Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Need to make concerted effort

There is an urgent need to make concerted effort to deal with the growing Maoist violence in the country. Maoism is no less dangerous than terrorism. It needs to be dealt with politically, socially, economically and administratively without any political and electoral interest. Every third district is affected by Maoist violence in the country. Maoism does not believe in democracy and Indian constitution. Maoists want power through, and through the ballot of the people. They are still living under a delusion that the power flows from the barrel of the gun. This is 21st century where democracy rules the roost everywhere in the world. Now enough is enough. And after the brutal killings of Congress leaders in Chatthisgarh, the Maoists have given clear signal that they do not know the language of peace through talks. Maoists are not interested in development of tribal society and they will always misguide them not to join national mainstream. So, the government first evolve political consensus and then act against Maoism with iron hand. This is the immediate need of the hour. The audacious attack on the convoy of Congress party leaders of Chatthisgarh in Sukama district by the armed Maoists that killed 29 Congress leaders and workers is against all norms of civil and democratic society. It must be condemned by one and all. Near about 17 states of the nation are badly affected by the Maoist violence. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has already stated that Maoism is the greatest internal threat to the nation. But he has done nothing so far to deal with this menace. The top ranking leaders of Chatthisgarh Congress have been wiped out by the Maoist armed cadres. The founder of Salwa Judum, a militia of tribals trained and armed by the government to fight out Maoists, Mahendra Karma was the target of the Maoist attackers. As per reports, the brutal way in which he was shot dead by Maoists and the way they danced over his dead body in happiness clearly reflect that they are inhuman and thereby deserve no human rights. Salwa Judum was seen by the Maoists an attempt of the government to divide tribals. Mahendra Karma was in the forefront of raising tribal youths whom the government appointed as SPO to fight Maoist violence. Supreme Court disbanded it. Maoists deserve to be dealt with firmly and ruthlessly as long they tread the path of violence. Their sympathizers and the so-called human rights activists must be told in unison that why they forget the legitimate human rights of political activists and other citizens when they are made targets by the Maoists. The attack of Maoists on the convoy of Congress leaders is the direct attack on democratic activity. No group or individual in society has right to stop the democratic activities of a political party by resorting to violence.

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