Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Political manipulation and maneuvering in Goa and Manipur

The ruling BJP at the Centre got historic mandate in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, but failed to even emerge as the largest political party in Goa and Manipur. In spite of that, the party is going to form government in both these states by swift political manipulation and maneuvering of numbers to reach the majority mark. Congress party has emerged as the single largest political party in both these two states, though it too has also not reached majority mark. Congress has win 17 seats out of the Goa assembly strength of 40, BJP has won only 13 and the rest were won by MGP and others. In a swift move, the BJP elected former Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar as the leader of the Goa BJP legislative party and staked claim to form the govt. with the support of MGP and other MLAs which add up to the majority mark of 21. Congress failed to act swiftly. As the governor is BJP appointee, it also appears that Raj Bhavan favoured it. Governor invited Manohar Parrikar to form the government and he is going to take oath at 5 PM today itself. The Supreme Court has also refused to entertain the plea of the Congress Party to stay Parrikar's oath taking ceremony. But SC ordered for floor test at 11 AM on March 16 itself to prove majority. As far as Manipur is concerned; the Congress party has emerged as the single largest party. But its strength has declined considerably. Manipur assembly strength is of 60 MLAs out of which Congress has won 28; BJP 21 and the rest were won by NPP and others. Here also BJP hastily cobbled up numbers to reach majority mark and submitted the list of all the supporting MLAs to the governor. In democracy, the governor is bound to invite the party which has submitted the list of support of requisite MLAs. Congress failed in cobbling up number. The party first failed to elect the Legislative party leader in Goa, and now the same thing happening in Manipur with it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be the most popular leader of the country at this point of time, but it does not give license to the BJP to form govt. in Manipur and Goa through horse trading. PM Modi never gets tired of boasting to promote democratic value and practices, but on the ground all norms, traditions, sanctities and constitutional proprieties are thrown to the winds. The massive victory in UP and Uttarakhand has boosted the morale of the party very high. As far as the role of governor is concerned, he/she must go by the numbers. But one thing is also crystal clear that the BJP has not emerged as the single largest party. It is far short of majority mark. In the given situation, why has governor hastily invited Manohar Parrikar to form govt. in Goa? If Parrikar failed to prove majority on the floor of the house, what would happen to the prestige of the office of Governor as well as the BJP? Congress may have failed to elect leader in time, but it does not mean that governor should go out of way to invite Parrikar to form the government. Earlier Governor had given 15 days' time to Parrikar to prove his majority, but the SC order for floor test on March 16 itself. In the given scenario under which the BJP has garnered support of MLAs to reach majority mark itself reflects that there has been horse trading openly and Congress has also alleged that there has been sale and purchase of MLAs in Goa. In democracy, the party leader who has required numbers of MLAs and governor is satisfied with his claim of support, he/she must ask him to form the govt. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is held in high esteem by all in the country, he must ask his party not to adopt unconstitutional and mal-practices to form the government.

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