Wednesday, May 24, 2017

International community must make concerted effort immediately to wipe out terror

22 innocent people, including children were killed and around 59 injured in the ghastly terror attack in Manchester arena of Britain. A suspected ISIS suicide bomber reportedly detonated at the concert while people were leaving it. It was the concert of US singer Ariana Grande. Manchester Arena terror attack is one of the bloodiest ones in Britain since 2005. Though all heads of prominent and powerful nations of the world have condemned the dastardly terror attack, they have failed so far to put up united posture to combat it despite its occurrence umpteen times . The scourge of terrorism must be wiped out from the face of the earth with united effort. US President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, German Chancellor, France President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Russian President Putin and several other world leaders have condemned the ghastly terror attack in Manchester Arena in one voice. But to combat terrorism anywhere in the world, the superpower of the world will have to take lead from the front against it. US is the sole super power of the world. So, it has greater responsibility to combat terrorism sincerely and impartially. It is also necessary for all the nations of the world to rise above their individual interest. The speech and the action of all nations in regard to terrorism must also be the same. India being the largest and second most populated country of the world, it has always stood to fight terrorism with full force at its disposal. It has also borne the brunt of terrorism most as its sanctuary is at its backyard in its hostile neighbourhood. It is also no longer a secret that the epicentre of terrorism is in India’s neighbourhood. The terrorism anywhere in the world is suspected to have its root in Pakistan. So, whether it is US or China, all will have to rise above their individual interest to wipe out terrorism from the face of the world. Terrorism has neither any religion nor ideology. It is the enemy of humanity. If that was not so, what harm a child had inflicted that he or she was killed in terror attack in Manchester. It is also necessary for the international community to realize that by mere condemning the incident of terror attack in the strongest possible words, it cannot be fought in true sense of the term. The time has come for the international community to sit together and make a definite programme and policy how to deal with this scourge of humanity. The US being the sole super power of the world, it must take lead in the fight against terrorism. The country which supports, aids and abets must be punished irrespective of its friendship or alliance with the powerful nation of grouping against terrorism. It is also important not to differentiate terrorism between bad and good. Terrorism has no colour, caste, community and creed. So, it must be treated as such. The entire international community stands behind Britain in this hour of tragedy. Now, the time has come to be decisive to take action against terrorism by the international community. The humanity suffers every day because of terror attack in one corner or the other of the world. So, terror attacks against any country must be treated as attacks on humanity. The big and powerful nations of the world have bigger responsibility to combat terrorism for the sake of humanity. The need of the hour for international community is to take a vow to fight terrorism to finish within a fixed time frame. With united effort of the world community, it can be combated very soon. But the ritualistic and routine practice of condemning the terror attack in one voice one day and forgetting everything the other day will serve no purpose. So, the international community needs to act unitedly against terrorism without any loss of time.

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