Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strengthen relation with Japan

It is very important for Japan, India and US to come closer to keep the peace in Asia intact and check the over lordship of China in the region. In the prevailing situation in Asia where China poses itself to be the boss of the region, it is quiet necessary for India and Japan to strengthen and increase relation to offset any threat to peace, prosperity and development in the region. It is the need of the hour in view of the developing situation in Asia for India to keep a friend, well-wisher, sympathizer and helper like Japan to work as counterbalance to China. The warmth and affinity shown to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during his visit to Japan by the Emperor and the Premier Shinzo Abe to him have caused unease to China. It is uncalled for China to say that its relations with India cannot be disturbed by national and international provocateurs. China in its anger has also described Japan as petty burglar. It shows China’s unease to Japan moving towards India with basket of economic packages and nuclear gadgets like shifting of Yen to India from China and civil nuclear corporation. There may be strained relation between China and Japan but it does not mean that India should not increase cooperation and friendship with Japan. India’s relation with cannot be hostage to China’s pleasure. The relation between India and Pakistan is no secret. Inimical relation exists between the two. In the given situation, China openly cooperates with Pakistan and provides it all sorts of help in many fields, including military and nuclear activity. Japan is technologically much higher and more advanced than that of China. There are 14000 Japanese Companies running in China. If a very small number of them shift to India, it would provide and bolster up market and job sectors enormously. India is also emerging as the third largest economy of the world. It has also potential to emerge as super economic power. So, Japan can also be very much benefited from the large Indian market. The growing economic relation with Japan is not new in India. The modern technology seen in Delhi Metro is the proof of Japanese technological advancement. It is also very good that India and Japan have reportedly agreed to accelerate negotiations for early conclusion of the much-anticipated bilateral civil nuclear deal. Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Abe has said that the two countries will accelerate negotiations for the early conclusion of the civilian nuclear agreement. Negotiations for the civil nuclear cooperation agreement have not made much headway since Japan was struck by Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011. While Japan has backed the Indo-US nuclear deal and the exemptions given to India from international technology sanctions, successive governments in Tokyo have found the going tough in garnering political support for it in the face of stiff opposition from the non-proliferation lobby.

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