Monday, October 31, 2011

Political alignment in UP

The coming UP assembly is the most crucial, especially for Congress and BJP, to decide which party's or coalition would establish its reign in Delhi after 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The two major national parties- Congress and BJP- are marginal forces in the most politically crucial state of UP. That is why both are putting every thing into this election.

The ruling BSP and the Opposition SP are considered virtually as regional parties in UP. Both have strong grip on their respective vote banks. However, the two national political parties- Congress and BJP- have specified vote banks.

The Congress party future prime ministerial candidate and general secretary Rahul Gandhi, MP, has been concentrating seriously from the very beginning to revive it and retrieve its pre-eminent position, which it lost to BJP, SP and BJP for more than two decades ago. The attention of Rahul Gandhi bore fruit when the Congress party won 22 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh in 2009 Lok Sabha elections. Amethi and Raebareli have been his family constituencies.

Muslim votes constitute the most in Uttar Pradesh. Upper caste, especially Brahmin, Muslim, Dalit and most backward class have been the traditional voters of Congress Party since Independence. The disenchantment has started rising among them since 89 with the Congress and its traditional vote banks also began deserting it. By 1995 desertion appeared to be complete with the Congress that reflected in 1996 Lok Sabha elections.

From 1990s, Former Prime Minister late PV Narsimha Rao took control of the party and the government, though a veteran Congress leader, able administrator and erudite scholar, failed miserably to stop the ascendancy of saffron brigade that weakened the Congress party immeasurably in terms of organization in almost all states of the nation. He presided over the demise of Congress Party organization.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar suffered the most and there remained almost nothing in the name of organization. Though Rahul Gandhi on his personal initiatives has infused life in UP Congress, Bihar Congress unit is remained lifeless. The Congress party under the stewardship of Rahul Gandhi in UP has almost formed its alliance with Ajit Singh’s INLD to fight there assembly elections. Ajit Singh has considerable base among Jat voters in western UP. He is on the basis of the personality of his father former late Prime Minister Choudhary Charan Singh as the tallest leader of farmers sure to help Congress in giving a stiff fight to CM Mayawati’s BSP. This reflects the earnestness in Rahul Gandhi to retrieve its lost ground in the coming elections.

Chief Minister Mayawati’s BSP, Mulayam Singh Yadav’s SP and BJP would alone fight the elections, except some alliances here and there with obscure regional political outfits. Chief Minister Mayawati is not as popular as to retain power smoothly. The deteriorating law and order and corruption also plague her government immensely. In addition to that, the nexus between her ministers and criminals and formers involvement in crime have dented her government’s image. As far as BJP is concerned, there is no taker for its Hindu hard-line view in the changed scenario. It was given opportunity in early nineties but totally failed to come up even to the expectations of its vote banks. Mulayam’s Samajwadi Party is still strong among backwads, Muslims and socialist minded upper caste but the history of its government reflects its encourage to goonda Raj in Uttar Pradesh. So, in the given political scenario, there is no likelihood of single party rule. The competition is only for being No. I and 2. Even if the Congress comes at No.2, it will be its achievement and indicator of the fact that after 2017, it might come to power in UP on its own.

Friday, October 28, 2011

AFSPA is meant for national integration

Armed Force Special Power Act is meant for the protection of the unity and integrity of the nation. That is why the army is deployed in disturbed areas of the states and they are equipped with special power to act in a free, frank and impartial way in the interest of the country.

AFSPA has been put in place in Jammu and Kashmir and north-eastern states to curb militancy, which is supported and propagated from across the border under a well calculated evil design on India. It has been in force in the state of Jammu and Kashmir since the worst days of insurgency, militancy and act of secession of 1990.

Separatist conglomerate of Hurriyat Conference always raises demand for the lifting of AFSPA from the state. They describe it as draconian measure, which promotes human rights violations in the state. Hurriyat sees it as a big hurdle in fulfilling their separatist aspirations.

However, the ground reality is that Army is nothing to do with politics of the state nor is it benefiting any political party or acting against a particular community in the state. Army personnel have been empowered to arrest or search without warrant on mere suspicion in view of the infiltration taking place in Jammu and Kashmir at frequent intervals, though the atmosphere there is seemingly peaceful. The encounter between foreign militants and the security forces is still taking place at regular intervals. The Sneaking of militants from across the border is still taking place, though it is not at its height. Army plays the most vital role in Jammu and Kashmir in the interest of the nation. Our Army is regarded as the best one in the world.

Terrorist violence has fallen because of the prompt vigil of Army Jawans and not because the terrorists have laid down their guns. They are still active and the position in Jammu and Kashmir is like lull before storm that could take place any time. So, the question of removing AFSPA from some parts of Jammu and Kashmir is nothing but foolishness. It is also like giving an account of the lack of farsightedness before the world. AFSPA must not be touched.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omer Abdullah has been advocating for the removal of AFSPA for the last few days, though he has accepted the importance of Army’s role in the state. It is under the purview of the Home ministry. That is why Army refused to comment on CM’s advocacy for its withdrawal. The Jammu and Kashmir state police also do not favour its withdrawal from some parts. Defence ministry also does not favour withdrawal.

