Friday, March 31, 2017

Violence against foreigners unacceptable

Vashudev Kutumbkumb is our motto and main theme that means respect, honour, love and affection towards foreign guests. We consider whole world as our family. All foreigners staying in India are our valued guests. The violence against any foreign guest is unacceptable and it must be dealt with heavy hands. The incident of violence against the Nigerian student in Grater Noida is not only condemnable but also deplorable. It is required to be taken strict action against the perpetrators of violence and measures to ensure that there would be no recurrence. A teen-aged boy allegedly died from the overdose of drugs in Noida . In an angry reaction to the incident, a group of people attacked a Nigerian student on the suspicion that Africans who are staying in India are involved in drug trafficking and tempt the youth in the locality to take drugs. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has swung into action, and the police have lodged complaints against several people and reportedly arrested some of them. This incident of racial violence will certainly weaken our position in raising voice against this type of incident against Indian citizens in the foreign country. The safety and security of all African students and others living in India is our responsibility. It is the responsibility of India to ensure safety and security of all Africans and other foreign nationals touring the country. It is learnt that locals object to the “free lifestyle” of these men and women who stay in the area. The increasing violence against the Africans will also jeopardize our attempt of Africa outreach. That is why the moment after the incident of violence against the Nigerian students came to light, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj swung into action and talked to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and asked him to ensure safety and security of Africans. She also communicated to African foreign ministry and assured them of safety and security of all Africans staying in India. She also reportedly deputed the Minister of State External Affairs MJ Akbar to talk to Nigerian High Commissioner to assure him of safety and security of Nigerians in India. The MEA assured that they will continue to take action against all those who are guilty; they will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. Meanwhile, Swaraj also held a meeting with African students and officials. Ministers of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar spoke to Nigeria’s Acting High Commissioner and assured him of steps being taken by local authorities for the safety and security of Nigerian nationals. Racial discrimination and violence is a crime against humanity. South African countries have always been India’s trusted friends. So, the relation must not be allowed to be strained by the acts of racial violence and comments. African students are scared and they have been advised to keep themselves indoors. Uttar Pradesh govt. and New Delhi must ensure African students that they would be provided full proof safety and security in India. They are required to be assured of security. This is not the first time that the violence against the students from Africa have taken place. This type of racial violence against them had taken place last year also. This hangs our head in shame. Our image in the foreign countries also is lowered. India must show the world that it is committed to providing safety and security to all foreigners coming and living here. It must send the message loud and clear that the violence against foreigners is unacceptable and condemnable. Africa has been a very good and trusted friend of India. Our relation with African countries has been remarkable. And as India is the first to raise voice against racial discrimination and violence, it is committed to crush this evil.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fix accountability for squandering public money

Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal has rightly directed the Chief Secretary to recover Rs. 97 Crore spent on advertisements from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for projecting Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the party, in violation of the Supreme Court guidelines. Public exchequer must not be misused for personal political aggrandizement. It was drained away for projecting Kejriwal on the national political scene. It was CM Kejriwal's vaulting national ambition that worked behind the draining away of public exchequer. Delhi Lieutenant Governor’s direction to recover Rs. 97 crore spent on advertisement to project Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal from AAP must be executed in letter and spirit because it will also send the message loud and clear to all other state govts irrespective of their political affiliation that if they would commit the same thing as Aam Admi Party has done in Delhi, they would also have to pay. It has been witnessed that since the AAP came to power, it started giving full page advertisements to newspapers to project its leaders not only in Delhi but also in other parts of the country. Public money squandered to project for political gains by the party in power in the state and at the Centre must stop forthwith. AAP is known for outward show, false propaganda and promise. Its claim of being a party completely different from others is nothing but mere an eye-wash. The AAP convener and the Delhi Chief Minister has hoodwinked Delhiites that he would change the system of governance. But instead of changing the system, he demolished it. Without doing any work on the ground, AAP govt. tried to shine itself through advertisement blitzkrieg. It is not only the news papers published from Delhi, but the advertisements were also given to the newspapers published from other state capitals where AAP has no footprint. All these advertisements for projecting CM Kejriwal to satisfy his vaulting national ambition on the expense from public exchequer must be recovered. Delhi has come to a standstill since AAP came to power. It is still where the former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had left it. Most of the promises made by Kejriwal's AAP during electioneering have not been delivered. Neither a single college nor a school has been opened by the AAP government; however, half of its term has almost elapsed. It is despite the fact that AAP govt. has allocated budget for health, education adequately. It appears that it was a well- thought out plan of Kejriwal govt. to allocate sufficient funds to spend on the projection of CM through advertisement. Tall-talking has been the hallmark of Kejriwal govt. in Delhi. There must be the accountability of a single paisa spent on anything by the Delhi govt. from public exchequer. Rs. 97 Crore is not a small amount. It is hard earned public money. How insensitive is AAP govt. that when one-third of Delhi's population finds it difficult to fill its stomach, the AAP govt. spends lavishly on advertisements to project itself. Though the results of recently held assembly elections in Punjab and Goa are anything to go by, it must be clear to AAP that the people can no longer be swayed by false promises and futile idealistic principle.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Unfortunate, but unavoidable

