Friday, May 17, 2013

Blot on Cricket

The increasing lust and greed for money in the game of cricket has culminated in spot fixing in the ongoing IPL matches. The spot fixing clearly reflects that the greed for money in IPL reigns supreme. The Delhi Police have arrested three bowlers of the Rajasthan Royals, including India pacer S Sreesanth, and 11 bookies.The police have claimed that they had busted a major spot-fixing racket in the T20 tournament. Police have also claimed that the bowlers conceded a minimum number of runs in a pre-decided over in exchange for money. Haryana off-spinner Ajit Chandila and Mumbai left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan are the other two bowlers who were arrested with Sreesanth in Mumbai after Wednesday’s match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians. With the arrest of three bowlers by Delhi Police from Rajasthan Royals, including Indian Test bowler Sreesanth and 11 bookies for their alleged involvement in Spot fixing in the ongoing IPL matches, Indian Premier League has plunged into crisis. Though the birth of IPL itself is meant for earning money only, the entailing evils are a forgone conclusion. Where there is primacy of money only, it would be a mistake to expect anything good for the game coming out of it. The purpose of launching IPL by the BCCI is to earn by entertaining the cricket fans.IPL is full of pomp and show. Money matters everything in it. Whoever player irrespective of his background must punished stringently and a clear message must go from the BCCI that its ultimate aim is not to earn money but promote the game of cricket in all fairness and true sporting spirit. It is already known that the IPL has nothing to do with any moral sanctity and standards. Several Franchisees form their teams separately by auctioning the players of their choices for the teams. Betting racket, Mumbai, Dubai and Karanchi nexus may be involved in spot fixing exercise in IPL. Underworld dons sitting abroad may have hand in all the exercise being undertaken by bookies at their dictation with the help of players of dubious characters. With the launching of IPL, the intention of the BCCI is not to bring improvement in the game of cricket but to make money by hook or crook. The cricket fans in India and abroad have been badly shocked and hurt by the dubious acts of the three Rajasthan Royals bowlers to defame cricket. Cricket is called the gentlemen game but now it will be fit to call it a game of manipulators, money makers, deceits, fixers and thugs. The IPL with its only motive of generating money more and more, it is not altogether out of place to say that kingpin of spot fixing is yet to be caught. The three bowlers who have been arrested allegedly for spot fixing have not only let down all the players community but also the game of cricket. They need to be awarded deterrent punishment to ensure that this type of shameful and deceitful behaviour is not enacted on the field before the spectators. It will also be better to dissolve IPL and curtail all activities which put stress on only money generating exercise and doing nothing for the improvement in the game of cricket. Excessive money in the game of cricket has brought all types of evils in it. The BCCI must act swiftly and stringently to give the message to the players that if they are found lacking in devotion, dedication, credibility and integrity for the game of Cricket, they will will be suspended immediately.

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