The overall situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir also does permit the army to leave. In the given situation, to bolster up the falling political rate, Chief Minister has raised this type of demand only to please the separatist element which will prove to be detrimental to the unity and integrity of the nation. CM Omer is leading the National Conference (NC) – Congress party government. As his term of chief ministership for three years is coming to an end and after that the Congress dispensation will take over the rein of government for remaining three years, Omer is playing a political game plan without consulting his alliance partner.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Politics of over Chath

Delhi Bhartiya Janta Party in its move to retrieve the lost ground and get over the impression of being the party of business community in the city is now advocating for the declaration of holiday on the occasion of Chath. Its move is to lure the migrants in large numbers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh living in the national capital.

With the Delhi Assembly elections due to be held in 2014, BJP has started to prepare its pitch for batting strongly this time by raising the demand of holiday on the occasion of Chath, which is deeply associated with the migrants. But it would be better for the BJP to ameliorate them economically and make solid ground among them.

As Chath is celebrated in Bihar and the bordering district of Uttar Pradesh adjacent to Bihar on the large scale and some other states of North India, BJP aims at making ground among migrants from these two states living in large numbers and play important factor in the electoral politics of Delhi. By pressing the government to declare gazetted holiday on the occasion of Chath, BJP is trying to score political point. Because of the anti-outsider leaning of the BJP from the very beginning in Delhi, the migrants from Bihar, UP and other states have favoured the Congress party in Delhi and thereby electing Sheila Dikshit as the Chief Minister for the third consecutive time.

BJP has taken politically correct move to demand for holiday on the occasion of auspicious and religiously important festival. Delhi BJP move will certainly prove to be fruitful among migrants during this time of assembly elections as the disenchantment among them is growing with the Sheila Dikshit government day by day. They feel to be neglected and deprived of their due in the national capital.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit issues statements time to time that have also reflected her leaning too is not always in favour of the migrants from Bihar and UP. Numerical strength, ability, efficiency and capability of the migrants from Bihar, UP and other states, especially South India, are so high that they control 75 percent of workforce in all areas of activities in Delhi. Whether it is government or private organization, the situation is the same. In the given situation, their being politically indispensable for the political party is natural.

India is known for holidays. There are holidays on all the important festivals irrespective of religion of the nation. As far as the Delhi BJP demand for holiday on the occasion of Chath is concerned, it is fully justified.

Chath is the most sacred festival of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is celebrated with all religious traditions and processes. It is the only festival in which we also salute (Pranam) the setting Sun as well as the rising One. Different types of delicious items are prepared in a very sacred environment to offer Goddess Chath. So, this festival touches the religious sentiments of the devotees most. So, the political initiative taken by the Delhi BJP to put pressure on the government to declare holiday on the occasion Chath is very good move. As the issue is politically beneficial, the government may not concede the demand this year but there is all likelihood that this Sheila Dikshit Government will declare holiday on the occasion of Chath from next year to take political credit.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boom in market on Diwali

With the opening up of market, every festival is guided by its interest. It is the characteristic of market economy that it keeps its identity separate from one festival to another to reach to the maximum and expand itself.

India is a nation of festival. There is one at every 15 day throughout the year. Especially from July to March, there is a galore of festivals all over the nation. The market has read it shrewdly and has moulded itself accordingly. It tries to sell to its full potential the items according to the nature and character of festivals.

As for example, it sets up shops of items which demand the people most in large numbers . So is the difference seen in the market during Durga Puja from Diwali.

Diwali is most famous because this is the only festival which is celebrated in all corners of the nation in equal measure. As mainly the Goddess of wealth Laxmi is worshipped on the occasion of Diwali, it is celebrated to display happiness about the victory of Ram over Ravan. And also as according to religious texts, Diwali is celebrated in happiness on the occasion of the return of Marzada Purshottam Ram's return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravan.

Another saying is that the Deepawali signifies to remove darkness by lighting the lamp on the occasion. But the main significance to celebrate Deepawali and worship goddess Laxmi is to purify the soul and be blessed with wealth and good health. But as far as the purity of the soul by celebrating Deepawali is concerned, it is nothing to do with its main purpose due to people's greed but to generate economy through market.

The boom in market on the occasion of Deepawali is only confined to big cities and towns and among 20 crore of people out of 1.25 billion population of the nation. In big metros and cities, there has been sale of thousands of crores of rupees of jewellery on the occasion of Dhantras a day before Deepawali. And this market boom has been enjoyed by only 20 percent of Indian population, who mostly lives in cities and towns.What economic boom it signifies in proportion to our population. Actually, it is nothing but an eye wash. The only sign of celebrating Deepawali or any other festival is purchasing something from the market. This is the thinking of urban dwellers. The straight principle is that if you don’t purchase either willingly or because of financial constraint, you have not celebrated the occasion.

Our Prime Minister’s photo was carried in a national daily today showing him in pleasant mood over the market boom on the occasion of Dhanteras amidst recessionary trend in other countries of the world. But Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must not lose sight of the fact this is only 20 percent of population who has brought market boom. It does not constitute India. He must not be ecstatic over the enormous upward trend in consumer market on a certain day on the occasion of a festival.

The ground reality about the economy of our nation can be seen in rural areas where darkness still prevails all over. People are not financially able to purchase even a litre of kerosene, what to talk of mustard oil or ghee, to light the Deep on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali. It is only because of the back breaking price rise and under its burden of they are being crushed.

So, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must not be pleased that it is only because of his brain child of economic reforms that Indian market still booms amidst the trend of recession in developed western countries of the world. The UPA Government must pledge on the occasion Deepawali that they will bring down prices of essential commodities and food items immediately so that this auspicious occasion could be celebrated in equal measure all over the world. We wish our readers and well wishers happy and prosperous Diwali.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Need for self-introspecting political Yatra

In view of the assembly elections in five states, UPA government’s falling popularity because of the galore of corruption charges and the last opportunity of a certain leader to full his vaulting ambition, several yatras are under way in the country.

