Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Make CBI autonomous

It is very difficult for the Central Bureau of Investigation to defy government authorities as long as it is working under them. CBI Director Ranjit Sinha has rightly said that it is one of the organs of the government. The Supreme Court has made very strong observation against the sharing of draft status report of the CBI on Coal gate scam with Law Minister Ashwani Kumar, PMO and Coal Ministry officials. The apex court is monitoring CBI investigation. Supreme Court has rightly said that when CBI was investigating the Coalgate Scam under its direction, why has it shared draft status report with its political boss? It is a disturbing development and a breach of trust. The apex court was kept in dark about it. Apex court has also been misled. Which why the apex court has vowed to liberate the CBI from political dominance. CBI should not be influenced by its political masters. But it is impossible for the CBI to work independently as long as it is under the control of the government. It is not only the Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II government at the Centre, which has used the CBI to protect their political and other interests but almost all governments irrespective of the political party have used it since its inception to serve its political interests. The CBI director in the affidavit has stated that he shared the draft status report with Law Minister Ashwani Kumar as desired by him, the PMO and Coal ministry officials.The Supreme Court has termed it very disturbing. CBI should not have shared the draft status report other than the apex court as it was investigating the case under its direction. CBI should have asserted and its director should have shown moral strength by refusing to share the draft status report other than the Supreme Court. The apex court has rightly said that sharing of information with the government about the probe into the scam has shaken the entire process and CBI need not take instructions from political masters on their probe. It can only be possible when the CBI would be made autonomous. The apex court can compel the government in power to make the CBI autonomous.

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