The killing of three civilians in the retaliatory firing by security forces against the terrorists is unfortunate. But it was impossible for security forces to keep stone-pelters out of the firing range at the site of encounter with terrorist in Budgam of Jammu and Kashmir. Some local people deliberately helped terrorists flee, and for that they were pelting stones at security forces to create hurdles in their operations against terror. The act of stone-pelting at security forces is anti-national. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had already made it clear that if the local people helped terrorists flee, create hurdles in security forces operation and pelt stone, they would be dealt as anti-nationals. Why does a group of locals go near the site of encounter between security forces and terrorists and create hurdles there deliberately? They pelt stones at security forces to help terrorists flee. They are also following the dictates of separatist leaders, who always speak in favour of Pakistan. Though the locals, who participate in stone throwing on security forces, are in minority and majority of the population in Jammu and Kashmir yearns for peace, stability and development, secessionist forces want disturbance and disruption. It is separatist leaders and some misguided local people who dance to the tune of Pakistan in the Valley. The army, police and other security personnel have a very tough duty in Jammu and Kashmir. Army personnel in Jammu and Kashmir never fire at civilians, but when they themselves become instrumental in putting their lives in peril, they are left with no option. Army personnel restrain themselves up to maximum level and they always take great care that there could be no casualty of civilian. But when some local people themselves invite trouble, what can army personnel do for them? All those who help terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are followers of separatist leaders. All factions of separatists are the paid agents of Pakistan. As long as the separatist leaders are given kid-glove treatment, they would continue to mislead a section of the people in the trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. Killing the witch yields no result, but if her mother is killed, all evils would go away. So, if the govt. has to establish peace and development, it must deal with separatist leaders very hard. It is they who instigate their followers in the local population to pelt stone on security. All those who aid, abet and support terrorists must be treated as anti-nationals. As far as the talk with Pakistan is concerned, it is not possible for the country to hold talk when terrorist acts continue to take place. India must stick to the point that talk and terror cannot go together. The talk between India and Pakistan has taken place a number of times without any result. Pakistan never kept its promise and continued to allow terrorist to operate against India from its soil. So, Govt. must quell all terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir with brute force. The army should also be given freehand to deal with the situation. One thing is crystal clear that majority of the population in Jammu and Kashmir believe in peace and Constitution of India. That is why despite giving call to boycott elections in the state by the separatist leaders; the people participate in large numbers. Thousands of lives have been lost in Jammu and Kashmir in terrorist violence and the instrumental behind this mayhem in the state has been separatist leaders of the state and Pakistan. No kith and kin of separatist leaders suffer in the state because they live either in foreign countries or in other parts of India. The killing of the three civilians is unfortunate, but they also must keep themselves away from the site of encounter between security forces and terrorists. All must know that Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. The Supreme Court has also rightly asked the Centre to explore an alternative to pellet guns to control protesters in Kashmir and also take action against parents of minors used as shields by militants during attacks on security forces.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Action-oriented Yogi

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has started working from the day one. He is action-oriented and uncompromising on the issue of complacency, callousness, negligence, corruption and goondaism, that had so far been plagued the state for the last 15 years. Closing of illegal slaughterhouses, cow protection, cleanliness and law and order are four major issues, which he had taken up on priority. In less than a week of his taking charge of the state, CM Yogi Adityanath has taken 50 steps. Among all these steps, the issue of the closing of slaughterhouses has hogged the headlines of almost all newspapers. Yogi government is doing no wrong by closing the illegal slaughterhouses, notwithstanding that the UP being the largest meat exporter state. Anything which is illegal must stop immediately. The 50, 000 meat industry of UP cannot be allowed to flourish illegally. But at the same time the slaughterhouses, which are legal must be given all protection against the vigilantes. Otherwise, the step will jeopardize the meat industry. No section, class, caste and religion of the people would support the running of illegal slaughterhouses, which create dirt and several other problems in the state. The message has gone loud and clear in the state that with Yogi in command, no illegal practices would be allowed to be practized. As Yogi is a man of action, he has also alerted the entire bureaucracy against any lapses. If the review of the working of official involved in the beautification of the Gomti River Front, the pet project of the previous SP govt., by CM Yogi is anything to go by, it is clear that no lapses would be tolerated. Yogi is a hard task master. Apart from protecting cows and closing illegal slaughterhouses, CM must act and show his toughness in regard to improving law and order in the state. The previous SP regime was mainly defamed for deteriorating law and order. As Yogi has no interest family or personal as has been experienced in all the previous regimes in the state, the expectation of the people has gone high. No area of development in the state is in good health. Yogi needs to overhaul the civil and police administration immediately so that his orders could be executed promptly with all seriousness. UP being the largest state of the country, it attracts the attention of the people most. From the day one, Yogi has shown that he is adamant on doing something spectacular in the state. He is also young, energetic and action oriented. As far as the issue of development is concerned, it is yet to be seen how he would act on this plank. Despite being the biggest state, UP is not developed one. The unemployment among the youths is the largest in the state. CM Yogi will have to create more and more jobs in the state by taking measures, which are employment-oriented. He is of clean image and sincere to his duty. As the member of Lok Sabha for more than 17 years, his performance and presence in the house have been up to mark. He has attended Lok Sabha regularly and raised the issue related to his constituency Gorakhpur. He has never been found lacking in his parliamentary obligation. The hue and cry over the closing of illegal slaughterhouses has been going on, but Yogi is strict and adamant on executing his orders. Not only illegal slaughterhouses but also everything which is against law must be closed. Health and Education are also two sectors in the state which require immediate attention of the CM. Cheating and copying in the examination have been the hallmark of UP. Strict measures are also required to be taken immediately to stop them. Yogi's beginning is outstanding and his action-packed measures are sure to yield good results for the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sena MP's shameful act

When the law maker turns law breaker, only the God would save the country and the democracy. A Shiv Sena MP R Gaikward hit an old Air India staffer 25 times with his slipper only because he did not get a seat in the Business Class. Gaikwad was travelling from Pune to New Delhi when the scuffle broke out over the sitting arrangement. The MP claimed that his ticket was for business class but Air India provided him economy class. Shiv Sena must expel its MP forthwith and the law must take action against him. This is nothing but the goondaism of the MP. The MP hit the old staff and instead of being apologetic, he bragged about it openly. He is a Lok sabha MP. So, the Privilege Committee of the house should also start proceeding to look into MP’s criminal act. A deterrent punishment must be awarded to the errant MP. He has committed a criminal act. So, he must be treated as such. In these days, there has been a fashion among the elected representatives of the people in Parliament, state assemblies down to Panchayat to treat themselves as the Zamindar of their constituencies. They feel whatever they say is the rule and the law of the land. This is not the first time that this kind of misconduct and unsavoury behaviour has been experienced by AI, railways and govt. staff at the hands of public representatives. It has often occurred with AI and Railway staff. The MPs and MLAs travel as the privileged members. This privilege must also be done away with immediately, especially, of those who have committed a criminal act with the staff member of AI, Railways and any other govt. departments. MPs and MLAs are the representatives of the people. They are elected to serve the people. Thousands of people follow them. If they themselves engaged in criminal act, what example would they present before them? Shiv Sena MP not only beat one of the senior most AI staffers but also pushed him out of the cabin. His spectacles were also broken. What absurd example does the Shiv Sena MP present before the people of his constituency in particular and the country in general? This is a shameful act. As Gaiward is the Lok Sabha MP, Speaker of the Lok Sabha must also take serious notice of his criminal act. An MP is not above the law. He has been elected to serve the people and not given the license of goondaism. Whatever Gaikward did with the senior AI Staffer is his naked display of goondaism. His track record as presented to the Election Commission also clearly reflects his criminal acts. So, he must be treated as criminal by the law of the land. Shiv Sena is the alliance partner in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. at the Centre. BJP being its alliance partner should also put pressure on Sena to act against the MP immediately. Though goondaism, hooliganism and violence are not new to Shiv Sena, here the involvement is also its MP. So Shiv Sena supremo Udhav Thackeray must also take serious not of the criminal act of his party MP and throw him out of the party. Gaikward does not deserve to be the member of the Lok Sabha also . His action demands an all-party meeting at the national level to chalk out an action plan for all erring representatives either of Parliament or state assembly down to the Panchayat level to undergo punishment if ever they committed any criminal act or obstruct the govt. staff from functioning. Gaikward hit the old AI staff over a trifle thing. The issue of ticket could be resolved peacefully. But as the tendency of imposing over lordship on others has grown among the public representatives, Gaikward flaunted his status by hitting the staff with sleepers. He must be brought to book immediately.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Law and order main priority of CM Yogi