Most of the yatras by political, spiritual leaders and members of civil society are only confined to poll-bound Uttar Pradesh but the Jan Chetna Yatra, covering 23 states, about 7000 km and lasting about more than a month, by the tallest leader of BJP and former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani is meant for awakening people against growing corruption and how Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA government has completely failed to check it that resulted in scams like 2G, CWG, Adarsh and several others.

Advani, the veteran leader of BJP and one of the most respected political leaders of the country , knows pretty well that the national mood is building up against the government. So the time is ripe for him to exploit the situation politically for the party in general and for him in particular to fulfill his last ambition to become the prime minister by winning the general elections in 2014 for BJP-led NDA.

But the way is not so easy for him. BJP has no dearth of leaders. All in private oppose each other whenever the opportunity arises. On the front of the issue of prime ministerial candidate of BJP, there can be no consensus given the growing ambition among second line of leaders. Sushma Swaraj is the party’s leader in Lok Sabha and Arun Jaitley in Rajya Sabha. So, both aspire to be named by the party as candidates for prime minister. After these two leaders, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi considered to be the strongest candidate among second line of leaders is also in the race for prime ministerial candidate. Party President Nitin Gadkari, who is also reportedly going to fight Lok Sabha from the constituency of his choice, is also not keeping himself back from prime ministerial candidate competition and former party president Rajnath Singh is also not keeping himself aloof from party’s bull fighting show.

In the given situation inside the BJP, L K Advani’s prime ministerial aspiration is definitely not easy to be fulfilled. One thing is also clear that whoever be the prime ministerial candidate of the party must have strong backing from party’s doting parent Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS). Untill and unless it gives its stamp of approval, no party leader can be declared as the candidate for prime minister if the party wins elections in 2014. L K Advani has not been in the good book of RSS since he praised Jinnah during his Pakistan visit. Praising Jinnah also cost him the post of party president at that time itself. RSS wants L K Advani to retire from active politics but his ambition prevents him from doing so.

In view of the growing disenchantment of the people with UPA Government, Advani found it an opportune time to launch Jan Chetna Yatra against corruption to tell the people that they have still a leader of national stature to deal with the issues of corruption and rising prices firmly. He also wants to make it clear through his sixth yatra that he is still energetic and active to serve them. L K Advani is himself of clean image and man of integrity. But as far as the issue of corruption is concerned, the BJP itself is not above the board. Recently, a former party chief minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa was arrested in corruption cases. The court sent him to jail whom Advani reportedly said during the yatra that he had cautioned him against corruption. So here the question arises that whether Advani has undertaken yatra only against the corruption in government or against his own party governments facing corruption charges in various states.

There can be no double standard on the issue of corruption. The scale of measurement is the same. The need of the hour for L K Advani and all other political leaders to look inside and go self-introspection yatra to cleanse the political class.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of Gaddafi’s dictatorial life

Iraq’s Saddam Hussain, Egypt’s Hosni Mobarak and now Libya’s Moummar Gaddafi have fallen. The people in these three Arab countries wanted regime change. They have now got it. The entire Arab world is in the grip of regime change for betterment through the freedom of the people by establishing democracy. The people of Arabian countries appear to be vexed with despotism.

Now, Yemen and Syria are in the row for the change of regime. They have rebelled against their rulers to establish democracy.

The rebellion in Arab world and fall of the three dictators in the most absurd way clearly give signal to the rulers of all the countries of the world that if they continued to ignore popular people’s demand and suppress the voice of the common man, they would have to go.

In the 21st century, there must not be any vestiges of dictatorship in the world. All want freedom of speech and right to avail all facilities provided by the government. They abhor any kind of control by the regime. People’s sentiments and feelings must be respected and the government of the day must maintain transparency in all its functions so that no misgivings could arise among them.

Gaddafi’s career began with military and he promoted himself to the rank of colonel. He was a quirky colonel. He grabbed power of Libya through bloodless coup in 1969 and ruled it unchallenged, and crushed even the hissing sound of opposition to his despotic regime of 42 years. He lived a very colourful life and died an ignominious death in rebel attacks in his hide out in a culvert. He had women body guards and two wives. He had nine children and always liked to stay in tent equipped with all luxurious facilities. He lived a grandeur life and tolerated no opposition, whatsoever.

With the killing of Colonel Gaddafi, the rebellion for the establishment of democracy has got strength. National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya has now greater responsibility to establish democratic system based on consensus among all spectrums of opinion of Libyan society. Libyan society is tribal-based and there are more than hundred tribal groups there. The differences among them are also open. And at the same time, ever after the killing of Gaddafi, his support base has not altogether wiped out. There are still Gaddafi supporters in Libyan society. That is why NTC will have to show the world about its sincerity and commitment to establish democracy there.

The West under the leadership of the US will certainly provide full support to NTC in establishing democracy there but with a rider. As Libya is oil rich country, the US would always like the regime there, which could be favourably bent towards it. As Libya is a oil reach country, the US had set its eyes from the very beginning. But as Gaddafi was himself a true dictator and never tolerated to be subservient to any western power, he clearly understood the financial value of abundant oil resources in Libya. Gaddafi played a role in launching Petro Boom in 70. With the rise of petroleum prices that started in 1973, he made most of the large reservoir of petroleum products in strengthening his grip on Libyan regime. It was Gaddafi’s foresight and understanding of the economic value of oil that kept in the saddle for long 42 years.

