Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Take Chinese incursion seriously

There has been incursion of 19 KMs deep inside India by Chinese army personnel (PLA) numbering about 19; who have reportedly erected 5 tents inside the Despang Valley of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. It is also not out of place about China that it is habituated to usurping Indian Territory by staging this kind of incursion time and again. Samajwadi Party supremo and former Defence Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has rightly charged the government of Manmohan Singh with acting in a most cowardly manner in regard to Chinese incursions into India. The Indian Military is prepared to act to remove the tents erected by the Chinese army but they are not given order from political master in Delhi. Mulayam says that China is our biggest enemy, and not Pakistan. There may be Muslim vote consideration in his mind while not describing Pakistan as our enemy but we should not be slack in our action. We also must show the world, including China that our meekness must not be seen as a sign of sign of weakness. Mulayam has also taken strong objections to External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid's visit to China on May 9.He has rightly said that China has already insulted us in 1962. Our government needs to be always alive to the activities of Chinese military along our border. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sees it as a localized problem and the Chinese incursions has taken place only because of the overzealousness of a military commander. PM should also know that it is not a localized problem and the Chinese military personnel involved in the incursion must have taken instruction from the high-ups in Beijing. Chinese soldiers are waving provocative banners with clear writing on them that denotes that it is the part of China. First, the Government of India must get Chinese military personnel cleared and their tents removed either through military intervention or through talks. The sentiment of the entire nation has been hurt by the Chinese incursions. It is true that in the changed world scenario where economic aspect has occupied the top priority and war is the last option but it does not mean that we should continuously be humiliated without any rhyme or reason. There must be talks to resolve any problem, but the talks begin after the statuesque is restored as far as territorial possession is concerned. China has still occupied our vast territory and has been unnecessarily making claims in Arunachal Pradesh of India. The Government of India must act without any loss of time to remove the Chinese tents immediately.

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