Friday, March 17, 2017

Baseless charge and retrograde thinking

Holding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) responsible for defeat of Mayawati's BSP in UP and Arvind Kejriwal’ AAP in Punjab is nothing but sheer frustration. BSP supremo Mayawati alleged that her party lost the elections in the recently concluded UP assembly elections because of tampering of EVMs and demanded voting on ballot paper. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also alleged that his party APP lost elections in Punjab because of the tampering of EVMs and demanded of the Election Commission to use ballot paper in MCD elections next month in Delhi. It reflects their desperation, nervousness and frustration. It is not the first time that the EVMs were used in elections. Mayawati's BSP had won UP assembly elections and formed the government in the state in 2007 and ruled for 5 years. EVMs were used in those elections also. Was EVM not tempered at that time? Arvind Kejriwal's APP won the Delhi assembly elections and got unprecedented mandate in 2015. EVMs were used. APP formed the govt. under his chief minister ship. Was EVM not tampered at that time? Their allegation is an excuse and lacks logic. People have rejected them outright. This is the age of Information Technology revolution. IT has been used more and more in all fields of life to make it easy, fast and comfortable. Since the introduction of EVM in elections, several vices from electoral process were removed. EVM stopped booth capturing and rigging of elections on large scale. It saves time, man force and money. EVM is very beneficial in elections. The world is moving ahead fast by adopting more and more information technology system. It is 21st century in which no progress can be achieved without taking the help of IT. IT brings transparency and fairness. When everything moves ahead with the help of IT, the political leaders of Maya and Kejri cults try to take the country backward. Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal should also understand that Election Commission is one of the most important constitutional institutions. It is autonomous. It has already established its credibility in the country. It has also been praised by other countries for conducting free and fair elections in India. It is not that much easy to conduct free and fair elections in India, the largest democracy of the world. Mayawati and Kejriwal have made accusations against the ruling BJP that it had influenced EC to temper EVMs in Uttar Pradesh. BJP has recorded unprecedented victory in UP. But have they thought what happened in Punjab, Goa and Manipur? Congress won Punjab assembly elections with overwhelming majority. It is not in power at the Centre. How could it influence the EC to temper EVM? So, the allegation of Mayawati and Kejriwal against the EC is baseless and the clear reflection of their nervousness and frustration. Victory and loss are two sides of the same coin in democracy. Mayawati and Kejriwal should have openly accepted their defeat. It is the verdict of the people. Raising this type of issue to misguide the people will take them nowhere. Both the leaders have made baseless charges. It is not correct to say that EVMs were tempered only because the BJP won. It is the verdict of the people and they should respect them. Putting EC in the dock makes no meaning. It has unblemished record as far as the conducting of elections in the country is concerned. EC has done commendable job always . The charges of both these leaders reflect their narrow thinking and prejudice toward their political opponent. The Election Commission of India (EC) has clarified that EVM cannot be tampered, despite knowing the fact if they have any other evidence then they should approach them and not waste our time. But it should not look like the phenomena of sour grapes in the end.

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