Gaddafi’s ruthless style of ruling the country got weakened with the development and openness in the world outside in every sphere. The rebellion against his regime was not started without any cause. If he had taken re-conciliatory approach, he would not have been killed in this abominable manner.

Gaddafi was not a very good friend of India. But as Libya is an oil rich country in middle –east, India has to be there in reckoning from the strategic point of view and it is natural that it will always support the cause of democracy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Team Anna deviating from its mission

The mission of Team Anna is to mobilize people’s support to root out corruption by pressurizing the government to introduce and adopt anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill in the winter session of Parliament. It is now clearly perceptible that it is deviating from their main issue on which they successfully galvanized the entire nation against corruption. The whole nation gave expression to their voice through the Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare’s 12- day fast into death protest at Ramlila Ground in Delhi for Jan Lokpal to arrest the growing corruption at all levels of the governments in states and at the Centre.

Now, it is taking political route to settle score with a particular political party, that is Congress, that was clearly reflected in the recently held Hisar parliamentary by-election in Haryana. Key team member Arvind Kejriwal and others campaigned there strongly to defeat Congress candidate, while the candidates against it were not of any cleaner image in public life.

As almost all political parties have some corrupt leaders, targeting a particular party only reflects the deviation from the main issue of corruption by Team Anna and reflecting a hidden anti-Congress agenda . And it also shows its dubious intention, though it says that it puts pressure on Congress because it being a ruling party at the Centre, which is chiefly responsible for introducing and adopting the anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill in the winter session of Parliament.

When Anna Hazare has himself made it clear that he and his team would campaign in the five poll-bound states scheduled to be held early next year after the winter session of Parliament, what is the need for Arvind Kejriwal and his other team members to start Yatra from Banda in Uttar Pradesh that clearly reflects their political bias against the Congress Party? Why Team Anna is keeping mum on the ruling BSP, and other opposition parties BJP and SP in Uttar Pradesh which are alleged to be no less corrupt than the Congress.

The war against corruption can never be won by supporting covertly or overtly the other political parties not of cleaner records than the ruling UPA at the Centre. What to talk of Arvind Kejriwal, even Anna Hazare, who is presently observing Maun Vrat, has not spoken even a single word on the arrest the former Chief Minister of Karnataka and BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa for his alleged involvement in corruption cases. Is it not the double standard of Team Anna? Until and unless the team Anna shows neutrality, apolitical approach and impartial action, the movement against corruption is bound to face hurdles at every step.

The nation has struck dumb at the highly condemnable seen on TV screens of the merciless beating of a Core Committee member of Team Anna and senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhusan in his chamber by three young men for his advocacy of plebiscite on Kashmir and shoes throwing incident at Arvind Kejriwal during his public meeting in Lucknow. Violence by any one must be condemned strongly. And these two ugly incidents against Team Anna members are unfortunate and condemnable. Government must ensure the security of all the members of Team Anna.

While Anna Hazare himself considers Prashant Bhushan as wrong for advocating of plebiscite on Kashmir, no action against him has been taken as yet. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so.

Two Core Committe members of Team Anna PV Rajgopal and Water Man and Magsasay Award winner Rajendra Singh have reportedly quit over the issue of the members taking political turn that leads them in different directions.

The decision about campaigning against Congress in Hisar was reportedly not taken by Core Committee and it appeared to be the personal political bias of some of the jovial, enthusiastic and vocal members against the Congress Party, who influenced Anna Hazare to make announcement about it. In this way, the energy of the youth of the entire nation channelized against corruption by Anna Hazare is being frittered away.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Need for reviewing Govt’s functioning

The Right to Information is the only weapon of the people in democracy to know how their government is working. They have elected the government to power. That is why they have every right to know about its ins and outs. RTI came into existence six years ago and is counted among one of the achievements of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh -led UPA Government.

It is because of RTI that galore of scandals has come to light and the government has been exposed before the country and its corrupt practices have make the people wary of it. RTI has empowered the people, which is essence of the democracy. It has already been in existence in several other democratic countries. Any attempt to tinker with it means the demoralization of the people.

The talk of diluting the RTI was first began by Union Corporate minister Verappa Moily and then by law minister Salman Khurshid. Their intention clearly reflected that because of the dishonesty and inefficiency of the government, they are facing embarrassment due to RTI. Now, the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has stated that there is a need for relook at the ‘grey areas’ of RTI, though the civil society is already wary of government’s dubious intention. PM has stated that only the matter of public interest should be accessible to public under RTI. In its present area and provision, it burdening the government’s functioning, hampering the economic growth of the nation. He advocates that deliberation of the government should also not be accessible to the public under RTI. People’s right to empowerment must not be encroached upon.

The civil society and the general public have rightly said that any amendment to RTI must be backed by credible evidence. As far as matter of public interest is concerned, who will be the legitimate authority to decide it? Whether it will be the government or the people. It is correct to say that the matter of foreign, strategic and security affairs has nothing to do with the people’s day-to-day interest and may have adverse impact if it is placed under public domain but to escape embarrassment due to dishonesty and inefficiency, it is nothing but excuse of the government to put the matter of public interest at par with it. It only exposes its dubious intention. The Government has no right to decide which is of public interest of which is not.

