Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cold-blooded murder

The entire nation is shocked and saddened over the death of Sarabjit Singh. The way barbaric attack was made on him inside the jail in Lahore leaves no one in doubt about the well-hatched conspiracy of attackers with Pakistani state actors. The barbaric attack on Indian national Sarabjit Singh, who is on death row in Pakistan's Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore, by two of his fellow inmates, who are also on death row, and his subsequent death in hospital is an act of killing under a well-hatched conspiracy. Sarabjit Singh was attacked in a barbaric way inside the jail only because he was an Indian. The security inside the jail for the prisoner like Sarabjit Singh was very lax and it appears that as elections are underway in Pakistan, the Government there too had tacit involvement in the murderous attack on Sarabjit Singh to emotionally blackmail the Pakistani voters for their favour by whipping up anti-India wave in Pakistan. If Pakistan had noble intention, it had conceded India's demand of Sarabjit Singh's release on humanitarian ground for best possible medical treatment. Pakistan neither handed over Srabjit to India for better medical treatment nor did it itself take him to any third country of the world to provide him better medical treatment to save his life. Pakistan deliberately left Sarabjit to die. It might be possible that Sarabjit had already died before he was admitted to Lahore hospital for treatment. His treatment was a state show to hoodwink the international community. When Pakistan did not hear any plea of India to save Sarabjit at least on humanitarian ground, it must be taken to International Human Rights court. India also must launch diplomatic offensive against at all international forums to defame it on its dubious human rights record. There has been naked violation of human rights in the case of Indian national Sarabjit Singh by Pakistan. Its state actors are allegedly involved in the killing of Sarabjit. Without the deliberate oversight of security personnel inside the jail on the activities of attackers, this kind of cruel attack can not be made on Sarabjit. An Indian has been killed out of animosity against India. It is the inimical attitude of Pakistan against India and the price for which has been paid by the brave Indian Sarabjit Singh, who had been languishing in Pakistan jail for the last 22 and was on death row only because of mistaken identity. Pakistan has no moral compunction to hurt the feelings of 1.2 billion Indians. It is our enemy and it must be treated as such. Pakistan does not know the civilized language. It is a rogue state. So, it must be treated as it deserves without any further consideration.

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