Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Action-oriented Yogi

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has started working from the day one. He is action-oriented and uncompromising on the issue of complacency, callousness, negligence, corruption and goondaism, that had so far been plagued the state for the last 15 years. Closing of illegal slaughterhouses, cow protection, cleanliness and law and order are four major issues, which he had taken up on priority. In less than a week of his taking charge of the state, CM Yogi Adityanath has taken 50 steps. Among all these steps, the issue of the closing of slaughterhouses has hogged the headlines of almost all newspapers. Yogi government is doing no wrong by closing the illegal slaughterhouses, notwithstanding that the UP being the largest meat exporter state. Anything which is illegal must stop immediately. The 50, 000 meat industry of UP cannot be allowed to flourish illegally. But at the same time the slaughterhouses, which are legal must be given all protection against the vigilantes. Otherwise, the step will jeopardize the meat industry. No section, class, caste and religion of the people would support the running of illegal slaughterhouses, which create dirt and several other problems in the state. The message has gone loud and clear in the state that with Yogi in command, no illegal practices would be allowed to be practized. As Yogi is a man of action, he has also alerted the entire bureaucracy against any lapses. If the review of the working of official involved in the beautification of the Gomti River Front, the pet project of the previous SP govt., by CM Yogi is anything to go by, it is clear that no lapses would be tolerated. Yogi is a hard task master. Apart from protecting cows and closing illegal slaughterhouses, CM must act and show his toughness in regard to improving law and order in the state. The previous SP regime was mainly defamed for deteriorating law and order. As Yogi has no interest family or personal as has been experienced in all the previous regimes in the state, the expectation of the people has gone high. No area of development in the state is in good health. Yogi needs to overhaul the civil and police administration immediately so that his orders could be executed promptly with all seriousness. UP being the largest state of the country, it attracts the attention of the people most. From the day one, Yogi has shown that he is adamant on doing something spectacular in the state. He is also young, energetic and action oriented. As far as the issue of development is concerned, it is yet to be seen how he would act on this plank. Despite being the biggest state, UP is not developed one. The unemployment among the youths is the largest in the state. CM Yogi will have to create more and more jobs in the state by taking measures, which are employment-oriented. He is of clean image and sincere to his duty. As the member of Lok Sabha for more than 17 years, his performance and presence in the house have been up to mark. He has attended Lok Sabha regularly and raised the issue related to his constituency Gorakhpur. He has never been found lacking in his parliamentary obligation. The hue and cry over the closing of illegal slaughterhouses has been going on, but Yogi is strict and adamant on executing his orders. Not only illegal slaughterhouses but also everything which is against law must be closed. Health and Education are also two sectors in the state which require immediate attention of the CM. Cheating and copying in the examination have been the hallmark of UP. Strict measures are also required to be taken immediately to stop them. Yogi's beginning is outstanding and his action-packed measures are sure to yield good results for the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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