Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Attack on Freedom of expression

It all started with a protest against a two-day seminar organized by Delhi University’s Ramjas College, called “Cultures of Protest”. It was opposed by ABVP, the student wing of the BJP. The seminar organized by the Left leaning Students' Union AISA and others in Ramjas College of Delhi University was disrupted. They invited Omar Khalid and Shehla Rashid. Delhi University's North Campus seems to have turned into a battleground with ideologically-charged student groups backed by Left and Right wing political parties locking horns. The seminar was disrupted and Left leaning students were attacked allegedly by ABVP students. ABVP allege that they are anti-nationals as they are involved in anti-India sloganeering. Omar Khalid was charged with anti-national sloganeering in JNU campus. But it is because of JNU background, no student can be labeled as anti-national. In protest against the disruption of the Seminar a day after the Left leaning students took out a protest march. It is alleged that the ABVP students attacked the procession march in which several teachers, students and journalists were grieveously injured. Police personnel deputed to main peace and order there were mute spectators and they allegedly beat journalists and snatched away their cameras and phones. They also deleted the messages and videos from the phones. Delhi police officials also took note of their action when it was brought to their notice. Policemen’s alleged involvement in the fracas were also brought to their higher officials They punished reportedly punished the errant police men. The ABVP students' behaviour in Delhi University is in no way acceptable. They have no right to brand the students who are of left leanings as anti-nationals. They can also not crush the voice of dissent in the name of nationalism and patriotism. ABVP has allegiance to RSS, the doting parent of the BJP. It is well known that there is BJP govt. at the Centre. Delhi police come under the Central govt. But it does not give freedom to ABVP to use violence against anyone who opposes them. A teacher of DU has reportedly been kicked and booted umpteen times allegedly by ABVP student. There is no place of violence in the temple of education. ABVP must know that they can not suppress the voice of dissent with force. They are also not in a position to give certificate of nationalism. Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of the Kargyl martyr and a student of Delhi University, has launched a frontal attack on ABVP through social media. Her posts on Twitter and Face book became viral because of her bravery that she alone stood openly against the attempt of crushing the voice of dissent by the right wing forces in the country. How absurd it is that the ABVP student allegedly threatened her with murder and rape through social media posts. It is also absurd that how even the Union Minister came out in the support of hooliganism and violence allegedly by AVBP students in Delhi University. It is the premier university of the nation. If the students of this university resort to violence in order to establish their dominance, what can be expected of other university students in the country? Kaur launched a social media campaign against the ABVP after it forced the cancellation of a seminar at Ramjas College. It was then accused of attacking students, lecturers, and journalists in the campus.

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