Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dastardly attack

The terror attack in Afghanistan killed 80 people and injured hundreds. It is a dastardly attack. The entire world must come forward in condemning the dastardly attack on humanity strongly. It is not for the first time that this type of dastardly terror attack has taken place in Afghanistan. Terrorism and extremism are raising their heads again in Afghanistan and they are bent on unsettling the country once again. US military invasion in the aftermath of 9/11 had thrown the outlawed regime of Taliban out of Afghanistan. In view of heavy US military pressure, Taliban had subsided for some time, but when they found that American forces were on way out, they again became active in shedding the blood of innocent. Most of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda members had hidden in the hilly terrain and bordering areas of Pakistan. Slowly and steadily, they have again regrouped to create mayhem in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has very strongly condemned the terror attack in Afghanistan and has rightly said that it is a challenge to humanity. Afghanistan has been a very good friend of India. India has a large stake in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. It is playing a vital role in reconstructing and developing the country. India’s closeness with Afghanistan and its increasing activities there have become an eye-sore for Pakistan. Pakistan would always like Afghanistan to be under its command and of its order. It wants to operate its acts of terrorism against India from Afghanistan. As Afghanistan is a tried and trusted friend of India, it never likes to be dictated by Pak. Terrorism is against humanity and it is its number one enemy. The terror acts anywhere in world have their roots in Pakistan in this form or that form. All terror activities emanate from Pakistan. The US being the sole super power of the world must act against terrorism without differentiating between the good and bad terrorism. As Pakistan been the blue-eyed boy of US, it has not been ever threatened to be punished for sponsoring terrorism. Despite getting the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden killed in his safe haven in Abotabad near Karanchi in Pakistan by its Navy SEAL members, US did not even ask Islamabad as to why it had provided asylum to him. US should have dealt with Pakistan very stringently at that time so that the world could know that it was not prepared to tolerate any nation, which aids and abets terrorism. As India has borne the brunt of terrorism most, it has always stood firmly with any grouping against it. The time has come for the world powers to sit together and chalk out programme and policies how to wipe out terrorism from the face of the earth. Again, the US has greater responsibility to lead an international coalition against terrorism by rising above its personal interest. No friendship should be allowed to come when there would be the issue of fighting terrorism to finish. The entire world is shocked and saddened at the loss of lives in the terror attack in Afghanistan. India stands behind Afghanistan in this hour of tragedy. Terrorism must be fought with all might at our disposal. It has nothing to do with any religion as no religious discourse or congregation asks the followers to take away lives of innocent people, including women and children.

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