The main agenda of the Yogi Adityanath government in UP is to improve law and order situation and bring the state back on tracks in terms of development. The unprecedented victory of BJP in the state is the result of massive people’s support to it for betterment. So, they have much expectation from Yogi Govt. Apart from the two serious issues of deteriorating law and order and development, the creation of jobs for youths in the state must also be the main agenda of Yogi govt. As far as law and order is concerned in the state, it was at its lowest ebb during the previous regime of Akhilesh Yadav. It is the disillusionment and anger of the people against the SP and BSP that resulted in their casting of votes en bloc for the BJP. Yogi Adityanath is hard line Hindutva leader of the BJP. The party has given him responsibility to run the most important politically and the largest state of UP to keep its vote bank with it by his Hindu-specific tone and tenor. Undoubtedly, Yogi is young and tough task master. He has kept the portfolio of Home to improve the law and order situation in the state as early as possible. BJP's much talked about anti-Romeo Squad has been in action. The Romeos have been detained in the various parts of the state. This step is mainly meant for the safety of girls from eave-teasers in colleges, parks, at temples and public places. It is a good move. But it must be taken care of while launching anti-Romeo campaign that the spirit of love is not throttled. Romeo and Juliet is a famous Comic-tragic drama written by the all time great playwright William Shakespeare. So, the true lovers must not be harassed in the name of anti-Romeo campaign. As far as slaughterhouses are concerned, the illegal ones must be closed immediately. Why were illegal slaughterhouses running in the state? It was done to patronize the vote bank politics, which was being played by the previous regime of SP. Licensed slaughterhouses are allowed to function; there should be no confusion in this. Maintaining strict law in the slaughterhouses was part of BJP's manifesto and if any slaughterhouses do not work as per rules then their licenses will be cancelled. Anti Romeo squad's aim is to make women feel safe and to prevent any wrong incidents against women from happening. The people vigilantism on this thing should be stopped. Without the strict law and order situation in the state, no development in any field can be achieved. It is the constitutional responsibility of the Yogi government to ensure that there is no discrimination against anyone on the basis of caste, religion and any other factors. Being the Hindutva leader, it is clear that the majority community would rally around him. But it is CM’s responsibility to see that the legitimate interest of every person is protected irrespective of his or her caste and religion. It will be very early to make comment on the functioning of the Yogi government in UP. The way he has started functioning just after taking charge amply reflects that he would deliver on the promises made by his party to the people during electioneering in the state. It is also a fact that Yogi is new as CM in the state. It is natural for him to do something different from other to be in the limelight of the media. His cleanliness drive during his surprise visit to one of the most important police stations in Lucknow amply reflects his banging style of functioning.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Welcome direction

The direction given by the Supreme Court to both the parties in Ramjanambhoomi- Babri masjid case to settle the dispute amicably through talks is welcome. The apex court asked both the parties to sit together and settle the matter amicably. It is a very good gesture of the apex court. Even Chief Justice is ready to mediate between the two parties if they want and are agreeable. The court has also said that the issue of Ramjanambhoomi and Babri masjid is sentimental and sensitive. Naturally, if out of court settlement is reached amicably, it will be better for both the communities as well the entire nation. The apex court is also hearing the appeals challenging a 2010 Allahabad High Court’s decision fixing the exact birth place of Lord Ram at the disputed Ayodhya site. A three-judge Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court had in September 2010 given a unanimous decision that Lord Ram was born under the central dome of the makeshift temple and Hindus have the right to worship there. Subsequently, the Supreme Court had stayed the implementation of the High Court’s decision soon after. The case has remained in limbo ever since. In his petition filed under Article 32 of the Constitution, Swamy contended that the pendency of the appeals in the Supreme Court has restricted his fundamental right to worship and enjoy dignity of life under the Constitution. Though the people representing Babrimasjid side has turned down apex court proposal outright, they want the resolution of the dispute by the apex court only. The petitioner in the court from Ramjanambhoomi side Subramaniyam Swamy, BJP leader and MP, has been asked by the court to take initiative to hold talks between the two parties. He will talk to both parties and prepare a ground for resolution of the dispute amicably. One thing must be taken in view that there could not be any dominance of anyone of the two parties while talking. Petitioner Subramanayam Swamy says that it is a matter of faith for the Hindus so the Ram temple will be built on the same spot where God Ram was born. Masjid can be shifted anywhere as the Muslims offer Nawaj anywhere even on the streets. Muslims being the minority community in the country feel that the majority Hindus try to impose their will on us. So far 9 attempts were made to find solution to the dispute out of court. But all went in vain. Muslims are not prepared to accept any pre-condition for talks. As far as the majority of Hindus and Muslims are concerned, they don’t have any interest in the construction of either Ram temple or Masjid. The common Hindus and Muslims want jobs, education, better health service and improved law and order situations in the country. Commoners among both the communities want peace, development and prosperity. It is the political parties and religious heads of both the communities, who are giving air to the dispute to polarize the community for the sake of political benefit. Ramjanambhoomi-Babrimasjid dispute has been hanging in balance in the country for the last 70 years. No attempt to resolve the dispute has so far succeeded. Even if the Supreme Court would give verdict in favour of either one of the two, the party against which the verdict goes would not accept. Neither the govt. nor the parties involved in the case sincerely want to resolve the issue. The apex court said the Ayodhya dispute is a sensitive and sentimental issue, adding its best that this matter was settled amicably. The court asked parties concerned to sit together to arrive at a consensus and asked Swamy to consult the parties and inform it about the decision on March 31.The court also suggested if required, a principal mediator can be chosen by the court for settling the issue. Chief Justice J.S. Khehar said if the parties want him to mediate then he is ready for the task.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liquor ban - a laudable move in Bihar

