Saturday, March 4, 2017

PM’s political prestige at stake

The political prestige of Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to be at stake in Varanasi to win all assembly seats under this Lok Sabha constituency in the ongoing elections in Uttar Pradesh. As Varanasi is represented by the PM in the Lok Sabha, it is necessary for him to show that his popularity graph is intact and very much in place by winning all assembly seats falling under his parliamentary constituency. A mega road show of Prime Minister held at Varanasi to attract the voters towards BJP. He is likely to stay in Varanasi for 3 days to oversee the campaigning in the constituencies and hold election meetings all around the city. Most of the top Cabinet ministers have been camping for electioneering in Varanasi for several days, and now PM himself participated in their effort to win all assembly seats. The election to the seats falling under Varanasi parliamentary constituency is to be held in the last phase on March 8. To win all the seats is a matter of prestige for the BJP. It is also to show that the popularity of PM Modi among the people has not come down. As Varanasi is a city of temples and it is also known for the sacred Ganga and the abode of Baba Vishwanath. It is also the most important place of Hindus from the religious point of view. To hold a mega road show of the PM to show the overwhelming support of Hindus may be an attempt to polarize voters on community lines in its favour by the BJP. BJP wants to win all assembly seats of Varanasi by hook or crook. As the contest in all assembly seats is tough, it is not that easy for BJP to win all seats in the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the single most popular leader of the BJP. The issue of winning or losing for the party depends on his popularity. He is also the face of the party in UP assembly elections as the party has not made any announcement of the Chief Ministerial candidate. No state leader in the party on whom there could be reached unanimity to be declared as CM candidate in the elections. So, it has not made any name public for CM candidate. Prime Minister Modi also offers Puja to Baba Vishwanath and take ashirvad of victory from Him during his road show. The sea of people gathered in his road show. PM Modi is a master politician who knows how best to connect with the people. So, Modi magic is still working on the people of Varanasi despite the fact that there has been no perceptible improvement there on the ground. The city is still full of dirt and pollution. There has been no improvement in the cleanliness of the Ganga and her different ghats. It is also a fact that no party in UP has a match for Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. He is the most popular leader and the choicest candidate for the post of CM in the ongoing elections. He is young, development-oriented, liberal, educated and open minded leader. To counter PM’s road show, CM Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi are also holding road show to exhibit the strength of SP-Congress alliance. They will also visit Baba Vishwanath temple to offer Puja and take ashirvad from Him. BSP supremo Mayawati is also going to hold rallies in Varanasi to show her party's strength. So, all the VIPs of the nation have lined in Varanasi. Varanasi is witnessing top leaders of the country on its roads for votes. As there is no wave in favour of any political party in UP assembly elections, all are trying to create perception through road shows and media hype.

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