Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Unfortunate, but unavoidable

The killing of three civilians in the retaliatory firing by security forces against the terrorists is unfortunate. But it was impossible for security forces to keep stone-pelters out of the firing range at the site of encounter with terrorist in Budgam of Jammu and Kashmir. Some local people deliberately helped terrorists flee, and for that they were pelting stones at security forces to create hurdles in their operations against terror. The act of stone-pelting at security forces is anti-national. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had already made it clear that if the local people helped terrorists flee, create hurdles in security forces operation and pelt stone, they would be dealt as anti-nationals. Why does a group of locals go near the site of encounter between security forces and terrorists and create hurdles there deliberately? They pelt stones at security forces to help terrorists flee. They are also following the dictates of separatist leaders, who always speak in favour of Pakistan. Though the locals, who participate in stone throwing on security forces, are in minority and majority of the population in Jammu and Kashmir yearns for peace, stability and development, secessionist forces want disturbance and disruption. It is separatist leaders and some misguided local people who dance to the tune of Pakistan in the Valley. The army, police and other security personnel have a very tough duty in Jammu and Kashmir. Army personnel in Jammu and Kashmir never fire at civilians, but when they themselves become instrumental in putting their lives in peril, they are left with no option. Army personnel restrain themselves up to maximum level and they always take great care that there could be no casualty of civilian. But when some local people themselves invite trouble, what can army personnel do for them? All those who help terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are followers of separatist leaders. All factions of separatists are the paid agents of Pakistan. As long as the separatist leaders are given kid-glove treatment, they would continue to mislead a section of the people in the trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. Killing the witch yields no result, but if her mother is killed, all evils would go away. So, if the govt. has to establish peace and development, it must deal with separatist leaders very hard. It is they who instigate their followers in the local population to pelt stone on security. All those who aid, abet and support terrorists must be treated as anti-nationals. As far as the talk with Pakistan is concerned, it is not possible for the country to hold talk when terrorist acts continue to take place. India must stick to the point that talk and terror cannot go together. The talk between India and Pakistan has taken place a number of times without any result. Pakistan never kept its promise and continued to allow terrorist to operate against India from its soil. So, Govt. must quell all terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir with brute force. The army should also be given freehand to deal with the situation. One thing is crystal clear that majority of the population in Jammu and Kashmir believe in peace and Constitution of India. That is why despite giving call to boycott elections in the state by the separatist leaders; the people participate in large numbers. Thousands of lives have been lost in Jammu and Kashmir in terrorist violence and the instrumental behind this mayhem in the state has been separatist leaders of the state and Pakistan. No kith and kin of separatist leaders suffer in the state because they live either in foreign countries or in other parts of India. The killing of the three civilians is unfortunate, but they also must keep themselves away from the site of encounter between security forces and terrorists. All must know that Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. The Supreme Court has also rightly asked the Centre to explore an alternative to pellet guns to control protesters in Kashmir and also take action against parents of minors used as shields by militants during attacks on security forces.

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