Friday, May 26, 2017

Too early to pass judgment on Yogi Govt

It is too early to pass a judgement on Yogi Aditynath govt. in Uttar Pradesh in view of the deteriorating law and order in the state. Though law and law has deteriorated sharply, govt. needs time to eradicate deep-rooted malaise of 15 years from the state. People voted overwhelmingly to BJP to drive away all criminal and corrupt elements from the state. They expect prompt and swift action against the wrong doers in the state. The rule of law has to be established at all costs. The perpetrators of the crime must be brought to book without any discrimination and partiality. Whoever breaks the law must be dealt with severely. Whether it is MP or MLA of the ruling party, he or she must be punished for his or her crime. If Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath had taken action against BJP MP Ram Lakhanpal for alleged ransacking of Sharanpur SP’s residence, the message would have gone loud and clear that Yogi tolerates no nonsense. He failed to act against his own party MP. Yogi Govt. is only a two-month old. People of the state have high expectation from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He is considered to be a tough task master. He tolerates no nonsense. Whether it is a one-day government or a year old, its writ must run large in the state. But the rerun of Bulandshahar horror yesterday demolished the rule of law in the state. It appeared that criminals were ruling the roost in UP. It took place yesterday in which a man was shot dead and 4 women of his family were allegedly gang raped for three hours off the Yamuna Expressway. A family from Jewar village of Greater Noida was going to Bulandshahar in a Maruti car. The car was stopped and occupants were taken out by a gang of criminals. They took them aside in a field and gang-raped the four women. Police did not turn up on the spot of crime immediately. Had the police come in time, the women would have been saved from being raped. This shows that Yogi govt. has so far failed to overhaul the police administration. Even 100 number also doesn’t work promptly. Apart from the gang rape and murder off Expressway near Bulandshahar, the murder of the business man in Mathura and elsewhere in the state shows that Yogi govt. has failed to make any impact on the people. Undoubtedly, UP is a big state so the problem here is also big and deep rooted? It requires time and energy to cleanse the mess of the last 15 years. The govt. has also unlimited power. It requires only the will to cleanse the state of all criminal elements. It is also alleged that in the state of UP the members of an outfit named Yuva Vahini having allegiance to the ruling BJP also create law and order problem. As Yuva Vahini has been founded by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself, its members feel empowered with his becoming CM. Gua Rakshaks (Cow vigilantes) have also created problems for the Yogi govt. by taking law into their own hands. As they feel that they are the offshoots of the ruling BJP in the state and at the Centre, no state administration will do anything against them. It means Yogi also faces problems with his own party. Apart from the law and order problem in the state, caste and cauldron are also plaguing the state. The clashes between Dalits and Rajputs in Shabbir village of Saharanpur in the state are taking dangerous shape. On May 5, one person was killed and 16 people, including a head constable, were injured in clashes between the Dalits and the Rajputs in Shabbirpur and Simlana villages.Reports said that the police stopped the Maharana Pratap procession after some Dalits informed them. This angered Rajputs, who allegedly resorted to violence. In the wake of clashes between two communities in Saharanpur, yesterday, the Yogi Adityanath Govt transferred 174 Sub-Divisional Magistrates.The MHA also asked the Uttar Pradesh Government to submit report on the recent worrisome clashes in Saharanpur. Clashes occurred on Tuesday also after BSP)supremo Mayawati’s visit to Saharanpur, where one person was killed and several others were injured. It is said well begun is half-done. Here the beginning is itself marked by a question. So, Yogi govt. must deal stringently with the lawbreakers without taking into consideration their political affiliation. Otherwise, the same people, who have voted the BJP to power, will take no time in voting it out.

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