Wednesday, May 10, 2017

AAP diversionary tactics

By demonstrating the mock poll on dummy EVM to show how it can be easily hacked in Delhi assembly, which was specially called for a day for this purpose, Aam Admi Party has adopted a diversionary tactics to turn away the public attention from the charges of corruption against Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal. Though Election Commission has immediately refuted the AAP’s charge of tampering with EVM. AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj being an engineering graduate, he demonstrated in Delhi assembly with dummy EVM to show how he can tamper with it in 90 seconds. He says there is a secret code that plays all in tampering the EVM. But as our Election Commission is one of the most trusted, credible and prestigious organizations of the country, it is difficult to believe what AAP MLA Bhardwaj says about the EVM. EVMs have been used in elections for than a decade and half. EC has been conducting elections in India, the largest democracy of the world, for which it has got applause by the world leaders also. Its credibility is beyond any doubt. EC reputation has been very high. It must have secured full proof security of the EVMs before using them. It would be very bad precedent if the political party, which looses elections, would blame EVMs for its defeat. They are technically sound and perfect with extra-ordinary programming that to think of hacking them is out of imagination. The demonstration of mock polling on dummy EVM by AAP MLA Sourabh Bharadwaj is nothing but to divert the public focus from the charge of corruption against supremo and CM Kejriwal. AAP has been facing one crisis after another since the results of 5 assembly elections were announced. AAP lost Punjab and Goa very badly. BJP won UP and Uttarakhand with massive mandate. The first opposition leader who raised the issue of tampering EVMs is BSP supremo Mayawati whose party was decimated in UP assembly elections. AAP's humiliating defeat in Rajouri Garden assembly by-poll and MCD was allegedly attributed to the tampering of EVMs by Delhi CM Kejriwal. The issue of tampering EVMs in MCD elections was raised by Delhi CM Kejriwal. Though EC has come out and refuted all charges of tampering with EVMs, it is also required upon it to look into charges to clear the doubts, if any, in the mind of the people about them to bring greater transparency. AAP's endeavour is nothing but to divert attention of Delhiites from the charges against Kejriwal of taking Rs. 2 Crore from his cabinet colleague. This charge was also leveled against by his former Cabinet colleague. The way Kejriwal wants to avoid media on charge of taking Rs. 2 Crore clearly reflects that he is not allowing anything to focus on corruption against him. While claiming that the machine used by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to expose the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) rigging is not the same which the Election Commission (EC) uses, it has belittled and weakened the whole case against the tampering row. EC reportedly said the AAP demonstrated in Delhi Assembly on prototype Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and not on Election Commission of India Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). All this is nothing but yet another drama being played by AAP in Delhi. AAP played one drama after another by adopting confrontationist approach against the Centre and Delhi’s Lt. Governor. Now, it has chosen ECI under the cover of EVMs. AAP’s viewpoint about hacking the EVM has no base.

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