In democracy, the people are sovereign and they have every right to know how their money is spent by the government. Any attempt to dilute the RTI by Manmohan Singh Government will prove to be suicidal for it. The Government has already got credit for RTI. Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi had played a pivotal role in the enactment of RTI. She needs to step in immediately to warn the government to not try amending RTI for escaping embarrassment. The people are finally the masters in democracy. They can not be deprived of knowledge about the plans and projects of their government.

The government’s view that honest and efficient bureaucrats do not give expression to their voice for good governance is nothing but farce. That whatever note they give would go in public domain and then different interpretation would be made of it. It is nothing but to conceal the fact from the people.

The honest and upright bureaucrats need hesitate and fear in giving expression to their voice if it is in people’s interest. The government’s explanation is completely baffling and anti-people. It is the political executives who do not like to be given perfect perception of bureaucrats in public interests. Because they always want to have an escape route. If the honest and upright bureaucrats give expression to their voice in people’s interest, it would be very difficult for the ministers to turn it down because of RTI Act. That is why the government wants to relook at RTI. Honest and upright offers would always support RTI because that too has emboldened them.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh immediately needs to relook at the functioning of his government rather than RTI, which goads it to be more sincere, transparent and honest. Reviewing of the functioning of his government is the most necessary in view of the Supreme Court’s observation that no action was taken on the PM’s letter to the then telecom minister that resulted in the 2G Scam. So, PM must retrieve his own authority and not to dilute the RTI.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hissar gives a warning to Congress

Though the result of Hissar by-election is a foregone conclusion that Haryana Janhit Congress – BJP Candidate Kuldeep Bishnoi would win and the Congress Party candidate Jai Prakash would be at the third position, it definitely sends strong warning to mend its ways. Otherwise, it is bound to meet its doomsday in 2014. It has happened on expected line and the message is clear for the Congress that if it did not introspect and analyze the causes that led it to defeat in not only Hissar by-election but in all in the different states of the country, it is bound to face the rout in general elections in 2014.

This is a wake-up call for the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre. Apart from Hissar, the Congress has been defeated badly in assembly by- elections of Khadakwasla in Maharastra, an assembly by-election in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka .

It can not be said that Anna factor did not work in the victory of Kuldeep Bishnoi. The Team Anna had campaigned for the defeat of Congress because they felt that it was not serious to bring and adopt Jan Lok Bill in winter session of Parliament. Anna had personally appealed the Hissar voters not to vote for Congress. And Team Anna led by Arvind Kejriwal campaigned in Hissar very strongly and made an impassioned appeal to voters to defeat Congress. He painted Congress to be on the side of corruption and did not speak on any other political party candidate in the fray of Hissar as all candidates except Congress party were the torch bearer against corruption.

However, the ground reality tells altogether a different story. The Congress candidate in Hissar Jai Prakash has much cleaner record according to the election commission record than the winner HJC-BJP candidate Kuldeep Bishnoi and the vanquished INLD candidate Ajay Chautala.

The Hissar voters became also confused a little after the campaigning of Team Anna against Congress. Though the campaigning against the Congress clearly reflected that its arch rival BJP or INLD would be benefited, has the Team Anna ever thought that they were going to support the more corrupt by opposing the Congress? Their main plank of anti-corruption campaign has got a jolt and diversion from the mission. Merely on the ground of perception that the Congress would not bring and adopt anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill in the winter session of Parliament, their campaigning and canvassing against it has brought a spot on their apolitical character.

Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare, who had galvanized the entire nation against corruption and even the Parliament of the nation respected his 12 days fast for anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill for which he became a household name, has now definitely lost some of his movement’s sheen against corruption after his team’s campaigning against the Congress in Hissar while keeping mum on any other by –elections around the same time. Team Anna’s campaigning in Hissar against the Congress has also caused differences in it if the statement of its key member Shantosh Hegde is any thing to go by. He said that they should wait for the winter session to do this exercise.

Anna effect has worked in Hissar in small measure. Because the Congress did not ever expect victory there and the Hissar seat was vacated after the death of former chief minister of Haryana and HJC supremo Bhajan Lal. Kuldeep Bishnoi, son of Bhajal Lal, has won as HJC candidate supported by the BJP. Even Bishnoi has given no credit to Anna team for his victory. He has said that it is the track record of his father Bhajan Lal and HJC alliance with BJP that resulted in his victory. Anna Hazare effect has definitely lowered the percentage of Congress votes.

The defeat in Hissar by-election must be taken by the Congress party seriously and go into the causes of their defeat in all by-elections at this time. The party needs to immediately come out with the determination of fighting out corruption and take substantial measure to check rising prices of essential commodities and food inflation. The message has gone out in the public that the Congress government is totally unable to check the rising prices and it has almost surrendered before the corruption. Hissar by-election result has strengthened this type of perception against the party in countryside. The message has also gone out among the public that the Mammohan Singh government has no idea about how to deal with price rise, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. It has only the mania of economic reforms, which has so far not benefited the deprived section of society.

Congress has to see that Hissar may not prove to be another Jabalpur parliamentary by –election when in 1974 the young Sharad Yadav of the united opposition for whom Jaiprakash Narayan had campaigned and defeated the Congress stalwart Sheth Govind Das, and that proved to be death knell for the Congress party in 1977.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Intelligence agencies have done a commendable job

According to the investigators, the recovery of an RDX laden car in Ambala with the help of sniffer dogs might have saved the national capital from a deadly terrorist strike during Diwali. It is the commendable job done by the investigating agency to alert the police machinery to pre-empt the deadly terror strike. They deserve to be congratulated by one and all and the nation always expects this type of performance all the time from them to save the innocent lives of country men.

