Monday, May 15, 2017

Kejri fell in the self dug ditch

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Convener Arvind Kejriwal has got mastery in making allegations against his political rivals without substantiating them. But this time he has himself been trapped in the net of his own making. It was his main instrument in politics. He also painted himself as the only perfect, pure and incorruptible politician in the country. He made allegations against former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and most of the Congress ministers in previous UPA regime. He is making allegation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He demanded explanations from the rival political leaders against whom he made allegations. But now when his own former minister and AAP MLA Kapil Mishra alleged that Kejri took Rs. 50 Crore from his own Cabinet colleague Satyendra Jain before him, he kept silent and not yet responded. Besides the allegation of taking Rs. 2 Crore., Kapil Mishra has alleged at his press conference that 16 Shell Companies gave crores of rupees to AAP, which it neither declared before Election Commission nor the Income Tax. The allegations are grave and serious and required to be contradicted with solid proof. Otherwise, the message will go loud and clear that Kejriwal is no longer incorruptible. A battery of AAP leaders came out to refute all the allegations made by Kapil Mishra and said that he was working as the agent of BJP. AAP leaders say that BJP is using Kapil Mishra as Shikhandi to attack AAP. They have alleged that BJP is trying to finish AAP and that is why Delhi BJP delegation had met EC to deregister AAP. Whatever may be the truth behind Kapil Mishra’s allegations against AAP and Kejriwal, but one thing is clear that they require to investigated thoroughly by a competent body. It is also clear that the allegations against Kejriwal has been made by none other than his own former trusted associate. Kapil Mishra had been blue-eyed boy of Kejriwal before his dismissal from Delhi Govt. Kapil Mishra’s allegations are grave and serious. By keeping silent, Arvind Kejriwal is losing the perception. The perception is vital in politics. It is perception of being a man of honesty and integrity about Arvind Kejriwal among Delhiites that his AAP had won 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi assembly. By merely diverting attention of the people from the issue of allegation about corruption against him and his party’s other leaders, Kejriwal is not going to score even a point. Rather, his party’s popularity in Delhi is going down and down. It is because of Kapil Mishra’s allegation of corruption against Kejriwal that his party MLA Sourabh Bharadwaj raised the issue of EVM and demonstrated in the Delhi assembly how it can be hacked very easily. It was AAP’s diversionary tactics. But Delhiites have seen through all its tactics. It is will be better for Kejriwal to come before the media and refute all the charges made against him By Kapil Mishra one by one. The more Kejriwal avoids the media, the greater the suspicion would grow about his credibility among Delhiites. If all the allegations are false and fabricated, why does he not come out to deny them? It is the matter of investigation to know the truth about the charges. But one thing is clear that there is no smoke without the fire. Anti-corruption plank had been the hallmark of AAP. So, the charge of corruption against it demolishes all its claim of playing clean politics. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal must come out and speak to Delhiites that the charges made against him are false and fabricated. Otherwise, AAP is losing the perception day by day.

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