Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lacklustre performance

UPA-II has nothing in its report card to present before the nation on its fourth anniversary in power. It has more failures and almost no success to show the people. It has more negatives and no positive in its report card. UPA-II has no single achievement to its credit to impress the people. If it considers FDI and Direct Cash Transfer Scheme as its trump card in the Lok Sabha elections next year, it is its misplaced confidence. It is nothing but its mirage. Its four-year period is of scams, scandals and price rise. Spineless leadership, inaction and policy paralysis have been the hallmark of this UPA-II. It has nothing in its kit to impress the Aam Admi to cast their votes in its favour in the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to be held next year itself. As UPA-II completes its fourth year in power, it is going to present its report card of achievements on this occasion with pomp and show. Since the beginning of UPA-II, it has been plagued by one scandal after another. Parliament has run for the shortest period so far during its tenure. The Parliament has transacted almost no business during the entire UPA-II. UPA-II has also not been able to present a united face before the nation. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh appeared weak and indecisive, and his writ did not run on his government. There is allegation of the opposition parties that for every decision, PM has to look towards the party leadership. Congress president and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi takes all the decision and PM has to execute them. There has never been weakened the Office of Prime Minister as much as it has been done during UPA-II. On the political front, UPA-II has failed to keep itself united. Its alliance partners parted with it one by one. First Trinamool Congress on the issue of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and then DMK on the issue of Sri Lanka withdrew its support to the UPA-II. After the withdrawal of these two most important partners, the UPA-II govt. virtually slumped into minority, but for the outside support from SP and BSP, UPA-II has kept itself so far intact in the saddle. The main reason behind withdrawing support to the UPA-II Govt. by TMC and DMK is its falling popularity and credibility among the common people of the nation. On the front of economy, UPA-II has totally failed to check the runaway prices of all commodities. Mismanagement of economy and corruption have been the hallmark of the UPA-II Govt. headed by the world-renowned economist Dr. Manmohan Singh.

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