Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shameful act

Bihar BJP MLA Rajkishore Keshari was killed by a lady teacher in public view at his residence in Purnia. This is the most condemned act but it also reflects very bad on the law and order situation in the state. This is also pointing towards criminal politician nexus existing in the state, resulting in the murder of the MLA. The BJP MLA Rajkishore Keshari was a four-time winner and he was very popular in his constituency in Purnia. The lady runs a school and had grudge against the MLA because as MLA was alleged to have exploited her sexually. The lady teacher had reportedly lodged FIR with the local police six months back but the matter was settled and she withdrew the charge. Though it is highly condemnable that the MLA was stabbed to death while he was meeting the visitors, it also points towards deteriorating standard of public representative if the allegation of the lady teacher is anything to by. As it is the responsibility of public representative to meet several visitors in a day, his security should also be of full proof. That was not there. Though MLA's murder at his residence is not new in BIhar, in early 70s for the first time a CPI MLA was shot dead in his MLA flat in the state capital Patna. In 90s, there has also been killing of MLAs in BIhar.The yersterday's killing of the BJP MLA still shows that there is still lot to be done on law and order front in Bihar. The complaints and grievances of the lady teacher must also be look into, besides thorough and immediate high-level enquiry into the murder of senior BJP MLA murder case. Undoubtedly, MLA Rajkishore Keshari was very popular in his constituency and he was also said to be a thoroughly gentleman and of very sober nature. The killing of the MLA is highly condemnable and very shameful for the state of Bihar. The tragic incident has tarnished the image of the state. Nitish Kumar government must take murder of the MLA very seriously and make full proof security for public representative to ensure that this nature of tragic incident must not recur. But at the same time, the government of Bihar must enquire thoroughly into the allegation of criminal-politician nexus and break it immediately.Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has rightly directed the DGPs to constitute a high-level probe team, review the security of all legislators and ensure that those who visited them were frisked.

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