The Supreme Court has rightly refused to extend license of four liquor companies in Bihar. Liquor ban in Bihar is one of the most laudable steps of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The sale and consumption of liquor in the state had gone up high. The free sale of liquor had encouraged even the betel shops' owners to sell liquor more than the betel. The situation in the state was going from bad to worse due to free sale of liquor, and it was urgently needed to be banned completely. With the setting of sun in the evening, liquor customers started loitering around betel shops at every chowk and chauraha in Bihar to purchase it. The problem had become so serious that CM Nitish Kumar had to make promise during the last assembly elections in the state that if his party was elected to power, he would impose the ban on the sale of liquor. CM delivered on his promise in the interest of the people. The liquor had ruined the families of lower middle class and weaker sections of society most. Majority of the male members in the families of these classes were addicted to drinking. As they were the earning members also, they spent all their earnings on liquor, and the rest of the family members were left to go hungry. The most aggrieved section of society because of the free sale and consumption of liquor were females in the family. With its total ban, they heaved a sigh of relief. It is CM's promise of liquor ban that persuaded the women to vote en bloc for Nitish Kumar –led Mahagathbandhan in Bihar assembly elections. The liquor not only ruined the family of the poor section of society, it gave birth to several other vices in the society. Liquor also contributed to the rising crime in the state. It not only affected the family economically very badly but it was also a health hazard. So, banning of liquor in the state was welcomed by all sections of society. The females of the state are extremely happy at the total ban on the sale and consumption of liquor in the state. The exponents of liquor put forward the theory of income from the sale of liquor in the state. They argue that liquor ban will have great impact on the economy of the state. With the total closure of liquor shops and industries, a number of people have been rendered jobless. But they must also think that it caused much more loss than the nominal gain from economy point of view. The sale of Liquor in Bihar was a bane. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did a commendable job by banning the sale and free consumption of liquor in the state. By doing this, he fulfilled his election promise. Innumerable number of families have been devastated and destroyed due to the consumption of liquor by the heads of the family on the large scale. The liquor ban has not only benefited the families of the poor section of society, but also several high class ones. The liquor ban matter has reached Supreme Court and it is expected that it would take right decision, keeping in view the merit of the subject. Overwhelming majority of the people favours the banning of liquor in the state. With free sale and its consumption, the atmosphere was vitiated and the crime was also on rise.

Monday, March 20, 2017

UP under BJP's true representative

Yogi Adityanath, a five-time Lok Sabha MP from Gorakhpur, is a hard-line Hindutva leader of the BJP. With his election as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by the BJP, it has become clear that its development planks are merely meant for show and polarizing the majority community in its favour is the reality. Ideologically and from the point of tough nature, Yogi is the fittest in the BJP's scheme of things to rule UP. But the politics of polarization cannot take the party too far if it ignored the development planks. BJP has got back to power after 15 years in UP. During the last 15 years, BSP and SP have ruled the state. The law and order situation had come down to the lowest level in these 15 years. It was deteriorating day by day. In addition to that, the caste and community factor decided the decision of the government in UP for the last 15 years. Yadav, Jatav and Muslim highhandedness irked the all other castes in UP. It appears clearly that non-Yadav, non-Muslim and non-Jatav voted in en block for the BJP, and that resulted in its unprecedented victory. Yogi Aditya Nath may be known for his polarizing image and opposition may have described him as a great polarizer, but one thing must not be overlooked that it was his people-centric work in his constituency of Gorakhpur that he won five consecutive times from there in the Lok Sabha elections. So, he is a mass leader, who has a great influence in the eastern part of the state. He is young, energetic, tough and hard. Being the Chief Minister of the biggest state, CM Yogi has also to face a great challenge to bring it on the track. He has also to work on priority basis to deliver on the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the people of Uttar Pradesh during the assembly election campaignings. The first challenge before CM Yogi is to improve the law and order situation in the state. The state has been ruled by BSP and SP for the last 15 years. BJP is returning to power in the state after 15 years. The state has only experienced deteriorating law and order and caste and community-based govt. decision. Yadav, Muslim and Jatav ruled the roost in the state. BJP polarized all non-Yadav OBCs, non-Jatav SCs and all upper castes in its favour, which is clearly seen in its unprecedented victory. The historic victory of the BJP in UP is the result of polarization of the majority community on the largest scale. In the given situation, Yogi Adityanath is BJP's most suitable candidate for the post of CM to carry forward its polarizing mission strongly till it wins 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Despite being the largest state of the country, it is one of the most backward and underdeveloped ones. One thing also must be understood by the BJP that the issue of polarization cannot take it too long if it failed to create jobs, improve law and order, the condition of education and health services in the state. Yogi is also one of the strongest exponents of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Ram Bhakts have become hopeful of constructing a grand Ram temple during Yogi's regime in the state. Yogi is, undoubtedly, a mass leader. He worked hard in Gorakhpur and because of which he won from there as Lok Sabha MP five consecutive times. His instructions to the police administration to ensure that there could be no trouble in the name of celebrating his oath taking ceremony as the Chief Minister of the state clearly reflects his toughness to deal with lawlessness.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Baseless charge and retrograde thinking

