Monday, May 1, 2017

No excuse left for Kejriwal

The Aam Admi Party was borne out of agitation against corruption in public life. The exponent of nation-wide agitation was veteran social activist and freedom fighter Anna Hazare's. His first advice of not forming any political outfit was ignored by Arvind Kejriwal and the principle on which AAP was founded was pushed on back burner. The main founder of the political outfit AAP is Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He is its convener. The movement against corruption was spearheaded by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal was his most tried and trusted lieutenant in the beginning. The Anna movement caught and stirred the imagination of the entire country, and a hope was raised among people, who involved in it, that it would give the nation a new direction free of corruption, nepotism and mal-administration. As Kejriwal was most trusted lieutenant of Anna, people also saw hope in him. He has also mastery in hoodwinking the people at first sight. Against the wishes of Anna, Kejriwal founded Aam Aadmi Party to give the people of Delhi an opportunity to vote for alternative politics as promised by him. AAP under the leadership of Kejriwal fought its first assembly elections in Delhi in 2014 and won it, but remained little short of majority. And ultimately formed the govt. with the outside support of Congress party against which he had fought elections and pledged not to not to do so. But he did and formed the government. Here begins his journey of going back to his promise. Anna Hazare's movement's main demand was the appointment of Lok Pal. As Anna Hazare was anti-corruption crusader, he wanted anti-corruption watch dogs Lokpal at national and Lokayukta at state levels. Kejriwal introduced the Lokpal bill in assembly, knowing full well that even his supporting party Congress would vote against it and his govt. would fall. Finally, his govt. fell on the Lokpal Bill. He did it to tell the Delhiites that he forgo his government for Lokpal. That appealed Delhiites very much. So, they voted him to power again in 2015 Delhi assembly elections with overwhelming majority. Delhiites voted him to power with a brute majority. AAP won 67 out of 70 in Delhi assembly. It was unprecedented and Historic. The people of Delhi hoped and aspired that Kejriwal govt. in Delhi would give a new direction. But what Kejri did in the last two years for Delhiites is all before us. This unprecedented victory only gave birth to vaulting ambition in Delhi CM Kejriwal. Kejriwal started a politics of confrontation with Lieutenant Governor of Delhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and forgot what he had promised to Delhiites during the assembly elections. Kejriwal started to put himself on equal footing with PM Modi. His decision to fight in Punjab and Goa at the cost of governance in Delhi clearly reflects AAP national expansion and Kejri's ambition. In both Goa and Punjab, Kejriwal fell headlong. He was rejected by the voters of Punjab and Goa very badly. And at last, in the just concluded MCD elections the way AAP has been decimated by the BJP is a clear signal that Delhiites have seen through his move. They have become convinced that to govern Delhi is beyond the capacity of CM Kejriwal. So, as he has once again tried by begging excuse from Delhiites is not going to be entertained. Kejriwal has said that he would introspect his party’s humiliating defeat in MCD. Several senior leaders of his party have criticized his style of functioning. The humiliating defeat of AAP in MCD elections has exposed the hollowness in CM Kejriwal's statements and total disillusionment of Delhiites with his government. So, there is no longer any taker for his excuse in Delhi.

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