Monday, May 13, 2013

Positive signal from Pakistan

With PML (N) voted to power in Pakistan, Nawaz Shaif has openly said in an interview with the prestigious US journal that he would seek warmer relation with India. It is very positive signal from Pakistan. India has already congratulated Nawaz Sharif on his victory.This is the third time that Sharif would become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The most remarkable thing that has been seen in Pakistan elections is that despite the threat from Pakistan Taliban to the people not to cast votes, the record percentage of polling was recorded in this election. The time has changed so is Pakistan. This election also reflects that the people are more concerned with Bijli, Pani Sarak than with anything else. This reflects that electorates in Pakistan want the politics of development, peace and progress. The massive victory of Nawaz Sharif will also restrain the meddling of Pakistan Army in politics to some extent and he will certainly assert his authority above all. The outgoing regime of PPP stands discredited and was weak to dare act against the wishes of the Army and extreme radical forces in Pakistan. The rise of militancy and Pakistan Taliban has reached their crescendo during the spineless PPP regime that failed miserably to rein extremist elements. As far as this new dispensation of Nawaz Sharif is concerned, India hopes for better and warmer relations. India also hopes that the new regime of Nawaz Sharif will act on India’s demand of handing over of the chief conspirator of 26/11 Mumbai attack Hafiz Sayeed and the chief architect of Mumbai riots of 1993 underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to it. Both of them are living in grandiose in Pakistan under its full patronage. Though Nawaz Sharif has promised in his election manifesto that he would enquire the role of ISI in Mumbai attack(26/11), it is to be seen how he translates his words into action on the ground. In his first and second term, Nawaz Sharif also had not shown any magnanimity towards India. The Kargil misadventure of Pakistan took place against India during his prime ministership, though he has blamed former General and military ruler Pervez Musharraf for it. Nawaz Sharif has not apportioned the blame to army for Kargil misadventure. It means he does not to displease army. He singled out General Musharraf for the misdeed of Kargil. Nawaz may have personal grudge against Musharraf because he had staged coup and threw him out of power and Pakistan. It is positive development that democracy is taking roots in Pakistan. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the transition of power from one government to another through elections has taken place. India cannot expect any sea change after the new regime of Nawaz Sharif takes over in Pakistan but one thing is clear that now this regime will handle army very aptly and always try to keep distance with it to the possible extent. This scenario portends well for India. Lesser the role of Pakistani army in the government, better it is for improving its relations with India.

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