Holding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) responsible for defeat of Mayawati's BSP in UP and Arvind Kejriwal’ AAP in Punjab is nothing but sheer frustration. BSP supremo Mayawati alleged that her party lost the elections in the recently concluded UP assembly elections because of tampering of EVMs and demanded voting on ballot paper. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also alleged that his party APP lost elections in Punjab because of the tampering of EVMs and demanded of the Election Commission to use ballot paper in MCD elections next month in Delhi. It reflects their desperation, nervousness and frustration. It is not the first time that the EVMs were used in elections. Mayawati's BSP had won UP assembly elections and formed the government in the state in 2007 and ruled for 5 years. EVMs were used in those elections also. Was EVM not tempered at that time? Arvind Kejriwal's APP won the Delhi assembly elections and got unprecedented mandate in 2015. EVMs were used. APP formed the govt. under his chief minister ship. Was EVM not tampered at that time? Their allegation is an excuse and lacks logic. People have rejected them outright. This is the age of Information Technology revolution. IT has been used more and more in all fields of life to make it easy, fast and comfortable. Since the introduction of EVM in elections, several vices from electoral process were removed. EVM stopped booth capturing and rigging of elections on large scale. It saves time, man force and money. EVM is very beneficial in elections. The world is moving ahead fast by adopting more and more information technology system. It is 21st century in which no progress can be achieved without taking the help of IT. IT brings transparency and fairness. When everything moves ahead with the help of IT, the political leaders of Maya and Kejri cults try to take the country backward. Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal should also understand that Election Commission is one of the most important constitutional institutions. It is autonomous. It has already established its credibility in the country. It has also been praised by other countries for conducting free and fair elections in India. It is not that much easy to conduct free and fair elections in India, the largest democracy of the world. Mayawati and Kejriwal have made accusations against the ruling BJP that it had influenced EC to temper EVMs in Uttar Pradesh. BJP has recorded unprecedented victory in UP. But have they thought what happened in Punjab, Goa and Manipur? Congress won Punjab assembly elections with overwhelming majority. It is not in power at the Centre. How could it influence the EC to temper EVM? So, the allegation of Mayawati and Kejriwal against the EC is baseless and the clear reflection of their nervousness and frustration. Victory and loss are two sides of the same coin in democracy. Mayawati and Kejriwal should have openly accepted their defeat. It is the verdict of the people. Raising this type of issue to misguide the people will take them nowhere. Both the leaders have made baseless charges. It is not correct to say that EVMs were tempered only because the BJP won. It is the verdict of the people and they should respect them. Putting EC in the dock makes no meaning. It has unblemished record as far as the conducting of elections in the country is concerned. EC has done commendable job always . The charges of both these leaders reflect their narrow thinking and prejudice toward their political opponent. The Election Commission of India (EC) has clarified that EVM cannot be tampered, despite knowing the fact if they have any other evidence then they should approach them and not waste our time. But it should not look like the phenomena of sour grapes in the end.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Encourage the promising girl

Instead of encouraging and inspiring the promising girl named Nahid Afrin for participating in reality TV show to sing, the so-called Clerics have issued Fatwa against her. According to reports, the fatwa has been issued against her keeping in view an upcoming event that was to be held on March 25. Since the venue of the event was in the vicinity of a mosque and a graveyard, the clerics have announced to boycott her singing programmes and have asked her to stop performing in public. All creative and musical activities should not be seen through the prism of religion. Irrespective of the religion, every girl must be provided opportunity to display their talents in the field of her choice and interest. Nahid Afrin has extra-ordinary talent in singing. No religion permits any one to stop the singer from singing in public. This act of creativity in the field of singing, which is appreciated by the audience, must not be treated as irreligious. Several woman organizations have rightly expressed their displeasure over the fatwa issued by the so-called Maulana. They have described it as meaningless. As many as 42 clerics issued a fatwa against reality singing star Nahid Afrin, who was the first runner-up of a musical reality TV show, asking her to stop performing in public. Botching up talent in the name of religion in the secular country like India must not be allowed. First of all, religion has nothing to do with the profession of a person. Religion and profession are two different things. Nahid Afrin has singing as her profession, interest and choice and it is her talent in which she excels. Some so-called Muslim clerics have no business but to impose their will in the name of religion on the talented and promising girls in the society. They take the society backwards and force it to practising medieval tradition. No disrespect is shown to religion by singing in public. Singing is a kind of popular art, which is displayed before the public by Afrin. What is wrong with it from religious point of view? If the so called Muslim clerics have their ways, they will take the Muslim society 400 to 500 years back. The promising girl Afrin, who has performed well by singing song before the public, must be provided all sorts of security. Talent must not suffer only because some Muslim clerics oppose it. The government of the day must make all arrangements of her security to ensure her participation in a musical reality TV show. Music and art have no boundary. It cannot be hidden from public view. As far as Muslim clerics are concerned, it has become fashion among them to issue fatwa against everything, which is against their medieval tradition and medieval mindset. The need of the hour is that irrespective of religion, the talent must be promoted at all costs. Nahid Afrin should be provided an environment in which her talent could flourish. Talent must not be allowed to suffer only because of a handful of Muslim clerics, who oppose it. Fatwa culture must go. Otherwise, Muslim society will remain backward, traditional and conservative. Religion must be kept aside from people's field of interest. It is the interest and talent of Nahid Afrin that she has got accolades from all corners. No civilized, cultured, educated and progressive society can tolerate this type of mindless fatwa against a girl whose fault is only that she has displayed her talent in singing before the public. The time has come for all right thinking, progressive and liberal people to oppose this fashion of Fatwa among the Muslim clerics. Nahid, who made her Bollywood singing debut for actress Sonakshi Sinha in the 2016 movie 'Akira', first rose to stardom after a successful stint on a reality singing show in 2015.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Congress needs re-structuring to retrieve its pre-eminent position

One defeat after another, the Congress Party workers suffer humiliations and loss of face among the people. So, it needs to be re-structured to retrieve its pre-eminent position immediately. It has to match the BJP all over the nation as vibrant democracy requires formidable opposition. It had been holding prime position in the country since independence. After Nehru, Indira and Rajiv, the alienation set among the people with the party slowly and steadily. Though Congress President Sonia Gandhi struggled hard to bring the party on track, it came to power in coalition, and not on its own. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are the two biggest states in the Hindi heartland and these two are also politically most important ones. No party can claim to come in power without doing well in these two states. The tragedy with the Congress Party is that it has become the weakest in these two states. The main reason behind continued defeat of the party is the weakening of the party organization in these two states and absence of progressive and dynamic leaders to lead the party there. Party organization is in disarray in these two states. It is getting weaker and weaker day by day on one hand and the leadership has failed to show its charishma on the other. Sonia Gandhi has been reported to be ailing for the last six months and no rally of hers could be possible in the just concluded assembly elections in five states. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi campaigned on a large scale and laboured hard in UP assembly elections. But he failed miserably. He failed to connect with the people. It is because of the organizational weakness. Party organization in Bihar and UP is lying dead, and it is very astonishing that the party leadership doesn’t act to infuse life in it. The entire party hierarchy in the state of Bihar and UP is required to be overhauled. The new, energetic, youthful, dynamic, progress and development - oriented faces of the party must be brought to the fore and be given free hand to act to revamp the party in these two states. It is still correct that there is no village in India where there is no Congress men, though few in number. This number is to be increased. It is to be understood by the party leadership that there is some sort of alienation among its vote bank of minority, Dalits, weaker sections and Brahmins among upper caste with the party. The Congress party must introspect why its core vote bank has drifted away from it. It has not happened in a day. It is the result of the continued neglect of the party organization. It is a very serious matter that the party like Congress has been out of power in UP and Bihar since 1990. It means it is out of power in these two states for 27 years. The Congress leadership needs to cast off lethargy and act immediately to re-structure and overhaul the party units in these two states without any loss of time if it has to give tough fight to the rampaging BJP. The state leaders must be entrusted with the task of working on the grass root level to connect with the people on the ground. They also must understand the limitations of the party leadership. They should also realize that there is no longer Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to win elections. Neither is there left any charishma with the leadership. The hard labour of the party leaders on the ground with clear policies and programmes can win elections for them. Congress can only retrieve its pre-imminent position in the country by connecting itself with the people on the ground in a new way without compromising its principled ideological commitment.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Political manipulation and maneuvering in Goa and Manipur

