Monday, March 20, 2017

UP under BJP's true representative

Yogi Adityanath, a five-time Lok Sabha MP from Gorakhpur, is a hard-line Hindutva leader of the BJP. With his election as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by the BJP, it has become clear that its development planks are merely meant for show and polarizing the majority community in its favour is the reality. Ideologically and from the point of tough nature, Yogi is the fittest in the BJP's scheme of things to rule UP. But the politics of polarization cannot take the party too far if it ignored the development planks. BJP has got back to power after 15 years in UP. During the last 15 years, BSP and SP have ruled the state. The law and order situation had come down to the lowest level in these 15 years. It was deteriorating day by day. In addition to that, the caste and community factor decided the decision of the government in UP for the last 15 years. Yadav, Jatav and Muslim highhandedness irked the all other castes in UP. It appears clearly that non-Yadav, non-Muslim and non-Jatav voted in en block for the BJP, and that resulted in its unprecedented victory. Yogi Aditya Nath may be known for his polarizing image and opposition may have described him as a great polarizer, but one thing must not be overlooked that it was his people-centric work in his constituency of Gorakhpur that he won five consecutive times from there in the Lok Sabha elections. So, he is a mass leader, who has a great influence in the eastern part of the state. He is young, energetic, tough and hard. Being the Chief Minister of the biggest state, CM Yogi has also to face a great challenge to bring it on the track. He has also to work on priority basis to deliver on the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the people of Uttar Pradesh during the assembly election campaignings. The first challenge before CM Yogi is to improve the law and order situation in the state. The state has been ruled by BSP and SP for the last 15 years. BJP is returning to power in the state after 15 years. The state has only experienced deteriorating law and order and caste and community-based govt. decision. Yadav, Muslim and Jatav ruled the roost in the state. BJP polarized all non-Yadav OBCs, non-Jatav SCs and all upper castes in its favour, which is clearly seen in its unprecedented victory. The historic victory of the BJP in UP is the result of polarization of the majority community on the largest scale. In the given situation, Yogi Adityanath is BJP's most suitable candidate for the post of CM to carry forward its polarizing mission strongly till it wins 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Despite being the largest state of the country, it is one of the most backward and underdeveloped ones. One thing also must be understood by the BJP that the issue of polarization cannot take it too long if it failed to create jobs, improve law and order, the condition of education and health services in the state. Yogi is also one of the strongest exponents of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Ram Bhakts have become hopeful of constructing a grand Ram temple during Yogi's regime in the state. Yogi is, undoubtedly, a mass leader. He worked hard in Gorakhpur and because of which he won from there as Lok Sabha MP five consecutive times. His instructions to the police administration to ensure that there could be no trouble in the name of celebrating his oath taking ceremony as the Chief Minister of the state clearly reflects his toughness to deal with lawlessness.

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