Saturday, March 11, 2017

Modi‘s magic sweeps all opponents out of UP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's magic worked in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. He swept Akhilesh-Rahul-Maya out of Utter Pradesh in one stroke. BJP has swept both UP and Utterakhand. The victory in UP is unprecedented for the BJP. PM Modi has emerged as the single most popular leader in the country. He connects with the people very well and they have still great faith in him. His popularity still remains intact. He was the face of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and under his leadership the party carried out its electioneering to record massive and unprecedented victory. After PM Modi, BJP president Amit Shah also laboured very hard for months to weave caste configuration in the favour of the party. Modi-Shah duo swept the entire opposition. Opposition has been pulverized in the politically most important state of UP. SP-Congress alliance was rejected by the people of Uttar Pradesh. BSP was also rejected by the people. Both SP and BSP had been ruling the state alternately for the last 14 years. The track record of both the regimes has not been impressive. Their main objective had been to pursue caste-based politics. Though Samajwadi Party under the leadership and CM Akhilesh Yadav started working on development plank away from the established caste and community card of the old guards of the party, he failed to connect with the people. SP- Congress alliance miserably failed to put its message of development straight before the people. Outgoing CM Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetization decision a lot, which the people of UP and Uttarakhand did not take. PM Modi put his message clear before the people that demonetization is for the benefit of the poor and stopping corruption from the government. People believed him and they became convinced that PM's intention behind it was noble and in the interest of the nation. On the issue of bringing different non-Yadavs among OBCs and non-Jatav among SC, BJP president Amit shah played the card very well. Though this type of massive victory of the BJP in the state reflects that all sections of the people have voted for the party, Modi wave swept all opposition parties in the state. PM Modi has also emerged as the messiah of the poor. He succeeded in sending the message that whatever he is doing; he is doing for the poor. The last weapon that PM Modi took out from his armoury was meant for polarizing the majority votes by raising the issue of Kabristan,Ashmasan, electric supply on the occasion of Ramzan and Dipawali in equal proportion. These things appealed the majority community most and they voted for BJP wholeheartedly. Above all, the credibility of the leader among the people matters most. Modi's credibility is unquestioned. People believe him. To win UP so massively is not a small matter. The state is politically most important and from here the fight for 2019 will begin. As far as Congress is concerned, its continued decline in the Hindi heartland needs to be looked into. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has so far not been able to connect with the people. They don't take him seriously. Congress victory in Punjab is more due to the leadership of Captain Amrinder Singh than that of Rahul. The party urgently requires grooming state leaders to connect with the people. The organization of the Congress party is in disarray in Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It has to be brought on track to retrieve its pre-eminent position in the country. Otherwise, it is doomed to fail election after election. The unprecedented victory of BJP in UP sends the message clear that it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi versus all. It has also become clear that until and unless all opposition parties come under an umbrella, they cannot rein in Modi juggernaut. After winning the UP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi must come up to the expectation of the people of the state. They have been yearning for good governance for years. They expect that BJP would provide them good governance.

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