The ruling BJP at the Centre got historic mandate in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, but failed to even emerge as the largest political party in Goa and Manipur. In spite of that, the party is going to form government in both these states by swift political manipulation and maneuvering of numbers to reach the majority mark. Congress party has emerged as the single largest political party in both these two states, though it too has also not reached majority mark. Congress has win 17 seats out of the Goa assembly strength of 40, BJP has won only 13 and the rest were won by MGP and others. In a swift move, the BJP elected former Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar as the leader of the Goa BJP legislative party and staked claim to form the govt. with the support of MGP and other MLAs which add up to the majority mark of 21. Congress failed to act swiftly. As the governor is BJP appointee, it also appears that Raj Bhavan favoured it. Governor invited Manohar Parrikar to form the government and he is going to take oath at 5 PM today itself. The Supreme Court has also refused to entertain the plea of the Congress Party to stay Parrikar's oath taking ceremony. But SC ordered for floor test at 11 AM on March 16 itself to prove majority. As far as Manipur is concerned; the Congress party has emerged as the single largest party. But its strength has declined considerably. Manipur assembly strength is of 60 MLAs out of which Congress has won 28; BJP 21 and the rest were won by NPP and others. Here also BJP hastily cobbled up numbers to reach majority mark and submitted the list of all the supporting MLAs to the governor. In democracy, the governor is bound to invite the party which has submitted the list of support of requisite MLAs. Congress failed in cobbling up number. The party first failed to elect the Legislative party leader in Goa, and now the same thing happening in Manipur with it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be the most popular leader of the country at this point of time, but it does not give license to the BJP to form govt. in Manipur and Goa through horse trading. PM Modi never gets tired of boasting to promote democratic value and practices, but on the ground all norms, traditions, sanctities and constitutional proprieties are thrown to the winds. The massive victory in UP and Uttarakhand has boosted the morale of the party very high. As far as the role of governor is concerned, he/she must go by the numbers. But one thing is also crystal clear that the BJP has not emerged as the single largest party. It is far short of majority mark. In the given situation, why has governor hastily invited Manohar Parrikar to form govt. in Goa? If Parrikar failed to prove majority on the floor of the house, what would happen to the prestige of the office of Governor as well as the BJP? Congress may have failed to elect leader in time, but it does not mean that governor should go out of way to invite Parrikar to form the government. Earlier Governor had given 15 days' time to Parrikar to prove his majority, but the SC order for floor test on March 16 itself. In the given scenario under which the BJP has garnered support of MLAs to reach majority mark itself reflects that there has been horse trading openly and Congress has also alleged that there has been sale and purchase of MLAs in Goa. In democracy, the party leader who has required numbers of MLAs and governor is satisfied with his claim of support, he/she must ask him to form the govt. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is held in high esteem by all in the country, he must ask his party not to adopt unconstitutional and mal-practices to form the government.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Modi‘s magic sweeps all opponents out of UP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's magic worked in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. He swept Akhilesh-Rahul-Maya out of Utter Pradesh in one stroke. BJP has swept both UP and Utterakhand. The victory in UP is unprecedented for the BJP. PM Modi has emerged as the single most popular leader in the country. He connects with the people very well and they have still great faith in him. His popularity still remains intact. He was the face of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and under his leadership the party carried out its electioneering to record massive and unprecedented victory. After PM Modi, BJP president Amit Shah also laboured very hard for months to weave caste configuration in the favour of the party. Modi-Shah duo swept the entire opposition. Opposition has been pulverized in the politically most important state of UP. SP-Congress alliance was rejected by the people of Uttar Pradesh. BSP was also rejected by the people. Both SP and BSP had been ruling the state alternately for the last 14 years. The track record of both the regimes has not been impressive. Their main objective had been to pursue caste-based politics. Though Samajwadi Party under the leadership and CM Akhilesh Yadav started working on development plank away from the established caste and community card of the old guards of the party, he failed to connect with the people. SP- Congress alliance miserably failed to put its message of development straight before the people. Outgoing CM Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetization decision a lot, which the people of UP and Uttarakhand did not take. PM Modi put his message clear before the people that demonetization is for the benefit of the poor and stopping corruption from the government. People believed him and they became convinced that PM's intention behind it was noble and in the interest of the nation. On the issue of bringing different non-Yadavs among OBCs and non-Jatav among SC, BJP president Amit shah played the card very well. Though this type of massive victory of the BJP in the state reflects that all sections of the people have voted for the party, Modi wave swept all opposition parties in the state. PM Modi has also emerged as the messiah of the poor. He succeeded in sending the message that whatever he is doing; he is doing for the poor. The last weapon that PM Modi took out from his armoury was meant for polarizing the majority votes by raising the issue of Kabristan,Ashmasan, electric supply on the occasion of Ramzan and Dipawali in equal proportion. These things appealed the majority community most and they voted for BJP wholeheartedly. Above all, the credibility of the leader among the people matters most. Modi's credibility is unquestioned. People believe him. To win UP so massively is not a small matter. The state is politically most important and from here the fight for 2019 will begin. As far as Congress is concerned, its continued decline in the Hindi heartland needs to be looked into. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has so far not been able to connect with the people. They don't take him seriously. Congress victory in Punjab is more due to the leadership of Captain Amrinder Singh than that of Rahul. The party urgently requires grooming state leaders to connect with the people. The organization of the Congress party is in disarray in Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It has to be brought on track to retrieve its pre-eminent position in the country. Otherwise, it is doomed to fail election after election. The unprecedented victory of BJP in UP sends the message clear that it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi versus all. It has also become clear that until and unless all opposition parties come under an umbrella, they cannot rein in Modi juggernaut. After winning the UP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi must come up to the expectation of the people of the state. They have been yearning for good governance for years. They expect that BJP would provide them good governance.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Give equal space to women everywhere

