Wednesday, May 31, 2017

E-Rickshaw driver’s opposition to urination at the roadside cost his life

The way E-Rickshaw driver was beaten to death allegedly by a group of educated young men merely because he opposed the two young men urinating for urinating at the roadside near Metro station in Delhi is an inhuman act for revenge. He asked them to use the public convenience nearby. They took it as an issue of affront. And with the sole intention of taking revenge against the E-Rickshaw driver named Rabindra, the two young men came in the group of around fifteen with a bundle of the pieces of bricks and stone reportedly to beat Rabindra to death. They allegedly crushed Rabindra's face with the pieces of bricks. And ultimately poor E-Rickshaw driver died. According to the local people the two young men whom Rabindra asked not to urinate at the road side were seen purchasing the beer from the nearby liquor shop. They also appeared to be drunk. The young Rickshaw driver Rabindra lost his life for keeping the place around him clean. He was conscious of cleanliness. His beating to death by none other than the educated young men is a black spot on the face of Delhi. He was a true soldier of Swakshta Campaign, one of the favourite campaigns of Prime Narendra Modi. Delhiites' heads hang in same over the beating of E-Rickshaw driver Rabindra to death for keeping the city neat and clean. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is abroad in Germany has also condemned the death of Rabindra and directed the authorities concerned to take action against thperpetrators of the crime. An announcement of monetary help was also made. Information and Broadcasting and Urban Development Minister Venkaih Naidu has also swung into action and asked the Delhi police to bring the culprits to book immediately. He also visited the residence of the deceased and met his kith and kin. The beating of Rabindra to death is also the lapses of Delhi police. As reported, a group of young men came and beat him to death, but police did not have any scent of it in advance. When this tragic incident occurred near Metro station, there must be CISF personnel besides the beat constable of Delhi police. Nearly two years have elapsed since the Swakshta Abhiyan was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a broom in his hand. But as far as the cleanliness and civic amenities are concerned, no impact has been felt in Delhi. The city is still as dirty as it was before the Swakshta Abhiyan was launched. The reason behind it is the lack of awareness among Delhiites. An event of a day or two cannot be of any purpose if the concerted effort is not made by the govt., people and municipal corporation to create awareness to develop civic sense among the Delhiites. The tragic death of Rabindra must be taken seriously to bring the culprits to book as early as possible. A deterrent punishment must also be awarded to all those who are responsible for the death of young E-Rickshwa driver . Delhi police also take cognizance of dirt and garbage on city roads and take appropriate action against all those who are responsible for them. The tragic death of Rabindra for the cause of cleanliness in the city must not go waste. A provision should be made to take stringent action against all those who don’t follow the norms of keeping the city neat and clean. It is for the Delhi police to find the young people who beat Rabindra to death. If the people involved in beating Rabindra remain at large, nobody would dare oppose the polluters.

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