Monday, May 6, 2013

Need for the change of mindset

The death of Sarabjit due to brutal attack on him in Kot Lakhpat jail in Pakistan has badly hurt the feelings of the whole India and the ramification of this sad incident will be naturally seen in the pause of engagement between the two neighbours to improve the relations. Sponsorship of terror and prejudiced mindset of successive Pak governments towards India have been root cause of worsening relations between the two neighbours. Pak establishments have the deep-rooted notion that more they appear hawkish and spite venom against India, the more support they will get from the people. That is why they do not miss any opportunity to hurt the feelings of India. Since the inception of Pakistan by carving out of India, the two neighbours have never experienced good neighbourly relations. Pakistan always harbours grudge and animosity against India and has been trying to disintegrate it by sponsoring terrorism. Pakistan's main motive has been to disturb the communal harmony of India by hook or by crook. It is the animosity and hatred against India that Indian national Sarabjit Singh was attacked brutally inside the jail in Pakistan by his fellow inmates. It was a murderous attack made out of animosity against India that resulted in his death. Sarabjit’s death increased excessive ire of Indians all over the nation against Pakistan that has compelled the government to cold shoulder any further talk process. Pakistan needs first to change its mindset towards India. Only then, there should be any initiative to begin peace process from Indian side. Otherwise, no talk will ever improve the relation with Pakistan. Though there has been democratically elected government in Pakistan for the last five years, there had never been made any effort to launch public awareness campaign from the government side there to impress up on the people that India is their neighbour, and not enemy. India is like Pakistan’s elder brother. Undoubtedly, there is dominance of radical religious elements in Pakistan society, but there is also no dearth of people there who want increasing people to people relation with India. There is also cultural, linguistic and civilization similarity between the people of the two neighbours. The only lacunae that exists in the successive governments of Pakistan irrespective of military and civilian is that they never made any effort to rein in radicalism and militancy that have poisoned the atmosphere and sowed the seeds of hatred and enmity against India among the people of Pakistan. So, until and unless the mindset of Pakistan changes, no talks between the two neighbours can be fruitful.

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