Monday, May 8, 2017

Delhi CM’s claim of probity in public life exposed

It is well known to Delhiites as well as the people of this country that Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Admi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal came to power on anti-corruption plank. But only in two years of power, allegation of taking Rs. 2 Crore from his Cabinet Minister Satyendra Jain was made against him by none other than AAP MLA and his former minister Kapil Mishra. If the allegation is true, it is Kejri’s breach of trust with Delhiites. Kejriwal was the most trusted lieutenant of anti-corruption crusader, social activist and veteran freedom fighter Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption 4 years back. It was Anna's movement against corruption out of which Arvind Kejriwal emerged in political realm. Kejriwal formed AAP against the wishes of Anna. He was power hungry and ambitious since the days of Anna's agitation against corruption. Despite being authoritarian, power hungry and ambitious, he was considered as a man of integrity and honesty. Delhiites believed him blindly that he would give a corruption and nepotism free governance, and he would develop an atmosphere of clean politics. That is why they voted him overwhelmingly. The victory of AAP in the last assembly elections was historic and unprecedented. 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi assembly were won by AAP. But within a little more than two years of Kejriwal's regime, all charges of corruption against his government have surfaced. All types of corruption charges have come up against his govt., some ministers, party leaders and MLAs. At last, the charges of corruption have been leveled against Delhi CM Kejriwal personally by none other than Kapil Mishra, who was in Kejriwal's Cabinet two days ago. Kapil Mishra alleged that he saw Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain giving Rs. 2 Crore to Kejriwal. Mishra has said that he has seen with his own eyes. It is a very grave charge of corruption against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has been known as the symbol of anti-corruption. It was the hallmark of his political career. The charge made by Kapil Mishra against Kejriwal needs to be investigated without any delay. There is hardly any top political leader either of Congress or BJP against whom Kejriwal has not slapped unsubstantiated allegation of corruption of this type or that type. He considered himself only sacrosanct. CM Kejriwal has not given any rebuttal, but his deputy Chief Minister said that the charge was baseless and was not worth answering. Kejriwal's high idealistic and grandstanding get murky day by day if he doesn't come before the media to rebut the charges leveled against him by none other than his former minister. More than half of his MLAs and Ministers have been facing charges of corruption, and criminal cases. It clearly appears that all the high ideals of which Kejriwal always talked about appear to have been forgotten. If the election results of Punjab, Goa, Rajouri garden by poll and MCD are anything to go by, AAP must know that the Delhiites have seen through its duplicity. As far as the question of probity in public life is concerned, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal must come before the media and explain in detail about the veracity of charge against him of taking Rs. two crore. from his minister in presence of his minister Kapil Mishra. As long as no rebuttal to Kapil Mishra's charge comes from him, a message will go out loud and clear that he has betrayed the people. The Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. is at the Centre. The BJP is ruling there. CBI, ACB and Delhi police all are under Central govt. Why is there any delay in giving order of investigation into the charge against Delhi CM Kejriwal? Who is speaking true or false is a matter of thorough investigation, but one thing is certain that now Delhi CM Kejriwal has also lost the war of perception in politics also. Now, no Delhiite will believe CM Kejriwal. And he will also be responsible for causing death to the movement against corruption. Had Lokpal been in place in Delhi, all those MLAs, Ministers and CM Kejriwal against whom there are charges of corruption would have been shown the door. The charge against Kejriwal made by AAP MLA and former minister Kapil Mishra must be thoroughly probed immediately.

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