the Centre and in the state of Maharashtra. If it fails to stop the tinkering with Constitution by its own party government in Meghalaya, what can be expected from other political parties? The developing situation is highly objectionable both democratically and constitutionally. The rule of law and the tradition in democracy must not be ignored. Congress must direct its state unit of Meghalay to respect democratic values and constitutional proprietary.

Monday, February 1, 2010

An act of sheer madness

Mumbai is not Shiv Sainiks' Jagir. It is for all Indians and it has cosmopolitan character which must be protected at all costs by the government.Shiv Sena’s proclaimation that Mumbai is meant for Maharashtra and Marathi manoos only has rightly be slammed by its bigger ally at national level the BJP. BJP has rightly slammed Shiv Sena's anti-national act and said in unambiguous term that Mumbai is for all Indians. BJP's doting parent Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) has already asked its cadres to protect north Indian migrants against any attack on them and slammed Shiv Sena for its divisive politics . Shiv Sena and Rajthackeray only play divisive and parochial brand of politics. No one should be allowed to play politics of division for only gaining votes. The ruling Congress-NCP Ashok Chavan must act firmly against Shiv Sainiks and refrain from conniving at the most delicate issue. Targetting the culture of India is the old habit of Saina. Its politics has born out of hatred against the outsiders in Mumbai.Shiv Sainiks often make target of Bollywood and Sports to dangerously arouse the regional sentiments in Mumbai. They targeted the film Fire of Deep Mehta on the flimsy ground that it was against the culture of the country. They have targeted Quorban starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor only because it is bold and modern. They have targeted Cricket matches between India and Pakistan in Mumbai and other places in the country. They dug out pitch in Delhi some time back where match between India and Pakistan was to be held. Now they have announced of attacking super star Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘ My Name is Khan’ to be released on February 12 only because of his statement that the denial to make bid for Pakistan cricket players by the Franchisees at the auction organised by IPL-3 for matches is not good and the issue must be looked into seriously. As far as the attack on north Indian migrants is concerned, Shiv Sena and MNS of Raj Thackeray have been lauching attack on them for the last two years. The way they beat up Bihari students who had gone to Mumbai to sit at the Railway Recruitment Examination was highly objectionable and the complacency on the part of Cong-NCP government to act against Shiv Sainiks and MNS workers' must stop immediately. The Government has to act firmly against divisive elements who are bent on breaking the country. It is also Shiv Sena and MNS’ sheer madness and anti-national act. Our cricket luminary Sachin Tendulkar, who is considered as God by cricket fans all over the country, was also attacked by Shiv Sena’s mentor Bal Thackeray through the editorial of party’s Mouth Piece Saamna where he asked him to keep away from politics and play only cricket only because he said that Mumbai is for all Indians. Corporate giant Mukesh Ambani has also said that Mumbai is for all India. Mumbai is a cospolitan city so its character must be protected by the government at all costs. Now enough is enough and mad band of Shiv Sainiks need to be sent to mental asylum if the unity and integrity is to be kept intact. They feel them to be above the law. So they must be taught a lesson without any loss of time. The Maharashtra government has so far failed in doing its duty.