The car was reportedly laden with 5 kg of RDX, besides detonators and timers that could have claimed numerous lives. If the plan of the terrorists had succeeded, there could have been more deaths and destruction than what had happened in the serial blasts in Delhi two days before Diwali in 2005.

RDX is only produced in state controlled facilities. It means as intelligence inputs suggest that it was in a planned way made available for terrorist organization LeT module operating in Jammu and Kashmir to carry out terror strikes of larger magnitude in Delhi and other metros .

This is not the first time that intelligence inputs of the clear hands of the state actors of Pakistan have come out in the open. If the recovery was not made before its use for terror strikes, there would have been great loss of human lives and property in India. The 26/11 attacks of Mumbai are the clear proof of the involvement of state actors of Pakistan.

According to the investigators, Let module operating in Jammu and Kashmir was planning to strike in Delhi. LeT got the RDX with the help of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, which is known for its notoriety, under the patronage of the government of Pakistan to make arrangement for terror strikes in India, though Pakistan has always rubbished the charge. But evidence needs no clarifications. ISI provided RDX to LeT module in Jammu and Kashmir and they sent it to Ambala for Babbar Khalsa International, to be used in Delhi.

With the increasing heat of security forces on it in Punjab even after militancy ended there, the Babbar Khalsa International shifted its base in the safe havens of Pakistan. It gets good patronage of the government of Pakistan to carry out mischief in India. Now, the state actors of Pakistan are building pressure on Babbar Khalsa International to carry out terror strikes in India. Which is why the consignment of explosives was meant for them to be used in Delhi.

It is no longer secret that Pakistan has an evil design on India since its inception. It carries out its sinister design through its trusted and notorious intelligence wing ISI with the help of its military establishment. It is always on look out to destabilize and disintegrate India by creating communal divide through terror strikes.

The US, the sole super power of the world, before the killing of world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden who it had been looking for the last 10 years, in Abbotabad in Karachi was also in illusion about Pakistan’s true colour. It is better for the world in general and the US in particular to be always wary of Pakistan’s notorious activity. It is serpent in the grass, which can not be relied up on. Though by biting serpent gets nothing except the satisfaction of its notoriety, it harms whom it bites.

With the coldness of relationship between the US and Pakistan in recent days, China is showing its readiness to walk extra-mile in extending friendship to the latter, though it is itself facing militancy in Xiang province supported and aided by the militants based in Pakistan.

In the given situation, India needs to be on alert always and keep preparedness to face any eventuality at any point of time. If our security agencies and police force all over the country maintained smooth co-ordination, they would always be successful in pre-empting the notorious design prepared across the border on us.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fascist mindset on rise

The beating up of the Supreme Court lawyer, social activist and an important member of Team Anna at his official chamber by the three young men for his comment on Kashmir is not only shocking but also the clear sign of dangerous trend of violence arising out of the growing intolerance to contrary view. The scene of beating up of a respectable senior advocate played out on TV news channel screens was so horrible that it even shudders the viewers. This is against the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

It is correct that the issue of Kashmir is deeply associated with the sentiment and emotion of Indians and India considers it as an inalienable part of the nation. Undoubtedly, Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India. Advocate Prashant Bhushan in his individual capacity had expressed his view on Kashmir that there should be a plebiscite there to resolve the issue. As he has himself admitted that it is minority view, it does allow the members of any group or organization to beat him at his official chamber. It must be stridently condemned by one and all and the attackers must be brought to book and awarded deterrent punishment.

The three young attackers were reportedly belonged to Shri Ram Sene and Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena respectively. One of the attackers belonged to Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena were alleged to be associated with the youth wing of Bhartiya Janta Party in the past, though the BJP promptly denied that he had any kind of association with the party. Whichever organization they are associated with does not matter. They must be punished stringently so that it could have deterrent impact. Because their violent action has no place in civil society and it gives the scent of medievalism.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan may have expressed anti-majority view on Kashmir by advocating plebiscite but it does not give permission to the people of majority view to physically assault him. Members of any group or organization can not claim to be called nationalists by throttling the people who express contrary view in secular, democratic and free society. To react in this way is the sign of cowardliness and not of bravery.

The action of the three young men is against the essence of our democracy and constitutional right. This act is shameful and shocking for the entire nation. The law enforcing agency, especially the police, must keep constant vigil on these fascist elements so that they could not enact it in the future. The members of Shri Ram Sene were alleged to have roughed up the girls at a Banglore pub also in the past. They are infamous for hooliganism. Whichever organization encourages hooliganism, lumpiness, intolerance and violence must be banned immediately.

If the three young men considered Prashant Bhushan’s view of plebiscite on Kashmir as anti-national, they could have moved the court and filed a case of sedition against him. They could have also expressed their anti-plebiscite view in public. But by taking on Prashant Bhushan physically, they have broken the law in the first instance and brought shame on the nation.

It is not for the first time that the senseless display of intolerance has taken place in public in our country. There are several other instances where contrary view or opinions were met with physical assault of the same condemnable nature.

The Government must take the serious view of the assault on Prashant Bhushan and take stringent action not only against those young men who have carried out the ugly act but also against the organizations or groups which are behind this shameful act.

