Thursday, March 23, 2017

Law and order main priority of CM Yogi

The main agenda of the Yogi Adityanath government in UP is to improve law and order situation and bring the state back on tracks in terms of development. The unprecedented victory of BJP in the state is the result of massive people’s support to it for betterment. So, they have much expectation from Yogi Govt. Apart from the two serious issues of deteriorating law and order and development, the creation of jobs for youths in the state must also be the main agenda of Yogi govt. As far as law and order is concerned in the state, it was at its lowest ebb during the previous regime of Akhilesh Yadav. It is the disillusionment and anger of the people against the SP and BSP that resulted in their casting of votes en bloc for the BJP. Yogi Adityanath is hard line Hindutva leader of the BJP. The party has given him responsibility to run the most important politically and the largest state of UP to keep its vote bank with it by his Hindu-specific tone and tenor. Undoubtedly, Yogi is young and tough task master. He has kept the portfolio of Home to improve the law and order situation in the state as early as possible. BJP's much talked about anti-Romeo Squad has been in action. The Romeos have been detained in the various parts of the state. This step is mainly meant for the safety of girls from eave-teasers in colleges, parks, at temples and public places. It is a good move. But it must be taken care of while launching anti-Romeo campaign that the spirit of love is not throttled. Romeo and Juliet is a famous Comic-tragic drama written by the all time great playwright William Shakespeare. So, the true lovers must not be harassed in the name of anti-Romeo campaign. As far as slaughterhouses are concerned, the illegal ones must be closed immediately. Why were illegal slaughterhouses running in the state? It was done to patronize the vote bank politics, which was being played by the previous regime of SP. Licensed slaughterhouses are allowed to function; there should be no confusion in this. Maintaining strict law in the slaughterhouses was part of BJP's manifesto and if any slaughterhouses do not work as per rules then their licenses will be cancelled. Anti Romeo squad's aim is to make women feel safe and to prevent any wrong incidents against women from happening. The people vigilantism on this thing should be stopped. Without the strict law and order situation in the state, no development in any field can be achieved. It is the constitutional responsibility of the Yogi government to ensure that there is no discrimination against anyone on the basis of caste, religion and any other factors. Being the Hindutva leader, it is clear that the majority community would rally around him. But it is CM’s responsibility to see that the legitimate interest of every person is protected irrespective of his or her caste and religion. It will be very early to make comment on the functioning of the Yogi government in UP. The way he has started functioning just after taking charge amply reflects that he would deliver on the promises made by his party to the people during electioneering in the state. It is also a fact that Yogi is new as CM in the state. It is natural for him to do something different from other to be in the limelight of the media. His cleanliness drive during his surprise visit to one of the most important police stations in Lucknow amply reflects his banging style of functioning.

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