Monday, May 29, 2017

Cattle market regulation

The cattle market has been regulated by the promulgation of a new rule under which seller or buyer cannot buy or sell cattle for the slaughter purpose. They have to ensure the purpose of selling or buying the cattle. The rule has been made to strengthen the prevention of cruelty to an animal. Undoubtedly, this move of the Modi govt. would affect the economy of the people who are engaged in selling and buying of animals. The recent order against selling cattle has been taken as an indirect ban on beef. To oppose this move, the Beef party has reportedly been organized outside the college in Trivandrum by the students' Union of the Left parties. It has also been reported that a calf was allegedly butchered in the open on the street by some Youth Congress men to protest govt. rule, though the party has denounced the incident of the butchering of calf and completely disassociated with it. The cow is the most sacred animal of Hindus. They worship cows. They have treated cows as mothers. In the given situation, killing of calf openly on the street will definitely hurt the feeling and religious sentiments of crores of Hindus in the country. So, Congress party has promptly taken action against the party men, who have been charged with butchering the calf. The opposition BJP has also issued a photograph of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi with the Kerala Youth Congress man who is allegedly involved in the butchering of a calf in Kunnur of Kerala. This is not the way of opposing the order of the govt. against the sale of cattle in the market for slaughter purposes. Some students of IIT Chennai numbering about 15 have also reportedly organized beef party festival to oppose the govt. order against the sale of cattle. The Modi govt. should also have consulted the state govt. before passing the order against sale of an animal in the cattle market for slaughter purposes. The federal character of the constitution must be respected. Here the Modi govt. has violated federalism; however, in speech this Modi govt. appears to be the greatest exponent of federalism. Kerala Chief Minister Pinyari Vijayan has rightly written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding that the order against the sale of animal for slaughter purposes must not be implemented in the state. There is no ban on cow slaughter in Kerala and some of the north-eastern states. Any law regarding the cow must be made after taking into confidence all state governments of the country. A law must not be made with an aim on polarizing the majority Hindu community for the sake of vote bank purposes. What to eat wear and where to move is a personal matter of an individual. The govt. must not have anything to do with it. Modi govt. says that the aim of the rules is very specific. It is only to regulate the animal market and the sale of cattle in these markets, and ensuring welfare of cattle dealt in market. And the rule provides for a strict animal monitoring committee and animal market committees at the local level.The seller and buyer both have to ensure that the cattle is not being bought or sold in the market for slaughter purposes. The rules also state that the purchaser shall not sacrifice the animal for any religious purpose or sell it to a person outside the state without permission and must keep in with the state's cattle protection laws.

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