Thursday, March 2, 2017

Take action against the Bihar Minister

Bihar Excise and Prohibition Minister Abdul Jalil Mastan's derogatory, uncivilized, uncultured and unconstitutional language used against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a meeting organized in protest against the demonetization move is unacceptable and condemnable. All political parties irrespective of political affiliations must condemn him. The Minister had allegedly instigated the crowd at a meeting organized to protest demonetization move of the PM to beat his photograph kept on the chair in a corner. The video clip showed one among the crowd beating PM's photograph with shoes times without number. The Minister was also reportedly heard calling PM Naxalite and terrorist. This type of demeaning and degrading language used against PM by none other a Minister of state is not only condemnable but also invites deterrent punishment. The minister is from the Congress quota in the Nitish Kumar led Govt. in Bihar. Though Congress party has expressed reservation over the utterances of the minister, he deserves to be dropped from the government forthwith. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also said that it is wrong to use this type of language. Bihar BJP has demanded dismissal of the minister, though he has tendered apology. But mere tendering apology after denigrating the PM of the nation serves no purpose. It is the beauty of the democracy to oppose and criticize the government, but at the same time it does not give right to abuse and use offensive language against the leader of the rival political party. Mastan's action is condemnable. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar must consult with Congress party leader and drop him from his Council of Ministers. It will send a message among political class that if any leader goes beyond the set standard of activities, he or she will be immediately punished. The Minister of a state is expected to know that the post of the Prime Minister is one of the highest constitutional posts in the country. It is also one of the most respectable posts. Any disrespect to it is an insult to the constitutions also. It is above party politics. PM belongs to the nation, and only to the ruling party. The opposition must be constructive and should not go beyond constitutional ambit. So, whatever the Bihar Minister said at the meeting about the PM is absolutely wrong and unacceptable. He must be punished for instigating the crowd to beat the photograph of PM with shoes. He does not deserve to be a minister . He has not only brought shame on Bihar, but also the entire nation. There must always be healthy political discourse. To differ ideologically in democracy is its beauty. It is the democracy in which the Opposition parties criticize the ruling ones openly without using derogatory, offensive, abusive, unethical and constitutional languages. As far the case of the Bihar Minister Abdul Jalil Mastan is concerned, he has crossed all limits. He has not only allegedly instigated his supporters to beat the photographs of the PM but also lowered the post and the prestige of the nation. He has done as if he were belonging to our enemy country. He must be dropped from the govt. and expelled from the Congress party.

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