Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Welcome direction

The direction given by the Supreme Court to both the parties in Ramjanambhoomi- Babri masjid case to settle the dispute amicably through talks is welcome. The apex court asked both the parties to sit together and settle the matter amicably. It is a very good gesture of the apex court. Even Chief Justice is ready to mediate between the two parties if they want and are agreeable. The court has also said that the issue of Ramjanambhoomi and Babri masjid is sentimental and sensitive. Naturally, if out of court settlement is reached amicably, it will be better for both the communities as well the entire nation. The apex court is also hearing the appeals challenging a 2010 Allahabad High Court’s decision fixing the exact birth place of Lord Ram at the disputed Ayodhya site. A three-judge Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court had in September 2010 given a unanimous decision that Lord Ram was born under the central dome of the makeshift temple and Hindus have the right to worship there. Subsequently, the Supreme Court had stayed the implementation of the High Court’s decision soon after. The case has remained in limbo ever since. In his petition filed under Article 32 of the Constitution, Swamy contended that the pendency of the appeals in the Supreme Court has restricted his fundamental right to worship and enjoy dignity of life under the Constitution. Though the people representing Babrimasjid side has turned down apex court proposal outright, they want the resolution of the dispute by the apex court only. The petitioner in the court from Ramjanambhoomi side Subramaniyam Swamy, BJP leader and MP, has been asked by the court to take initiative to hold talks between the two parties. He will talk to both parties and prepare a ground for resolution of the dispute amicably. One thing must be taken in view that there could not be any dominance of anyone of the two parties while talking. Petitioner Subramanayam Swamy says that it is a matter of faith for the Hindus so the Ram temple will be built on the same spot where God Ram was born. Masjid can be shifted anywhere as the Muslims offer Nawaj anywhere even on the streets. Muslims being the minority community in the country feel that the majority Hindus try to impose their will on us. So far 9 attempts were made to find solution to the dispute out of court. But all went in vain. Muslims are not prepared to accept any pre-condition for talks. As far as the majority of Hindus and Muslims are concerned, they don’t have any interest in the construction of either Ram temple or Masjid. The common Hindus and Muslims want jobs, education, better health service and improved law and order situations in the country. Commoners among both the communities want peace, development and prosperity. It is the political parties and religious heads of both the communities, who are giving air to the dispute to polarize the community for the sake of political benefit. Ramjanambhoomi-Babrimasjid dispute has been hanging in balance in the country for the last 70 years. No attempt to resolve the dispute has so far succeeded. Even if the Supreme Court would give verdict in favour of either one of the two, the party against which the verdict goes would not accept. Neither the govt. nor the parties involved in the case sincerely want to resolve the issue. The apex court said the Ayodhya dispute is a sensitive and sentimental issue, adding its best that this matter was settled amicably. The court asked parties concerned to sit together to arrive at a consensus and asked Swamy to consult the parties and inform it about the decision on March 31.The court also suggested if required, a principal mediator can be chosen by the court for settling the issue. Chief Justice J.S. Khehar said if the parties want him to mediate then he is ready for the task.

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