Thursday, May 18, 2017

Abolish the practice of Triple Talaq immediately

Triple Talaq must go. It is a curse for our Muslim sisters in their community and it is practiced only to establish the supremacy the religious clerics like Maulvis and Maulanas in the society. Triple Talaq is a nonsensical practice by which divorce is given by merely uttering the word Talaq thrice. It makes the sacred institution of marriage in Muslim society meaningless. It is sheer injustice and atrocity on the Muslim women in their society. Triple Talaq is infringement on the fundamental right of equality. Human rights are violated openly by practicing Triple Talaq in Muslim society. When Constitution has granted equal rights to men and women in society, why is Triple Talaq a prerogative of man in Muslim society? Triple Talaq is the product of medieval mindset. It is not practiced in about 25 Islamic countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh of the world. It means Triple Talaq has nothing to do with Muslim religion. It is also said by several Muslim scholars that there is no specific mention of Triple Talaq in the most sacred book Quran of the religion. The practice of Triple Talaq is against Muslim women's dignity, prestige and empowerment. Why will Muslim women live as subservient to Muslim men in society in the fear of Triple Talaq? It is a curse on them in the society. Either through Parliament or Supreme Court this evil practice must go. If the Supreme Court, which is hearing the case related to Triple Talaq, invalidates or declares it unconstitutional, the govt. would enact a law through Parliament. Only Maulvis, Maulanas and AIMPLB in Muslim society advocate for the continuity of this evil practice in society. AIMPLB consists of only conservative minded Muslim scholars and Maulvis. On merely getting a scent of a little difference between a Muslim husband and wife, the Maulanas loose no time in interfering with it to take advantage of Halala. Triple Talaq has neither religious legitimacy nor any legal sanctity. It is only the the practice supported by Maulanas in the Muslim society to establish their supremacy. Is there any sense that a Muslim husband can give divorce to his wife due to a little difference over Phone or through SMS? It is a sheer injustice against the Muslim women. No modern society can tolerate this evil practice. Most of the educated Muslim women have come out in the open against the evil practice of Triple Talaq. The evil social practices like Sati Pratha and Devdasi Pratha were abolished. Likewise, Triple Talaq also must be abolished immediately. It is good that Narendra Modi govt. has taken initiative to start a national discourse against the Triple Talaq. The Govt. had already made its opinion against the practice of Triple Talaq. Marriage is considered as most sacred bondage between man and woman. How could it be possible to break it by only uttering the word Talaq thrice? It is most conservative practice, which has no taker in the 21st century. First of all, when the Muslim religion has nothing to do with Talaq, doing away with it will have no religious ramifications. On the contrary, the Muslim women would be relieved of the pain caused to her by Triple Talaq. It is against all norms of humanity. Muslim women must not be treated as toys by men that they play with them as long as they want and after that they throw them away at their will. Triple must stop forthwith. It is infringement on fundamental right granted by the Constitution to Muslim women.

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