Friday, March 31, 2017

Violence against foreigners unacceptable

Vashudev Kutumbkumb is our motto and main theme that means respect, honour, love and affection towards foreign guests. We consider whole world as our family. All foreigners staying in India are our valued guests. The violence against any foreign guest is unacceptable and it must be dealt with heavy hands. The incident of violence against the Nigerian student in Grater Noida is not only condemnable but also deplorable. It is required to be taken strict action against the perpetrators of violence and measures to ensure that there would be no recurrence. A teen-aged boy allegedly died from the overdose of drugs in Noida . In an angry reaction to the incident, a group of people attacked a Nigerian student on the suspicion that Africans who are staying in India are involved in drug trafficking and tempt the youth in the locality to take drugs. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has swung into action, and the police have lodged complaints against several people and reportedly arrested some of them. This incident of racial violence will certainly weaken our position in raising voice against this type of incident against Indian citizens in the foreign country. The safety and security of all African students and others living in India is our responsibility. It is the responsibility of India to ensure safety and security of all Africans and other foreign nationals touring the country. It is learnt that locals object to the “free lifestyle” of these men and women who stay in the area. The increasing violence against the Africans will also jeopardize our attempt of Africa outreach. That is why the moment after the incident of violence against the Nigerian students came to light, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj swung into action and talked to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and asked him to ensure safety and security of Africans. She also communicated to African foreign ministry and assured them of safety and security of all Africans staying in India. She also reportedly deputed the Minister of State External Affairs MJ Akbar to talk to Nigerian High Commissioner to assure him of safety and security of Nigerians in India. The MEA assured that they will continue to take action against all those who are guilty; they will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. Meanwhile, Swaraj also held a meeting with African students and officials. Ministers of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar spoke to Nigeria’s Acting High Commissioner and assured him of steps being taken by local authorities for the safety and security of Nigerian nationals. Racial discrimination and violence is a crime against humanity. South African countries have always been India’s trusted friends. So, the relation must not be allowed to be strained by the acts of racial violence and comments. African students are scared and they have been advised to keep themselves indoors. Uttar Pradesh govt. and New Delhi must ensure African students that they would be provided full proof safety and security in India. They are required to be assured of security. This is not the first time that the violence against the students from Africa have taken place. This type of racial violence against them had taken place last year also. This hangs our head in shame. Our image in the foreign countries also is lowered. India must show the world that it is committed to providing safety and security to all foreigners coming and living here. It must send the message loud and clear that the violence against foreigners is unacceptable and condemnable. Africa has been a very good and trusted friend of India. Our relation with African countries has been remarkable. And as India is the first to raise voice against racial discrimination and violence, it is committed to crush this evil.

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