Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Need for Cautious approach on Telangana

The demand for the Telangana statehood is gaining ground. These days, the demand for separate state is being raised in the several parts of the country. The main reason behind the demand for separate statehood is unequal development and negligence on the part of state government to pay equal attention to all parts of the state. There is also politics behind the raising of separate statehood demand. The politician of vaulting ambition of a region of the state raises the demand of separate state for his political aggrandizement. For better administration and all round development this demand is not out of place but if the growing tendency of bifurcating the state to satisfy the ambition of an individual politician is dangerous. Here the greater responsibility is of the Union government to ensure the equal development and fulfillment of the aspirations of the people in all regions of the country by pressurising the state government to act for them.Justice BN Srikrishna-headed five member committee on Telangana statehood is going to submit their report to the Union Government tomorrow. The report has dwelt on every aspect in detail on the issue of separate statehood of Telangana by bifurcating the state of Andhra Pradesh and tried to satisfy the maximum number of people. The report claims to be satisfactory to all sections . It has also taken into account pros and cons on the creation of Telangana state by bifurcating the state of Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has shown seriousness by holding talks with senior ministers of his Cabinet on the issue under question. The Union Government must decide on this type of delicate issuie by keeping in mind the political benefit. It should see that if the demand for Telangana state is beneficial for the people of the region and does not disturb the original character of the United Andhra Pradesh, It should concede the demand. But before all options other than separate statehood to assuage the feeling of the people of the region are not exhausted. The Government of India must not do anything in haste so that the demand for separate state in different part of the region should gain ground. The tendency of separatism must not be allowed even within the parameters of Constitution.

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