Thursday, May 25, 2017

Major Gogoi’s presence of mind saved EC staff and mob in J&K

Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi’s act is commendable, though it may appear as violation of human rights in accordance with international convention. The brave Major used his presence of mind to save the local mobs and Election Commission staff from stone pelters by tying up a civilian Farooq Ahmad Dar to the bonnet of his jeep to use him as shield against them. Dar was allegedly instigating the stone pelters to attack Election Commission officials.This incident took place in Jammu and Kashmir’s Budgam last month. The Army has rightly recognized his action and given him Commendation Card for his sustained distinguished service in counter insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir.Major Gogoi said that he had caught Dar instigating a group of stone-pelters therefore decided to make him an example to others from doing the same. Dar appeared as the leader of stone pelters. Undoubtedly, Major Gogoi is a brave and brilliant army officer of the nation. He tied Dar to the bonnet of his jeep with the sole intention of saving the Election Commission staff and mobs from being attacked by stone pelters. Jammu and Kashmir is a trouble-torn state of India. Army officers and Jawans are doing commendable job there. It is because of Army's sense of service that its jawans and officers sacrifice their lives to keep nation's boundary protected. There is war like situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Army must be given free hand to take the call whenever necessary. There should be no politics over the role of army officers and jawans in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in the country. By putting their lives at stake, Army jawans and officers fight against the Pak-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the quality of the training given to Indian army jawans and officers that they take utmost care of the civilian population while carrying out the tasks assigned to them. They also exercise maximum restraint to save the civilian population. To fight terrorism sponsored by Pakistan and keep the infiltrators at bay is a very difficult task that our army officers and jawans carry out successfully. The entire nation is proud of them. They are on duty for hours in difficult terrain to keep the borders of the nation protected and fortified. So, it is the duty of all Indians to keep the morale of our army officers and jawans very high. It is the politicians of the nation who are always on lookout to politicize the matter even related to national integrity and security. They also change their colour like chameleon. Because when they are in opposition, they take stand on any issue for the sake of opposition and when there are in govt., they support whatever it does. Army is an apolitical organization. It has nothing to do with politics. It serves the country with utmost dedication and devotion. Army officers and jawans’ sincerity and intention must not be questioned. Major Gogoi intention behind tying Dar to the bonnet of his jeep was to use him as shield against stone pelters to save EC staff and mobs from being attacked. As his action appears well-intentioned, military court of enquiry has also reportedly given him clean cheat. Major Gogoi must be commended for his presence of mind

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