Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clear the air of deal over pull out

Quiet diplomacy adopted by India succeeded in uprooting the 5 tents erected by Chinese troops after intruding 19 km inside Depsang Valley in Laddakh since April 15. But the buzz all around us is that China extracted its share of flesh from the Indian side before agreeing to return to the position existed before April 15. According to Indian side, the Chinese troops agreed to uproot its tents and return to maintain status quo. The eye-ball-to eye- ball situation between Indian and Chinese troops ended after the flag meeting between local commanders along with diplomatic exchanges at the higher level. Outwardly, it appears that Indian govt. has succeeded in vacating Indian Territory without any skirmishes through quiet diplomacy. But if the news paper report is anything to go by, the Indian side has reportedly agreed to dismantle its Chumar Outpost along the Line of Control to keep vigil on Chinese activities on Karakoram Highway. This is a very vital post from the security point of view for India. And nation would never accept any deal over dismantling Chumar outpost, though China has been demanding the eviction of Indian troops, dismantling of all the bunkers and stopping of all the construction activities since 2005. But India can not strike any deal with China over dismantling the Chumar Outpost. Defence Minister and Foreign Minister must come out in the open and assure the nation that no deal has been made with China over Chumar for uprooting the five tents the Chinese troops had erected 19 KM inside Indian Territory. If the experience with China is anything to go by, it might be possible its troops may have intruded 19 km inside the Indian Territory in Ladakh as rehearsal of their assault or gauze the Indian reaction to their mischief. It is beyond any doubt that China is always on look out to encircle India in South Asia itself as it considers its archrival in the world power game. India's most hostile neighbour Pakistan is China's closet friend and it can use its military base to attack India as and when required. Nepal is already developing good relation with China. China has also naval base in Sri Lanka in India's backyard and it has also made bases in Bangladesh. It has only made all the neighbours of India its close friend to damage Indian interests. So, keeping all these Chinese activities in view in its backyard, India must keep itself prepared to meet any eventualities and challenges thrown at it at any point of time. China's eye-sour is Tibet, which it has kept under its control based on its military power.China will make Tibet independent. So, when the rival between the two Asian giants has no longer been secret, India must always support Tibettans in their struggle to break the Chinese shackles. It will always act as thorn in Chinese flesh. Besides that, India must not fall behind in co-operating and working with the Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and others who are considered opposed to China.

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