Monday, May 20, 2013

Need for Transparency in BCCI

There is urgent need to make BCCI transparent. All its activities are opaque. It is a leading sports organization of the nation with which national pride, prestige and honour are inalienably attached. In the given position, it must own responsibility of letting down the game of cricket and take urgent strict and stringent measures to restore the confidence, love and affection of the people. BCCI in an emergency meeting has failed to take any action against the three players Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankit Chavan for their alleged involvement in IPL Spot fixing scandal. All these players have been arrested by the Delhi Police for their alleged involvement in Spot fixing in the ongoing IPL Matches. All the three players are of Rajasthan Royals. BCCI has only shown its avowed helplessness in not taking action. BCCI has only appointed Ravi Sawani as a Commissioner to probe into the allegations of spot fixing. It has also made the announcement of slew of measures, but to effect. No measures taken by the BCCI are going to serve any purpose. BCCI can not evade from the responsibility and accountability it owes to the people of the nation by saying that it is a private organization. Yes, it is a private organization but it selects the team that represents the nation. The Indian Cricket team that is selected by the BCCI carries pride and conscience of the people of the nation. So, on the ground of being a private organization, the BCCI can not be kept outside the ambit of RTI. It must come under the purview of the RTI. To make all the functionings of the BCCI transparent before the people of the nation, it must be brought under the ambit of RTI. After all, BCCI is all in all in each and every cricketing activity of the nation. It is also the richest sports organization. Because of BCCI being the richest sports organization of the nation, politicians irrespective of party affiliation are in beeline to grab a post in it. BCCI has launched India Premier League more to earn money by entertaining people through fast cricket and less to improve the cricket. It must be the duty of the BCCI to have a vigil on all players selected in national, state teams and for IPL matches. This is not the first time that the spot fixing has taken place in our country. There has already been match fixing before in our country. Spot fixing incident has blackened the game of cricket. It has also brought disrepute to the nation. So, the BCCI must be made responsible for the action and behaviour of cricket players. After all, it is the organization, which organizes all cricketing activities of the nation. To salvage its position in wake of the spot fixing scandal, BCCI has announced a slew of measures. Washing his hands off the betting scandal, BCCI boss N Srinivasan has candidly admitted that BCCI and its anti corruption units have limitations and is handicapped to take action against bookies. By merely showing helplessness, BCCI can not be absolved of responsibility and accountability to the nation. It is not only meant for earning huge amount of money through cricket but also ensuring fair and gentlemanliness character of the game .

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