Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Address the national interest first

Every nation keeps its national interest above all so should India also do. India should have presented its prime concern about border dispute with China the visiting Chinese premier Li Kequiang. It is a longstanding problem and frequent incursions by Chinese troops into India Territory may flare up in full-blown confrontation between the two big neibours, which is neither in anyone's favour nor world peace. That is why border dispute needs prime attention of the both countries to find out amicable and mutually accepted solution. The Chinese premier Li Keqiang is on three-day visit to India. His visit is significant because it has taken place just after the Chinese troops incursion in Despang Valley of Ladakh in India. Though the Chinese troops pulled out of Ladakh after camping in Despan Valley 19 kms inside Indian Territory for 15 days, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must have raised the issue strongly with his visiting Chinese counterpart to resolve it once for all. Mr. Singh should also have clearly told Li that India shares 4000 kms of boundary with China and not the 2000 as is usually stated by it. Chinese Premier should also have been asked to clear his country’s relation with Pakistan in regard to India as China has been encouraging Pakistan with adequate help to develop nuclear weapons against India. Li has also not made any mention of his country’s baseless claim on Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim in his address to the press nor does China consider the state of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India. He should have cleared China's stand on these issues, as they are concerned with unity and integrity of India. It is worth welcoming that Li Keqiang has made his India visit first after assuming office as the prime minister of China. He appeared affable and effusive. He also reflected his modern mind and appeared not carry the baggage of history as he is a leader who comes from after 1962. During his India visit, he has shown more interest in promoting trade and commerce and global strategic relation than solving the border dispute with India and its relation with Pakistan. Chinese leaders have also been found telling one thing and doing just the opposite. China considers itself as the strongest claimant of a top most place in the world. So, Li may have made India visit to gauze the India’s mood and assess its progress and prosperity. If China can claim to be a world leader, India also can not be left far behind. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has said India and China have the wisdom to find mutually acceptable solution to the boundary problem. But this wisdom on the part of China is yet to be experienced by India. It is correct that the two countries have tried to address the vexed issue, but all efforts have gone in vain so far because of the Chinese disrespect to the established fact. The trade imbalance is currently around USD 30 billion. A day after two rounds of talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, Li has said China has the intention to sincerely resolving the pending issues, including that of cross-border rivers, and favoured increased bilateral relations between the two big neighbours. But if the experience with China is anything to go by, India can take everything what Li has said on its face value.

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