The rising trend of intolerance is a serious threat to democracy. If it is not possible in democracy to air the contrary view on any issue confronting the nation, it is the clear sign that fascist elements are raising their heads without any fear of the law enforcement agencies. Violence has no place in a democratic society. Every contentious issue must be resolved through talks, discussions and debates.

Today it is Prashant Bhushan, tomorrow there will be some other to face the same treatment for expressing contrary view. No sensible person will ever have appreciation for the young men who have assaulted him. Team Anna must also take the incident seriously and must stand unitedly against it as Prashant Bhushan is their key member. Team Anna also must not allow the lumping elements in the name of youth brigade in their anti-graft tirade. All must condemn the beating up of Prashant Bhushan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

L K Advani's last attempt to fulfill his ambition through Jan Chetna Yatra

Senior most BJP leader L K Advani has begun his 38-day Jan Chetna Yatra from Bihar’s Sitabdiara to take on the UPA government on the corruption issue and press for return of black money stashed away abroad. The BJP patriarch has undertaken this yatra primarily to exploit the situation of disenchantment of the people with the UPA Government over the rising corruption and inflation in favour his party in general and himself in particular. He also wants to show the second line of leaders of his party that he is still not old enough to write him off from the race of prime ministerial candidate if ever the opportunity comes to elect by the parliamentary party.

Undoubtedly, L K Advani is the tallest and most experienced leader of BJP after the retirement of former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. Advani has only one hurdle in leadership tussle in Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the strongest prime ministerial party candidate among the second line of leaders. There is also strong rumour that the difference has arisen between Modi and Advani over the issue of the projection of prime ministerial candidate by the party. Modi has already undertaken 3-sadhbhavna fast to project himself in this regard. Due to Narendra Modi’s reluctance over Advani’s Jan Chetna yatra, he changed the place from Gujarat to start to Sitabdiara in Bihar, which is the birth place of the great socialist leader and exponent of Sampoorn Kranti Jaiprakash Narayan who is credited with changing the Congress Government in 1977 for the first time after independence through his movement against corruption and authoritarianism.

Except the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, the entire BJP leaders have supported Advani’s Yatra. They also want, especially the second line of leaders, to stop Modi in his tracks for prime ministerial race. As UPA-II is under tremendous pressure to deal with corruption, it has been pushed into corner.

L K Advani is at the fag end of political career and is a man of vaulting ambition by nature. He sees a ray of hope to fulfill his last desire in the atmosphere of disillusionment with the Congress-led UPA Government in the country. He also sees the situation as his last opportunity to make vigorous attempt for the post of prime minister. That is why he has undertaken the arduous Jan Chetna Yatra.

It is also well known that BJP is remote controlled by Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS). It is also the political arm of RSS. RSS is not favourably bent towards L K Advani to project him as prime ministerial candidate on the basis of his becoming over age. Advani is 83 years old. But the fierce opposition to Narendra Modi and internecine war among second line of leaders over projection of prime ministerial candidate by the party make L K Advani the supreme leader of BJP for the top job the nation if the opportunity arises. Advani knows the internal equation of his party very well.

L K Advani is veteran of the politics of Yatra. This is his seventh Yatra. Among his yatras, the one he undertook in 1991 called Rath Yatra for Ayodhya to build Ram temple on the disputed site of Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid. This Yatra is only memorable among the public. Because it polaralised the country on communal line. That is the reason Advani’s secular credentials have not ever been beyond doubt, though burning desire for the post of prime minister compels him time and again in the last ten years to violate even party ideology. And this is also the reason this time to choose Sitabdiara to start his Jan Chetna Yatra, spanning 38 days and covering 7000 Kms.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is counted among the best chief minister in the country. His secular credentials have never been in doubt, despite being the part and parcel of NDA with BJP. Among the chief ministers in the race for prime ministerial candidate, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar also comes on top from the NDA block. He has also flagged off Advani’s Jan Chetana Yatra because of his subdued ambition for the post of prime minister if ever the opportunity arises in case of BJP’s failure to reach consensus on Advani’s name and the entire NDA was left to decide. Nitish Kumar always kept distance from Gujarat CM Narendra Modi and never allowed his secular ground to slip. If he keeps Advani in good humour, it would be easy for him to get his support for his ambitious cause like in 2005 at the time of election of NDA legislative party leader to sworn in as the chief minister of Bihar. L K Advani had fully backed him. That is why he is reciprocating him.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Anna Hazare's politically loaded move

Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare has sent the message to the voters of Hissar parliamentary by-election to not vote the ruling Congress party because he feels that it does not appear to be serious and committed to bring and adopt his anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill to remove corruption in the coming winter session of Parliament. His team members-headed by Arvind Kejriwal is already campaigning in Hissar against the Congress party candidate.

The anti-graft Lokpal Bill is lying with the Standing Committee of Parliament. As agreement reached between Team Anna and the government after which Anna broke his 12-day fast unto death strike in August last,Parliament was also in session during that time, that the strong Lokpal Bill will be brought in the winter session in Parliament to be held in Novemver, Team Anna got impatient and took to political route through Hissar by appealing the voters not to vote for Congress. It is haunting the minds of the people and they need answer from Anna Hazare in clear words why he took the route of electoral politics. If he fails to give valid and reasonable answer, his protest and fast against corruption will do nothing good but create confusion and diversion.

