Friday, March 24, 2017

Sena MP's shameful act

When the law maker turns law breaker, only the God would save the country and the democracy. A Shiv Sena MP R Gaikward hit an old Air India staffer 25 times with his slipper only because he did not get a seat in the Business Class. Gaikwad was travelling from Pune to New Delhi when the scuffle broke out over the sitting arrangement. The MP claimed that his ticket was for business class but Air India provided him economy class. Shiv Sena must expel its MP forthwith and the law must take action against him. This is nothing but the goondaism of the MP. The MP hit the old staff and instead of being apologetic, he bragged about it openly. He is a Lok sabha MP. So, the Privilege Committee of the house should also start proceeding to look into MP’s criminal act. A deterrent punishment must be awarded to the errant MP. He has committed a criminal act. So, he must be treated as such. In these days, there has been a fashion among the elected representatives of the people in Parliament, state assemblies down to Panchayat to treat themselves as the Zamindar of their constituencies. They feel whatever they say is the rule and the law of the land. This is not the first time that this kind of misconduct and unsavoury behaviour has been experienced by AI, railways and govt. staff at the hands of public representatives. It has often occurred with AI and Railway staff. The MPs and MLAs travel as the privileged members. This privilege must also be done away with immediately, especially, of those who have committed a criminal act with the staff member of AI, Railways and any other govt. departments. MPs and MLAs are the representatives of the people. They are elected to serve the people. Thousands of people follow them. If they themselves engaged in criminal act, what example would they present before them? Shiv Sena MP not only beat one of the senior most AI staffers but also pushed him out of the cabin. His spectacles were also broken. What absurd example does the Shiv Sena MP present before the people of his constituency in particular and the country in general? This is a shameful act. As Gaiward is the Lok Sabha MP, Speaker of the Lok Sabha must also take serious notice of his criminal act. An MP is not above the law. He has been elected to serve the people and not given the license of goondaism. Whatever Gaikward did with the senior AI Staffer is his naked display of goondaism. His track record as presented to the Election Commission also clearly reflects his criminal acts. So, he must be treated as criminal by the law of the land. Shiv Sena is the alliance partner in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. at the Centre. BJP being its alliance partner should also put pressure on Sena to act against the MP immediately. Though goondaism, hooliganism and violence are not new to Shiv Sena, here the involvement is also its MP. So Shiv Sena supremo Udhav Thackeray must also take serious not of the criminal act of his party MP and throw him out of the party. Gaikward does not deserve to be the member of the Lok Sabha also . His action demands an all-party meeting at the national level to chalk out an action plan for all erring representatives either of Parliament or state assembly down to the Panchayat level to undergo punishment if ever they committed any criminal act or obstruct the govt. staff from functioning. Gaikward hit the old AI staff over a trifle thing. The issue of ticket could be resolved peacefully. But as the tendency of imposing over lordship on others has grown among the public representatives, Gaikward flaunted his status by hitting the staff with sleepers. He must be brought to book immediately.

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