Monday, March 6, 2017

Hate crime on rise against Indian community in US

The hate crime is on rise against the Indian community in US. Though US administration condemned the act of evil and hate in any form just after the gunning down of the Aviation engineer Sriniwas Kuchibhotla by an American Navy veteran in Kansas City at a bar in US, it has not put stop to hate crime against the Indian community. The gunner was heavily drunk and allegedly yelled at Sriniwas and his friend in the beer bar ," Go out of my country" before shooting. Sriniwas was shot dead and his friend was injured. After this horrible crime, another Indian running a store in Carilona named Harnish Patel was shot dead. One more Sikh of Indian origin was also shot by a masked man outside his home while he was working on his vehicle in the drive away. The assailant also allegedly shouted "go back to your country". These acts of criminality against Indians are outrageous and condemnable. Since President Donald Trump won the presidential election, chauvinism is also on rise in America. He has impressed on Americans that it is due to the influx of outsiders in the country, they don't get jobs. An impression has also been created that all jobs are grabbed by the outsiders and native Americans remained jobless. In total contradiction of American character, nature, culture and tradition, President Trump has started tightening rules against the immigrants. American global character was completely tarnished by putting ban on the citizens seven Muslim countries from entering America. It is because of the independent US judiciary that the stay order was placed on Trump's executive order for travel ban. As far as India is concerned, it is highly outrageous that its citizens are targeted and singled out for attack in America. The ministry of foreign affairs must ask the US administration to take stringent and deterrent action against the attackers without any delay. The US police must take the case seriously and bring the culprit to justice immediately. Indians have succeeded in getting more and more jobs, especially in IT sector on the ground of their merit and talents. They are not in job in America because of being immigrants there. The life is priceless. So, Indian govt. must ask Trump administration to provide full proof security to all the Indians living in US. Two of the three Indians who were gunned in America lost his lives. The frequent attacks on Indians in the US in recent days are intolerable. The hate crime must be stopped forthwith in America. Otherwise there may be retribution in India against the Americans. Indians are outraged at the rise of hate crime against their community members in US. President Trump must take hard action against the hate and evil in any form. It is because of his chauvinistic approach and aggressive nationalism, an impression among the US citizens has developed that by driving out immigrants from the country, there will be improvement in their lives. It encourages the hate mongers to commit crime against Indians. Indians are talented, meritorious and labourious and on the basis of these attributes, they are ahead of all anywhere in the world what to talk of America only. India must lodge its reservation against the rise of hate crimes against its citizens in America. US administration must ensure safety and security of all Indian in America.

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