Whether Team Anna intends to defeat Congress or fight corruption must be clarified by Anna Hazare. Before the announcement of Anna’s appeal to Hissar voters, Anna and his team were undoubtedly apolitical. Their claim of being apolitical could not be contested. They target Congress party only, when no political party under our political spectrum is free from the charge of corruption. This reflects their bias against Congress.

If Congress party nominee is defeated in Hissar because of Anna’s appeal and its rival party nominee wins, who is also not free of corruption charges, what achievement in combating corruption would he get? After that what message would go from Hissar through out the country and Anna’s apolitical image? Anna’s appeal against the Congress before the winter session of Parliament is not only made in haste but also clearly reflects his political bias against the party.

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat has openly stated that his organization had given support and its cadres participated in Anna’s Ramlila Ground protest against corruption, though Anna and his team refuted his claim very promptly, saying that all political party followers had supported his protests against corruption as citizens of India, which make them apolitical.

Though Anna and his team did not ever seek support for their protests from any political party in public, it appeared amply clear that thay enjoyed tacit support of the RSS and its political arm and the main opposition party the BJP if their leaders' expression of soft corner for protesters are any thing to go by. Congress always charged Anna and his team of being supported by RSS and BJP. Bhagwat’s recent statement vindicates it.

Undoubtedly, the honest and integrity of Anna Hazare can not be questioned. But his appeal against Congress party casts doubts on his apolitical character, that had drawn mammoth crowd so far unparallelled in recent history to the venue of his fast unto death strike for Jan Lokpal at Ramlila Ground in Delhi which bent not only the Dr Manmohan Singh –led UPA Government but also compelled the Parliament to respect Anna’s demand.

Anna Hazare has also announced that if the Government did not adopt the Jan Lokpal Bill in winter session, he would campaign against the Congress party in the poll-bound five state assembly elections early next year. But at the same time , he says that he has nothing to do with party politics and because of that he does not say who to vote, but not the Congress. It has left the people confused about his aim and vision. It is not possible to influence parliamentary democracy by being outside it. It would be better for Anna in the interest of the people of the nation not to deviate from his main mission- that is fight against corruption- and expose his political bias against the ruling party before the winter session of Parliament.

If the Government fails to adopt the stronger Lokpal Bill in winter session, he and his team would be morally right to go against the Congress in the coming assembly elections in five states.

Anna’s lieutenant Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sishodia are campaigning and appealing to voters fervently to teach the Congress party a lesson by thrashing its candidate in Hissar parliamentary by-election. They had to face strident opposition during their campaign so far. They did not face any kind of opposition during their 12-day protest at Ramlila Ground in Delhi because of their being apolitical. This must be realized by Anna Hazare and his team members of civil society. So, they must remain be apolitical.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Jobs- A visionary techie genius

Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56. He was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer for the last 8 years. He was a doer who changed the world through his creations in the world of information technology. He was the founder of the information Technology giant Apple. He was regarded as the third to change the world through apple after Adams and Newton. The world in general and the Apple in particular have suffered an immeasurable loss in the sad demise of Steve Jobs. He was a great innovator who upgraded iphone and ipod and gave the world a beautiful gift incomparable in the history of IT. He was an icon who revolutionized mobile communications, music, movies and modern culture.

Steve Jobs made technological presentation in a beautiful fashion and ended the reign of personal computers, which changed our lives. He made even distant corner of world easily accessible through his innovations. He had a very difficult life in the beginning. But as he was a man of never say die and of firm determinations, he took the world to a new height. He never dithered from achieving the goal and overcame whatever hurdles came in his way of innovations.

Steve Jobs brought joy to the world by simplifying computers and iphones. All his life, he worked for making the world easily logged in but at last he himself logged out of it. The founder of Apple Inc and techie genius full of vision is being mourned world-wide by the millions whose lives he uniquely touched.

Steve Jobs showed the world how the man could innovate if he has guts and firm determination for its betterment. He was an icon who never shrugged from action. He brought aesthetics to electronics and made it accessible to all. The unique thing in him was his sense of using his technological skill for the creation of a modern world. He was an inspiration for the persons in the world of information technology how to make it easily accessible.

Steve Jobs was a life changer. He was extra-ordinarily talented and bold enough to pursue initiatives to change the world. He had also visited India as a teenager in search of enlightment. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was one of his icons. It was his steely determination that took the Apple from the garage to the stature of one of the biggest giants of information Technology Company.

The innovator like Steve Jobs is rarely seen in IT world who has contributed immensely. His technological innovations were aimed at making the electronic appliances economically affordable for the larger number of people in the world. His technological thought was not only to make appliances to be handled easily but also economically within the reach of maximum number of people. That is why he had become the household name of millions of people who were immensely benefited from the upgrading of electronic appliances like iphones and ipods. It was his inner strength and inner technological instinct in addition to his theory of always staying hungry and foolish for gaining knowledge that propelled him to the height of glory and prestige in a very short span of time. The zeal, brilliance, passion and energy in him to improve lives of all led him to innovate in the field of information technology. It was his uncompromising attitude with principle on the need for excellence that made his imagination flourish and vibrate to change the face of the world.

The history of information technology will always be the testimony of his brilliant skill, inexhaustible energy and passion to do spectacular thing, which is new and has changing impact on the lives of the people. Not only the world of IT but also the millions of people all over the world have lost a visionary techie genius. His technological upgrading skill of iphone and ipod was not confined to the people within any boundary but also the world in its entirety was equally benefited. The entire world condole the death of Steve Jobs.