Thursday, March 16, 2017

Encourage the promising girl

Instead of encouraging and inspiring the promising girl named Nahid Afrin for participating in reality TV show to sing, the so-called Clerics have issued Fatwa against her. According to reports, the fatwa has been issued against her keeping in view an upcoming event that was to be held on March 25. Since the venue of the event was in the vicinity of a mosque and a graveyard, the clerics have announced to boycott her singing programmes and have asked her to stop performing in public. All creative and musical activities should not be seen through the prism of religion. Irrespective of the religion, every girl must be provided opportunity to display their talents in the field of her choice and interest. Nahid Afrin has extra-ordinary talent in singing. No religion permits any one to stop the singer from singing in public. This act of creativity in the field of singing, which is appreciated by the audience, must not be treated as irreligious. Several woman organizations have rightly expressed their displeasure over the fatwa issued by the so-called Maulana. They have described it as meaningless. As many as 42 clerics issued a fatwa against reality singing star Nahid Afrin, who was the first runner-up of a musical reality TV show, asking her to stop performing in public. Botching up talent in the name of religion in the secular country like India must not be allowed. First of all, religion has nothing to do with the profession of a person. Religion and profession are two different things. Nahid Afrin has singing as her profession, interest and choice and it is her talent in which she excels. Some so-called Muslim clerics have no business but to impose their will in the name of religion on the talented and promising girls in the society. They take the society backwards and force it to practising medieval tradition. No disrespect is shown to religion by singing in public. Singing is a kind of popular art, which is displayed before the public by Afrin. What is wrong with it from religious point of view? If the so called Muslim clerics have their ways, they will take the Muslim society 400 to 500 years back. The promising girl Afrin, who has performed well by singing song before the public, must be provided all sorts of security. Talent must not suffer only because some Muslim clerics oppose it. The government of the day must make all arrangements of her security to ensure her participation in a musical reality TV show. Music and art have no boundary. It cannot be hidden from public view. As far as Muslim clerics are concerned, it has become fashion among them to issue fatwa against everything, which is against their medieval tradition and medieval mindset. The need of the hour is that irrespective of religion, the talent must be promoted at all costs. Nahid Afrin should be provided an environment in which her talent could flourish. Talent must not be allowed to suffer only because of a handful of Muslim clerics, who oppose it. Fatwa culture must go. Otherwise, Muslim society will remain backward, traditional and conservative. Religion must be kept aside from people's field of interest. It is the interest and talent of Nahid Afrin that she has got accolades from all corners. No civilized, cultured, educated and progressive society can tolerate this type of mindless fatwa against a girl whose fault is only that she has displayed her talent in singing before the public. The time has come for all right thinking, progressive and liberal people to oppose this fashion of Fatwa among the Muslim clerics. Nahid, who made her Bollywood singing debut for actress Sonakshi Sinha in the 2016 movie 'Akira', first rose to stardom after a successful stint on a reality singing show in 2015.

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