Thursday, May 11, 2017

The killing of Lt. Ummer Fayyaz is a dastardly act

The killing of a young Indian Army officer Lt. Ummer Fayyaz by the terrorists is dastardly and cowardly act. He belonged Jammu and Kashmir. The entire nation is shocked and sad at his death. This cowardly act must be condemned in the strongest possible term. At the same time, the behaviour of a group of misguided Kashmiri youths, who pelted stones on the army men in his funeral, is condemnable and deplorable. Jammu and Kashmir police failed to provide security to the young officer who had come to his home on the first leave from the army to participate in the marriage ceremony of his cousin. He was abducted and killed by the terrorists. His killing also shows the complete failure of both police and intelligence machineries in Jammu and Kashmir. If the both were alert and cautious, the brave young life wouldn’t have been taken away. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz was a brave young officer, who participated in different activities during his training at Khadakvashla and Dehradun before being commissioned as Lieutenant of the Indian army. He led from the front in every activity. His killing by the terrorists clearly reflects that they wanted to deter brave Kashmiri Youths from joining state police and army. There are several Kashmiri youths, who have excelled in different competitive examinations of state and national levels in the past. They have also brilliantly performed in sports like Hockey and Cricket. This is the ground reality in Jammu and Kashmir that a vast majority of brave and brilliant youths intend to join the national mainstream by participating in different activities at state and national levels. The killing of brave and young Indian army officer Lt. Ummer Fayyaz shows the abysmal level of bestiality the Pak sent terrorists can go to strike fear among Kashmiri youths. He was targeted by terrorists to give the message to the Kashmiri youths that if they joined national mainstream, they would also meet the same fate. In the death of Lt. Fayyaz, Indian army has lost a brave and brilliant officer and India has lost her brave son. Fayyaz was the brave son of India and he represented Kashmiriat, Jhambhooriyat and Insaniat, and because of this he became an eye-sore for separatist, extremist and terrorist elements of Jammu and Kashmir. No separatist leader has opened his mouth to condemn and criticize the gruesome murder of Lt. Ummer Fayyaz. If a Kashmiri stone pelter had died in firing by the security forces, separatist leaders would have lost no time in coming out on the streets against India. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz and several other Kashmiri youths, who have competed in UPSC, Engineering, Medical and several other examinations conducted at state and national levels and participated in different sports and represented at state and national levels, should be role models for the common Kashmiri youngsters. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz shows the Kashmiri Youths that they have also the merit to compete in any examination at state and national levels by joining the national mainstream. Lt. Ummer Fayyaz was cremated with full military honours in Sursun, Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. The body of the young officer draped in the tricolour. He was part of the Hockey Team at NDA, an excellent volleyball player and physically tough. He was commissioned on 10th December 2016 from the National Defence Academy and was set to head for the Young Officers Course in September this year. The outstanding performance of Lt. Ummer Fayyaz in every field during his training as army officer at National Defence Academy shows that the Kashmiri youths are not lagging behind their fellows of the same age group from any part of India. They also yearn for opportunity to prosper. It is separatist and secessionist elements at the behest of their leaders create disturbances in the trouble-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. They must be quelled without any loss of time.

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