The best way to celebrate the International Women's Day is to honour women and give them equal space in all activities of life. We celebrate March 8 as the International Women's Day. Women are creators, builders, developers, teachers, mothers, sisters and daughters. The wealth, peace, well-being, happiness, affection, love and bonhomie are found in the houses where women are respected and given their due. The movement of women's emancipation was first started by the great social reformer Rajaram Mohun Roy in our country. It was his effort that the Sati Pratha was abolished in our country. In the fourteenth century, William Shakespeare had said,"Frailty Thy Name is Woman". In those days, the women were considered weak and frail. All sorts of atrocities were committed against them. But now the time has changed and women are no longer less accomplished in any field of life than men. They have won several medals in Olympics and left the male members in the field of education, sports, entertainment, medicine, banking, politics, science and technology far behind. The government of the day has also launched several programmes and policies to promote the interests of women. Beti Bachao and Beti Badhao is one of the most popular programmes for the promotion, protection and education of the girl child. Female infanticide has been made illegal and treated as a criminal act. It has been done to protect the girl child. If the female infanticide was not made illegal, the gap between sex ration of men and women would have widened more and more, though it is still imbalanced. The number of man is more than the number of woman as the data show per thousand people. Though we have been living in patriarchal society where men dominate the women, the time has changed with the spread of education and awareness among the women. The village Panchayat can no longer pass order in favour of men to establish their supremacy. Bihar is the first state in India which provided 50 per cent reservation for women in Panchayat elections. This step is meant for promoting and giving power to women. The modern and progressive society can only be possible when men and women are treated equally. The woman is called the first teacher of her children. That is why the govt. must pay utmost attention towards the education of girl students in school, college and university. Their safety and security must also be taken care of by the govt. The increasing crime against women must stop forthwith. As long as there is fear and havoc among the women, the society cannot develop. Our country has seen the valour, talent, merit and excellence of the celebrated women like Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Lilly Singh,Neerja Bhanot, Lata Mangeshkar and Sarojini Naidu in their respective fields. Their quality and ability in their respective fields are unmatchable. No man can match their achievement. In the present day India, the women in the field of sports like Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Dipa Karmakar , MC Mary Kom, PT Usha, Karnam Malleshwari, Anju Bobby George, PV Sindhu and others have made the country proud. It has been seen that for the last 10 years women have come on top in almost all competitive examinations of the country. Women can do anything which so far has been considered as the man's domain. No society can claim to be civilized until and unless it pays respect to the women. We are Hindus and Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, Kali and others are our Goddesses. All are womenfolk. In this backdrop if we don't respect our mothers, sisters and daughters in society, we are committing sin. So, the govt. of the day must start taking administrative steps to provide full proof security to women along with awareness in the society to pay respect to them. Apart from these measures, the Govt. of the day must take special initiative to pass Women's Reservation Bill, which has been hanging in balance for years.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Confirmation of Pak involvement in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack

India must put pressure on Pakistan after the revelation made by its Ex-NSA Mahmud Ali Durrani that there was Pak-based terror group's hand in 26/11 Mumbai attack, to act against terrorism. Now there is no doubt about the involvement of Pakistan in 26/11 attack. Durrani’s revelation confirmed and corroborated India’s evidences about Pak terror group involvement in Mumbai attack. Though it was clear since the day of attack that it was the handiwork of Pak-based terrorist group, Pakistan was always in denial mode. India must also launch diplomatic offensive against Pakistan after Durrani's revelation. His disclosure has confirmed Pak involvement. Durrani is not an ordinary official. He is the Ex-National Security Advisor of Pak. His utterance must be taken seriously. So, India is urgently required to bring diplomatic pressure on Pakistan so that the international community could be convinced about its involvement in Mumbai attack. Among the international community, China is one of the few countries which is skeptical about Pak involvement. Durrani's disclosure must be brought to the notice of China which required evidence about Pak involvement in Mumbai attack. It is now none other than the Pak's Ex-NSA himself has disclosed Pak terror group involvement in Mumbai attack. Durrani's disclosure must serve as an eye-opener for China because it did not believe India's viewpoint about the involvement of JeM Chief Masood Azhar in terror attack on India. No major terror attack so far carried out anywhere in the world could be possible without the involvement of Pakistan-based terror group. Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism. China now must open its eyes and facilitate India's entry in Nuclear Suppliers Group and its application at UN to get JeM Chief Masood Azhar declared an international terrorist. On Monday, Durrani said the November 26, 2008 terror attack in Mumbai was carried out by a terror group based in Pakistan, adding that it was a classic trans-border terrorist event."26/11 Mumbai attack carried out by a terror group based in Pakistan is a classic trans-border terrorist event," he said while speaking at the 19th Asian Security Conference being held at the Institute of Defence and Studies and Analyses. Durrani said that because he held on this view, the government was not too pleased with, and it could one of reasons why he lost his job as National Security Advisor (NSA). Durrani also added that Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed had no utility and Pakistan should act against him.Mahmud Ali Durrani, a retired army general, was the National Security Advisor to the Pakistani government when 10 Pakistani terrorists sneaked into Mumbai after hijacking a boat and killed at least 164 people and wounding 308 across the city. New Delhi has provided ample evidence to Islamabad over involvement of top Lashkar-e-Taiba commanders in the November 26, 2008 attacks. However, Pakistan has denied all such allegations blaming 'non-state actors' for the incident.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Hate crime on rise against Indian community in US

