Friday, May 3, 2013

Congress in upbeat mood in Karnataka

The Karnataka assembly elections are going to be held on May 5. The electioneering ends and the counting will take place on May 8.The ruling Bhartiya Janata Party in Karnataka is facing not only anti-incumbency but also massive charges of corruption committed during the chief ministership of former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. Yeddyurappa is credited with bringing the BJP to power for the first time in southern India by winning the state assembly elections in 2008. He was really the only southern stalwart of the party. But as the corruption reigned supreme in his regime and consequently the adverse remark of the state Lokayukta, the Central BJP was left with no option but to sack Yeddurappa. It was not possible for the BJP to attack the UPA government at the Centre on the issue of corruption when it was itself involved in mining and land scam in Karanataka during Yeddyurappa regime. After stepping down from the chief ministership, Yeddyurappa broke away with the BJP and formed Karnataka Janata Party (KJP). In the five year of BJP regime, Karnataka has seen three Chief Ministers. So, it has lost score on the stability issue. On the issue of corruption, it has already been defamed in the state. In addition to that, Yeddyurappa’s KJP is definitely going to cut into the vote banks of the BJP. As Yeddyurappa comes from dominant Lingayat community, BJP may not get wholesome support from that community also. So, the party stands looser on all these counts. However, the Congress Party is trying its best to assure the people in the state that if it were voted to power, it would get rid of all corrupt practices, which were carried out in the last five-year regime of the BJP in the state. Though there is no wind blowing in favour of any party, the Congress Party is in upbeat mood to retrieve its pre-eminent position in the state. If the mood of the people and all the signals coming out from the state are anything to go by, Congress Party may win the assembly elections and form the government on its own in Karnataka. The Congress and the BJP have put everything into electioneering. The BJP finds it difficult to defend itself on the issue of corruption in Karnataka. When the party never falls short of charging the Congress-led UPA government with massive corruption and enumerates scandals like 2G Spectrum, CWG, Coalgate and others, it is morally bound to explain the charges of mining and land scam before the people against its government in Karanatka. The campaigning for May 5 Assembly polls in Karnataka ends on Friday. Congress and BJP made a strong pitch for people’s mandate in the high-stake elections. Elections would be held to 223 Assembly seats, after the one in Piriyapatna was postponed to May 28 following the death of the BJP candidate. Counting of votes will take place on May 8. It would also be interesting to see role former BJP leader and Chief Minister Yeddurappa and JDS Leaders HD Dewegauda and Kumaraswamy play in the formation of new government in the state.

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