Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liquor ban - a laudable move in Bihar

The Supreme Court has rightly refused to extend license of four liquor companies in Bihar. Liquor ban in Bihar is one of the most laudable steps of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The sale and consumption of liquor in the state had gone up high. The free sale of liquor had encouraged even the betel shops' owners to sell liquor more than the betel. The situation in the state was going from bad to worse due to free sale of liquor, and it was urgently needed to be banned completely. With the setting of sun in the evening, liquor customers started loitering around betel shops at every chowk and chauraha in Bihar to purchase it. The problem had become so serious that CM Nitish Kumar had to make promise during the last assembly elections in the state that if his party was elected to power, he would impose the ban on the sale of liquor. CM delivered on his promise in the interest of the people. The liquor had ruined the families of lower middle class and weaker sections of society most. Majority of the male members in the families of these classes were addicted to drinking. As they were the earning members also, they spent all their earnings on liquor, and the rest of the family members were left to go hungry. The most aggrieved section of society because of the free sale and consumption of liquor were females in the family. With its total ban, they heaved a sigh of relief. It is CM's promise of liquor ban that persuaded the women to vote en bloc for Nitish Kumar –led Mahagathbandhan in Bihar assembly elections. The liquor not only ruined the family of the poor section of society, it gave birth to several other vices in the society. Liquor also contributed to the rising crime in the state. It not only affected the family economically very badly but it was also a health hazard. So, banning of liquor in the state was welcomed by all sections of society. The females of the state are extremely happy at the total ban on the sale and consumption of liquor in the state. The exponents of liquor put forward the theory of income from the sale of liquor in the state. They argue that liquor ban will have great impact on the economy of the state. With the total closure of liquor shops and industries, a number of people have been rendered jobless. But they must also think that it caused much more loss than the nominal gain from economy point of view. The sale of Liquor in Bihar was a bane. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did a commendable job by banning the sale and free consumption of liquor in the state. By doing this, he fulfilled his election promise. Innumerable number of families have been devastated and destroyed due to the consumption of liquor by the heads of the family on the large scale. The liquor ban has not only benefited the families of the poor section of society, but also several high class ones. The liquor ban matter has reached Supreme Court and it is expected that it would take right decision, keeping in view the merit of the subject. Overwhelming majority of the people favours the banning of liquor in the state. With free sale and its consumption, the atmosphere was vitiated and the crime was also on rise.

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