Friday, May 19, 2017

Pak’s lies exposed at ICJ before the world

The International Court of Justice has pronounced that Pakistan cannot hang Kulbhushan Jadhav for now. ICJ ordered Islamabad to give consular access to Jadhav.ICJ judge Ronny Abraham has clearly and unambiguously said that Pakistan shall take all measures to ensure that Jadhav is not hanged until a final decision by the court. The ICJ judge has also said that the circumstances of his arrest are in dispute and India should have been given consular access as per Vienna Convention. The judge also pronounced that ICJ had jurisdiction in the matter. It is natural for India to rejoice at the order of International Court of Justice to Pakistan that it cannot hang India’s former Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadav pending the final verdict. Now, Pakistan military court cannot execute Kulbhushan Jhadav. All pleas taken by Pakistan were rejected by the top UN court at The Hague. Pakistan was exposed before the world. Its lies and notoriety were also exposed before the world. Now, if Pakistan refused to abide by the order of International Court of Justice, it would have to pay a heavy price for it. The Kulbhushan Yadav’s case has been concocted by Pakistan military establishment to show the world that India is creating trouble in Balochistan by slapping the charge of espionage against him. The military court of Pakistan tried the case summarily and gave the verdict of death sentence. Even the natural justice was denied to Kulbhushan. Consular access was not given to him despite 16 attempts made by India. The natural justice allows the accused to have advocate to defend his case in the court of law. India had provided the facility of defence to Kasab the dreaded terrorist involved in Mumbai attack. He was caught alive by the Mumbai police. He was given all legal recourses before being hanged. The stay order on the execution of Kulbhushan by ICJ is a moral victory for India. Kulbhushan left Indian Navy and started his own business. In connection with his business, he went to Iran and from there he was abducted and taken to Pakistan. Pakistan military put him in custody on the charge of espionage. All this is false and fabricated. The govt. of India made a shrewd move by going to International court of Justice at the Hague to get reprieve for Kulbhushan Jhadav from death sentence awarded by Pak Military court. Indian legal luminary Harish Salve represented India for Kulbhushan Jhadav at the ICJ. His brilliant, intelligent and weighty arguments exposed Pakistan before the ICJ. It is also India’s legal, diplomatic and moral victory. And the credit for all this goes to Harish Salve, the legal luminary of India. Pakistan is a rogue state. It has the habit of always being in denial mode. ICJ rejected Pak’s plea that it has no jurisdiction as it is a matter of its national security. Now, India needs to follow the case seriously to take it to its logical end successfully. India must also start diplomatic offensive against Pakistan about its duplicity on all international forums. ICJ is the legal organ of the United Nations. All the members of United Nations Organization are bound to abide by its verdict. India did a commendable job by moving to ICJ to get reprieve for Kulbhushan Yadav. Well begun is half done. Pak track record is so tainted before the world that no country believes it. All presume that there must be some duplicity in its action. The motive behind Kulbhushan Jhadav’s death sentence pronouncement by Pak military court on the charge of espionage is to show the world that India creates trouble in Balochistan by sending its spies. But its plinth made on false ground is bound to fall. So, finally it would happen with Pakistan at ICJ.

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