The hate crime is on rise against the Indian community in US. Though US administration condemned the act of evil and hate in any form just after the gunning down of the Aviation engineer Sriniwas Kuchibhotla by an American Navy veteran in Kansas City at a bar in US, it has not put stop to hate crime against the Indian community. The gunner was heavily drunk and allegedly yelled at Sriniwas and his friend in the beer bar ," Go out of my country" before shooting. Sriniwas was shot dead and his friend was injured. After this horrible crime, another Indian running a store in Carilona named Harnish Patel was shot dead. One more Sikh of Indian origin was also shot by a masked man outside his home while he was working on his vehicle in the drive away. The assailant also allegedly shouted "go back to your country". These acts of criminality against Indians are outrageous and condemnable. Since President Donald Trump won the presidential election, chauvinism is also on rise in America. He has impressed on Americans that it is due to the influx of outsiders in the country, they don't get jobs. An impression has also been created that all jobs are grabbed by the outsiders and native Americans remained jobless. In total contradiction of American character, nature, culture and tradition, President Trump has started tightening rules against the immigrants. American global character was completely tarnished by putting ban on the citizens seven Muslim countries from entering America. It is because of the independent US judiciary that the stay order was placed on Trump's executive order for travel ban. As far as India is concerned, it is highly outrageous that its citizens are targeted and singled out for attack in America. The ministry of foreign affairs must ask the US administration to take stringent and deterrent action against the attackers without any delay. The US police must take the case seriously and bring the culprit to justice immediately. Indians have succeeded in getting more and more jobs, especially in IT sector on the ground of their merit and talents. They are not in job in America because of being immigrants there. The life is priceless. So, Indian govt. must ask Trump administration to provide full proof security to all the Indians living in US. Two of the three Indians who were gunned in America lost his lives. The frequent attacks on Indians in the US in recent days are intolerable. The hate crime must be stopped forthwith in America. Otherwise there may be retribution in India against the Americans. Indians are outraged at the rise of hate crime against their community members in US. President Trump must take hard action against the hate and evil in any form. It is because of his chauvinistic approach and aggressive nationalism, an impression among the US citizens has developed that by driving out immigrants from the country, there will be improvement in their lives. It encourages the hate mongers to commit crime against Indians. Indians are talented, meritorious and labourious and on the basis of these attributes, they are ahead of all anywhere in the world what to talk of America only. India must lodge its reservation against the rise of hate crimes against its citizens in America. US administration must ensure safety and security of all Indian in America.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

PM’s political prestige at stake

The political prestige of Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to be at stake in Varanasi to win all assembly seats under this Lok Sabha constituency in the ongoing elections in Uttar Pradesh. As Varanasi is represented by the PM in the Lok Sabha, it is necessary for him to show that his popularity graph is intact and very much in place by winning all assembly seats falling under his parliamentary constituency. A mega road show of Prime Minister held at Varanasi to attract the voters towards BJP. He is likely to stay in Varanasi for 3 days to oversee the campaigning in the constituencies and hold election meetings all around the city. Most of the top Cabinet ministers have been camping for electioneering in Varanasi for several days, and now PM himself participated in their effort to win all assembly seats. The election to the seats falling under Varanasi parliamentary constituency is to be held in the last phase on March 8. To win all the seats is a matter of prestige for the BJP. It is also to show that the popularity of PM Modi among the people has not come down. As Varanasi is a city of temples and it is also known for the sacred Ganga and the abode of Baba Vishwanath. It is also the most important place of Hindus from the religious point of view. To hold a mega road show of the PM to show the overwhelming support of Hindus may be an attempt to polarize voters on community lines in its favour by the BJP. BJP wants to win all assembly seats of Varanasi by hook or crook. As the contest in all assembly seats is tough, it is not that easy for BJP to win all seats in the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the single most popular leader of the BJP. The issue of winning or losing for the party depends on his popularity. He is also the face of the party in UP assembly elections as the party has not made any announcement of the Chief Ministerial candidate. No state leader in the party on whom there could be reached unanimity to be declared as CM candidate in the elections. So, it has not made any name public for CM candidate. Prime Minister Modi also offers Puja to Baba Vishwanath and take ashirvad of victory from Him during his road show. The sea of people gathered in his road show. PM Modi is a master politician who knows how best to connect with the people. So, Modi magic is still working on the people of Varanasi despite the fact that there has been no perceptible improvement there on the ground. The city is still full of dirt and pollution. There has been no improvement in the cleanliness of the Ganga and her different ghats. It is also a fact that no party in UP has a match for Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. He is the most popular leader and the choicest candidate for the post of CM in the ongoing elections. He is young, development-oriented, liberal, educated and open minded leader. To counter PM’s road show, CM Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi are also holding road show to exhibit the strength of SP-Congress alliance. They will also visit Baba Vishwanath temple to offer Puja and take ashirvad from Him. BSP supremo Mayawati is also going to hold rallies in Varanasi to show her party's strength. So, all the VIPs of the nation have lined in Varanasi. Varanasi is witnessing top leaders of the country on its roads for votes. As there is no wave in favour of any political party in UP assembly elections, all are trying to create perception through road shows and media hype.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Take action against the Bihar Minister

Bihar Excise and Prohibition Minister Abdul Jalil Mastan's derogatory, uncivilized, uncultured and unconstitutional language used against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a meeting organized in protest against the demonetization move is unacceptable and condemnable. All political parties irrespective of political affiliations must condemn him. The Minister had allegedly instigated the crowd at a meeting organized to protest demonetization move of the PM to beat his photograph kept on the chair in a corner. The video clip showed one among the crowd beating PM's photograph with shoes times without number. The Minister was also reportedly heard calling PM Naxalite and terrorist. This type of demeaning and degrading language used against PM by none other a Minister of state is not only condemnable but also invites deterrent punishment. The minister is from the Congress quota in the Nitish Kumar led Govt. in Bihar. Though Congress party has expressed reservation over the utterances of the minister, he deserves to be dropped from the government forthwith. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also said that it is wrong to use this type of language. Bihar BJP has demanded dismissal of the minister, though he has tendered apology. But mere tendering apology after denigrating the PM of the nation serves no purpose. It is the beauty of the democracy to oppose and criticize the government, but at the same time it does not give right to abuse and use offensive language against the leader of the rival political party. Mastan's action is condemnable. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar must consult with Congress party leader and drop him from his Council of Ministers. It will send a message among political class that if any leader goes beyond the set standard of activities, he or she will be immediately punished. The Minister of a state is expected to know that the post of the Prime Minister is one of the highest constitutional posts in the country. It is also one of the most respectable posts. Any disrespect to it is an insult to the constitutions also. It is above party politics. PM belongs to the nation, and only to the ruling party. The opposition must be constructive and should not go beyond constitutional ambit. So, whatever the Bihar Minister said at the meeting about the PM is absolutely wrong and unacceptable. He must be punished for instigating the crowd to beat the photograph of PM with shoes. He does not deserve to be a minister . He has not only brought shame on Bihar, but also the entire nation. There must always be healthy political discourse. To differ ideologically in democracy is its beauty. It is the democracy in which the Opposition parties criticize the ruling ones openly without using derogatory, offensive, abusive, unethical and constitutional languages. As far the case of the Bihar Minister Abdul Jalil Mastan is concerned, he has crossed all limits. He has not only allegedly instigated his supporters to beat the photographs of the PM but also lowered the post and the prestige of the nation. He has done as if he were belonging to our enemy country. He must be dropped from the govt. and expelled from the Congress party.